Saturday, October 4, 2008

Johnny's big ass dinner of braised crow; Eastern Michigan 24-Bowling Green 21

Mmmmmmm, nom nom nom, soooo nourishing. Mmmm, crow.

Well kids, lets set the scene. Eastern is down 21-17 with less than two minutes to play with a first down on their own 22. Anyone following EMU football for any amount of time knows this is normally a fatal affliction. Enter Andy Schmitt. Schmitt led Eastern on one of the best drives in school history.

3 yard pass to Jacory Stone
15 yard pass to Jacory Stone
16 yard pass to Marvon Sanders
Andy Schmitt ran for 5 yards
22 yard pass to Josh LeDuc
16 yard pass to Tyler Jones---YAHTZEE

36 seconds left but BG could only get to Eastern's 35 and it was OVER.

Game ball Andy Schmitt who went 21 for 29 for 253 and the winning score. Schmitt also ran for 22. Eastern ran well behind a huge effort from the offensive line and 60 yards by Tyler Jones and 45 by Dwayne Priest. Jacory Stone had 6 grabs for 81 yards.

The 9 game Bowling Green winning streak vs EMU just died alongside I-75 outside of the Bowling Green exit

Go Green, EMU is 2-4 overall and 1-2 in the MAC West. They're at Army next weekend.

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