Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Late night open thread

YCD hopes you enjoyed your Halloween treats today. Since we didn't get any tricks we'll assume you did.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Halloween treat #6-A VERY SCARY ghost video

Be warned, this ghostly chair will have the hair on your neck standing up.

Halloween treat #5-The legend of Resurrection Mary

One of, if not the most famous ghosts in America

Halloween treat #4-The legend of the Jersey Devil

Why oh why would a team along the eastern seaboard call their NHL team the Devils? Why, read on citizen...

From the Shadowlands page:
There are many different versions of the birth of the Jersey Devil. One of the most popular legends says a Mrs. Shrouds of Leeds Point, NJ made a wish that if she ever had another child, she want it to be a devil. Her next child was born misshapen and deformed. She sheltered it in the house, so the curious couldn't see him. On stormy night, the child flapped it's arms, which turned into wings, and escaped out the chimney and was never seen by the family again. A Mrs. Bowen of Leeds point said, "The Jersey Devil was born in the Shrouds house at Leeds Point." 1 Another story that also placed the birth at Leeds Point said that a young girl fell in love with a British soldier during the Revolutionary War. The people of Leeds Point cursed her. When she gave birth, she had a devil. Some people believe the birth of the devil was punishment for the mistreatment of a minister by the Leeds folk.

There are many other versions of the legend. The legends say it was the 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, or 13th child, It was born normal or deformed, and the mother confined it to the cellar or the attic. Although there are many discrepancies in all of these stories, there are 3 pieces of evidence that tie all of the legends of the Jersey Devil's origin together.

The first thing that ties the legends together is the name "Leeds". Whether the mothers name was Leeds or the birth place was Leeds Point, all of the stories include the name Leeds. Alfred Heston, the Atlantic County Historian, believes that the devil could be a Leeds or a Shrouds baby. He discovered that a Daniel Leeds opened land in Great Egg Harbor, NJ, in 1699. His family lived in Leeds Point. He also discovered a Samuel Shrouds, Sr. came to Little Egg Harbor, NJ, in 1735 and lived right across the river from the house of Mother Leeds. The 3rd fact ties in the Burlington story with the others stories. Professor Fred MacFadden of Coppin State College, Baltimore, found that a "devil" was mentioned in writings from Burlington as early as 1735. He also indicated that the word Burlington was used to was the word used to names the area from the city of Burlington to the Atlantic Ocean. This means that the name that is now used for the birthplace such as Leeds point or Estelville, could be the same place referred to in the Burlington Legend.

The origins provide some validity to the existence of the Jersey Devil, but the sightings are the most substantial pieces of evidence. The sightings have been divided up into 3 time periods, pre 1909, January 16-23, 1909, and post 1909.

From the pre 1909 era, few documented records of sightings still exist. The ones that do confirm the existence of the devil.

In the early 19th century, Commodore Stephen Decatur, a naval hero, was testing cannon balls on the firing range when he saw a strange creature flying across the sky. He fired and hit the creature but it kept right on flying across the field. Joseph Bonaparte, former king of Spain and brother of Napoleon, saw the Jersey Devil in Bordentown, NJ, between 1816 and 1839 while he was hunting. In 1840-41 many sheep and chickens were killed by a creature with a piercing scream and strange tracks. In 1859-94, the Jersey Devil was seen and numerous times and reportedly carried off anything that moved in Haddonfield, Bridgeton, Smithville, Long Branch, Brigantine, and Leeds Point. W.F. Mayer of New York noticed while visiting the Pine Barrens, most of the locals would not venture out after dark. The devil was sighted by George Saarosy, A prominent business man, at the NJ/NY border. This was the last reported sighting before the turn of the century.

In 1903, Charles Skinner, author of American Myths and Legends, claimed that the legend of the devil had run it's course and that in the new century, NJ would hear no more of the devil. New Jersey rested easy with that thought for 6 years, until the week of January 16-23. 1909. During this week, the devil would leave his tracks all over South Jersey and Philadelphia. He was seen by over 1,000 people. This was his largest appearance ever.

It all started early Sunday morning, January 16, 1909. Thack Cozzens of Woodbury, NJ, saw a flying creature with glowing eyes flying down the street. In Bristol, PA, John Mcowen heard and saw the strange creature on the banks of the canal. Patrol James Sackville fired at the creature as it flew away screaming. E.W. Minister, Postmaster of Bristol, PA, also saw a bird-like creature with a horses head that had a piercing scream. When daylight came, the residents of Bristol found hoof prints in the snow. Two local trappers said they had never seen tracks like those before.

On Monday, the Lowdens of Burlington, NJ, found hoof prints in their yard and around their trash, which was half eaten. Almost every yard in Burlington had these strange hoof prints in them. The prints went up trees, went from roof to roof, disappeared in the middle of the road, and stopped in the middle of open fields. The same tracks were also found in Columbus, Hedding, Kinhora and Rancocas. A hunt was organized to follow the tracks but the dogs wouldn't follow the trail.

On the 19th the Jersey Devil made his longest appearance of the week. At 2:30 am, Mr & Mrs. Nelson Evans of Gloucester were awakened by a strange noise. They watched the devil from their window for 10 minutes. Mr. Evans described the creature they saw:

It was about three feet and half high, with a head like a collie dog anda face like a horse. It had a long neck, wings about two feet long, andits back legs were like those of a crane, and it had horse's hooves.It walked on its back legs and held up two short front legs with pawson them. It didn't use the front legs at all while we were watching.My wife and I were scared, I tell you, but I managed to open thewindow and say, 'Shoo', and it turned around barked at me, and flew away.

Tuesday afternoon 2 professional hunters tracked the devil for 20 miles in Gloucester. The trail jumped 5 foot fences and went under 8 inch spaces. The hoof prints were found in more parts of South Jersey. A group of observers in Camden, NJ, saw the devil. It barked at them and then took off into the air.

The next day, a Burlington police officer and the Reverend John Pursell of Pemberton saw the Jersey Devil. Rev. Pursell said, "Never saw anything like it before".3 Posses in Haddonfield found tracks that ended abruptly. In Collingswood, NJ, a posse watched the devil fly off toward Moorestown. Near Moorestown, John Smith of Maple Shade saw the devil at the Mount Carmel Cemetery. George Snyder saw the devil right after Mr. Smith and their descriptions were identical. In Riverside, NJ, hoof prints were found on roof tops and also around a dead puppy.

On Thursday, the Jersey Devil was seen by the Black Hawk Social Club. He was also seen by a trolley full of people in Clementon as it circled above them. The witnesses descriptions matched others from the days before. In Trenton, Councilman E.P. Weeden heard the flapping of wings and then found hoof prints outside his door. The prints were also found at the arsenal in Trenton. As the day wore on the Trolleys in Trenton and New Brunswick had armed drivers to ward off attacks. The people in Pitman filled churches. Chickens had been missing all week throughout the Delaware Valley, but when the farmers checked their yards that day, they found their chickens dead, with no marks on them. The West Collingswood Fire Department fired their hose at the devil. The devil retreated at first, but then charged and flew away at the last second.

Later that night, Mrs. Sorbinski of Camden heard a commotion in her yard. She opened the door to see the Jersey Devil standing there with her dog in it's grip. She hit the devil with a broom until it let go of her dog and flew away. She started screaming until her neighbors came over. Two police officers arrived at her house where over 100 people had gathered. The crowd heard a scream coming from Kaigan Hill. The mob ran toward the creature on the hill. The Policed shot at it and the devil flew off into the night. The streets of Camden were empty after this.

On Friday, Camden police officer Louis Strehr saw the Jersey Devil saw the devil drinking from a horses trough. The school in Mt Ephraim was closed because no students came in. Mills and factories in Gloucester and Hainesport had to close because none of the employees came to work. Many New Jersey residents wouldn't leave their houses, even in daylight. Officer Merchant of Blackwood drew a sketch of the creature he saw. His sketch coincided with the descriptions from earlier in the week. Jacob Henderson saw the devil in Salem and described it as having "wings and a tail"4. The devil was only seen once more in 1909 in February.

Since 1909, the Jersey Devil has continued to be sighted by people all over New Jersey. The number of sightings that have been reported to the authorities has dwindled over the years. This could be attributed to the fact that people don't want to be branded as crazy. Even though the number of reported sightings has dropped, there's still a considerable amount of sightings in the post 1909 era.

IN 1927, a cab driver on his way to Salem got a flat tire. He stopped to fix the tire. As he was doing this, creature that stood upright and was covered with hair, landed on the roof of his cab. The creature shook his car violently. He fled the scene, leaving the tire and jack behind. Phillip Smith, who was known as a sober and honest man, saw the devil walking down the street in 1953. The characteristic screams of the Jersey Devil were heard in the woods near Woodstown, NJ, in 1936.

Around 1961, 2 couples were parked in a car in the Pine Barrens. They heard a loud screeching noise outside. Suddenly the roof of the car was smashed in. They fled the scene, but returned later. Again they heard the loud screech. They saw a creature flying along the trees, taking out huge chinks of bark as it went along.

There have been other sightings since 1909, such as the Invasion of Gibbsboro in 1951. The people there saw the devil over a 2 day period. In 1966, a farm was raided and 31 ducks, 3 geese, 4 cats, and 2 dogs were killed. One of the dogs was a large german Shepard which had it's throat ripped out. In 1981, a young couple spotted the devil at Atsion Lake in Atlantic County.

In 1987, in Vineland an aggressive german Shepard was found torn apart and the body gnawed upon. the body was located 25 feet from the chain which had been hooked to him. Around the body were strange tracks that no one could identify.

Halloween treat #3-The Flametrick Subs and Satan's Cheerleaders

Tearing through their classic 'Creepy Dead Folk'.

Look up on the hill
What do I see
A buncha creepy dead folk
And they're coming after me

The Flametrick Subs are an Austin Texas psychobilly band Johnny has loved for YEARS. They actually have not just cheerleaders, they have Satan's Cheerleaders, as seen here. This band is not to be missed

Be satanic, be be satanic

Halloween treat #2-The Nightmare Before Christmas, This is Halloween

Halloween treat #1-Bobby 'Boris' Pickett and the Cryptkicker 5

The Monster Mash

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Late night open thread

A fun Halloween on tap tomorrow thrillseekers. Til then

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Let's try this--Ypsi flavored Haikus

Or Ann Arbor haikus or Washtenaw County haikus or whatever you'd like to make a haiku poem out of.

Now, a haiku is a poem with three lines, not two, not four and five is right out. The number of the counting shall be three. The FIRST line will have 5 syllables, the SECOND line will have a generous 7 syllables, the THIRD line will be back to five syllables.


Ypsilanti cool
Cooler than Ann Arbor cool
Ypsi just plain cool

There, see how it works?


Michigan Stadium--VIOLATING LAWS

If Johnny had some 'Jimmy Justice' in him he'd take a video camera over to Michigan Stadium and hold some feet to the fire.

That's right, Michigan Stadium is violating the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. Michigan is DISCRIMINATING against those with handicaps.

For SHAME University of Michigan, you liberal bastion of liberalism you. Perhaps the stadium should be shuttered and locked and U-M forced to play home games at EMU or Pioneer High School's Holloway Field until it can be made handicapped accessible.

If U-M doesn't get this fixed the terrorists win.

Hey, YCD when can my kid trick or treat?

Glad you asked citizen:

Ann Arbor: 5-8 p.m.
Brighton: 6-8 p.m.
Chelsea: 4-6 p.m.
Dexter: 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Manchester: 5-7 p.m.
Milan: 6-9 p.m.
Northfield Township: 6-9 p.m.
Saline: 6-8 p.m.
Superior Township: Dusk to 8 p.m.
Ypsilanti: 6-8 p.m.
Ypsilanti Township: 6-8 p.m.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Late night open thread

Johnny would like to toss his EMU baseball cap into the ring to be the next head man at EMU. Johnny knows his baseball. Yes he does. And he'd be an awesome recruiter. If the free booze didn't convince a young man EMU was his best choice the hookers would.

Oh and he'd banish aluminum bats for all college baseball.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Next week's ballot proposal language

Here is how the wording of the City Income Tax proposal will read. You then need to decide if you want to vote yes FOR the tax or no AGAINST the tax.

•Imposes an annual rate of income tax of 1 percent annually on corporations and residents, and 0.5 percent annually on nonresidents who are employed in the city.
•Allows a $1,000 exemption for each individual and dependent with additional cumulative exemptions for individuals over age 65 and for individuals with qualifying disabilities.
•Exempts income from pensions, Social Security, annuities, disability payments and other qualifying sources of income
•Becomes effective July 1, 2008, and expires July 1, 2014.

The vote is next Tuesday November 6th

EMU baseball coach Roger Coryell has suddenly retired

YCD says suddenly because he announced his retirement yesterday, Sunday the day after Homecoming. Coryell you'll remember was busted sending sexually suggestive emails on the University email system to the mother of a current player.

Coryell, who is 60, has been EMU's head baseball coach for the last 20 years, taking over for EMU legend Ron Oestrike. Coryell was twice named the Mid-American Conference's Coach of the Year.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Late night open thread

In defense of the lazy Sunday

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Late night open thread

Hearing a few sirens through town out on the YCD News Porch tonight. Let's hope all you Eastern Michigan fans are celebrating responsibly.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Saturday, October 27, 2007

EMU knocks Western down, takes their lunch money

The EMU defense was utterly superb in forcing SIX Bronco turnovers. Real smashmouth effort. The offense simply decided to show up and run the ball down Western's throat, and as the game wore on, succeeded. 255 yards on the ground, 151 on 33 carries for Pierre Walker. Pierre Walker ran tough all day, he packed and lunch and brought a flashlight and did it the old fashioned way. Credit the offensive line for helping, alongside the turnovers, for holding the ball over 40 minutes. On a wet, nasty, and cold late October afternoon that offensive line never let up.

Speaking of the weather, uh, EMU fans was there a REASON you all started leaving at halftime? At least 50% of you left at halftime. C'mon Ypsi, we've gotta be tougher than that. Shame on anyone who left at halftime because of weather. Yeah it was only 3-2 EMU and chilly and wet but geez, a little tough love here. Like Stacey Keach used to advise Christopher Titus on his TV show:

Don't be a wussy

Well played EMU, good hard work results in a Homecoming win. For one day anyway, all is well in Ypsilanti

EMU 19

2 points, how lame. When you think of it that's only 2 points more than Johnny had.

EMU football Gameday

Homecoming edition.

EMU will look to pull off a mild upset over their worthy adversaries from Western Michigan. Western comes into the game at 3-5 while EMU Is 2-6. The Broncos are certainly more adept at moving the ball both on the ground as well as through the air. Eastern does have a very tough and capable front 7 on defense and the wet wet weather today in the Huron Valley is always a great equalizer. A close game would favor the home team today to be sure. EMU looks to also have better big play threats on special teams.

EMU has shown they can score this season but they need to consistently move the ball in doing so. A key stat today will be time of possession. If EMU can keep that close and keep their defense fresh they could pull the upset.

Homecoming in Ypsilanti, we'll say EMU 26 WMU 21

Late night open thread

Good news and bad news on the High School playoff front. Chelsea smacked Tecumseh 46-14 while Ypsilanti lost a close game to Carleton Airport 39-34. Milan shutout Detroit Southwestern 35-nil.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Friday, October 26, 2007

Johnny, being an avid reader of Ypsi~Dixit's blog...

...learned the AATA is holding a contest to name the new hybrid bus mascot. AATA just got some new hybrid busses they expect to save oodles of gas which is great, and to celebrate, they have a character they want you to name:

OK, and Ypsi~Dixit posted some laugh out loud funny suggestions but Johnny's immediate thought was a flashback to this:

New mascot for energy saving please

Friday Night Multimedia extravaganza with the only band that matters

This video gets yanked off a lot so enjoy it while it's up. Hey it's Homecoming so it's the Clash!

Ypsi City Desk welcomes Trusty Getto to our esteemed links

Who had previously welcomed YCD to Trusty Getto. See how incestuous this blog world is? Nutty isn't it?

Johnny is now pretty sure the union of Orthanc with Barad Dur is now complete in some fashion....

EMU Homecoming 2007

Ah the smell of a moribund football program, hot dogs, beer, and snausages on the grill, it MUST BE EMU Homecoming week. Johnny will be there with his best friend, a WMU grad so it'll be the diametrically opposed bowl on Saturday at Rynearson.

Kickoff is at 3:30pm and literally DOZENS of fans are expected to attend.

Here is a list of Homecoming activities:
1:30 Johnny arrives with friends and begins the grill
1:45 Time for another beer
2:10 Coals are ready, where's the beef?
2:15 Burgers looking good
2:20 Time for another beer
2:30 Eatin time is here
2:45 Football tossin time
3:00 Time for another beer
3:15 Head into Rynearson and fight crowds for seats.
3:35 Western leads 7-0.

But seriously folks, the real Flashback Homecoming info from the EMU website (their picture too):
Flashback Homecoming 2007: Oct. 21-27

EMU goes retro
Dust off those platform shoes and Members Only jackets. The 1970s and 1980s are back this year for Flashback Homecoming! That means plenty of great retro music and warm EMU memories – old and new. The weeklong celebration begins Sunday, Oct. 21, and builds up to the big football game Saturday, Oct. 27, when the Eagles kick off against the Western Michigan Broncos, 3:30 p.m. at Rynearson Stadium.

Dexter football, no the OTHER football, in State semi-finals

The Dreadnaught football team (Johnny has friends in England who would kill him for calling it soccer), sporting a snappy record of 20-3-2, will play East Lansing (boo hiss) in Fenton on Wednesday for a shot at the big hardware.

Nobody head butt anybody in the chest when you get to the finals....

Dear State Rep. Pam Byrnes, D-Lyndon Township...

What an utter waste of time your recent NEW LAW fervor over accidents in construction zones is. We have TOUGH enforceable laws on the books. But when you bring in emotional testimony from those who have experienced tragedies it clouds ones judgement.

Recently in testimony before the Legislature's Transportation Committee, Sara Jean Nelson testified about how hard it was losing her friend Christy Gutekunst, in a construction zone accident. Sure it's sad and YCD feels for Ms. Nelson but this "I'm getting involved in this topic as it is NOW the most important one" rings very hollow with YCD. Why is it people only decide to get involved with things AFTER the fact? Your words and concerns would carry far more weight if you were on board BEFORE an accident happens.

Now after a weepy testimony Michigan gets possibly saddled with yet ANOTHER unneeded, unnecessary law that people like State Rep. Pam Byrnes think is needed because a constituent has as sad story to relate.

We ALL have sad stories of some kind Ms. Byrnes, can we all get unneeded action on all our tales of woe?

Anyone remember Homer Simpson's bear tax?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Late night open thread

Bad night to be out on the moors. That moon is bright. Ah-oooo Werewolves of Ypsi

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Are you sick of WEAK drivers Washtenaw County?

Here is your recourse. Now it's not JUST Washtenaw County but it has great stories, amusing anecdotes and CAN be used for "jerk-store" drivers around here.


OK, sit up straight, let's act respectable, let's get our READ on

Are you familiar with Detroit Noir ? Whaaaa? You're not? Well from their own site let's let them tell you about it:

We, the editors of Detroit Noir, welcome you to our site.
Detroit Noir is the latest in the Akashic Books Noir Series and is due to hit bookstores in late October/early November.
Launched by the summer ‘04 award-winning, best-seller, Brooklyn Noir, Akashic Books continues its groundbreaking series of original noir anthologies. Each book is comprised of all-new stories, each one set in a distinct neighborhood or location within the city of the book.
In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting excerpts from the stories in Detroit Noir, as well as short interviews with the contributors.
You’ll also see updated information about Detroit Noir author events happening all over the Metro area during November and December.

We hope you’ll have as much fun reading Detroit Noir as we did putting it together, and we hope to meet you at one of our events this coming fall.
E.J. Olsen
John C. Hocking,

There are several chances to meet and greet with the authors kids, and YCD is happy to list a few of them:

Book release party!
Sat., November 3, 1pm
Aunt Agatha's
213 S. Fourth Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI
*Featuring editors E.J. Olsen and John C. Hocking, with Loren D. Estleman and other contributors TBA

Wed., November 14, 7pm
Borders (Arborland)
3527 Washtenaw Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI
*Featuring editors E.J. Olsen and John C. Hocking, with various contributors TBA

Tues., November 27, 7pm
Borders (Downtown Ann Arbor)
612 E. Liberty St.
Ann Arbor, MI
*Featuring editors E.J. Olsen and John C. Hocking, with various contributors TBA

Funny, we didn't see this in the flyer

YCD received a flyer over the weekend dealing with the proposed city income tax. It was signed off on by many current and former city officials and past mayors. They listed all the reasons this new income tax was needed. Sure they were very vague in explaining the particulars but they did list why they needed this new tax. One thing YCD did not read in the flyers was this:

Businesses will pay a 1% tax on PROFITS. So not only will you and your employees pay on your earnings but your business will pay on the profit you turn.

Funny the pro-tax group never seems to mention this.

YCD knows why, they just wish this new tax increase proposal wasn't simply a give back to home owners and a slap to renters, 67% of our fair city.

The more we learn the more hinky this proposal seems.

YCD might erven be able to support a tax that has ZERO givebacks to anyone, a simple one size fits all tax with no special provisions for some and not others.

We will not be voting on one like that in a couple weeks, sadly.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Late night open thread

The autumnal moon is very bright tonight and looking eerie behind the clouds.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Another juror in Orange Taylor III case speaks: He's Guilty

The battle of the jurors has now come to the fore around town as one juror, Lauretta Codrington, spoke with media last night and said basically while she could not find Taylor innocent, she could just not find him guilty. YCD understands WHAT Codrington was saying although one can NEVER be found innocent in any court proceeding, simply 'not guilty'.

Today another juror, EMU student Mary Bruhnsen came forward in response to Codrington and said she had no problems finding Taylor guilty of first degree murder, along with five other jurors. In an interview with the Ann Arbor News (who really has been doing an excellent job covering this case), Bruhnsen said that the video evidence of Orange Taylor III leaving Laura Dickinson's dorm and the fact he had her keys and locked up after himself "It all connected the dots for me and really just wrapped it up, It couldn't have been anybody else, and she didn't die of a heart condition."

Bruhnsen said the jury had difficulty agreeing on which charge to find him guilty of if any at all. She said several jurors discussed the manslaughter verdict but never committed to it. She went on to say the jurors took several votes with varying degrees of agreement.

On a postitive note Bruhnsen said race never played any part in the jury room. "I thought everyone was pretty open-minded," she said. "Nobody brought any baggage into it."

YCD would like to applaud the jury for not letting race become a factor in this case where in other parts of the country it might well have. You can agree or disagree with the outcome of this trial but it is apparent the jurors took their charge very seriously and were as fair as the day is long. Hats off to them for looking past an obvious roadblock to the justice system.

Ypsi and Chelsea game times for Friday announced

Hot off the presses and from MHSAA, both Ypsilanti and Chelsea football teams will host their first round playoff games at 7pm.

Be there or be square, aloha

And so we go through it again

YCD is very proud of the Washtenaw County community today as nobody is turning the mistrial into a racial event or screaming jury nullification based on the one juror who spoke with the media about her feelings. I think it bodes well here in our little corner of the world that we can respect a jury's work and not come apart when they cannot reach a verdict, unlike other places. We'll all go through this again and will see where the case ends up together.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Late night open thread

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark


This means one of the jurors was sitting in the jury room claiming Orange Taylor III was not guilty of any of the charges he could have been found guilty of, no?

Judge Archie Moore gave the jury some instructions with some pretty broad leeway in this case so if we have a lawyer or legal expert among us, here is your chance to inform us of what just happened.

That jury's been out an awful long time....

That in and of itself is reason for a thread on this. This being somewhat of a news site Johnny doesn't wanna go too far out on a limb with the whole guilt vs innocence debate but almost two full days plus is longer than YCD thought they'd be out...

What case? Yeah, right....

Colonel Will opines on the new mascot "choices"

YCD now turns the floor over to Colonel Will:

By Colonel Will

The Ypsilanti Board of Education got it wrong again.

Narrowing down its list of finalists Monday for a new mascot to a quartet of lame choices – the Titans, the Generals, the Olympians and the Phoenix – the school board, whose own mascot should be the “Numbskulls,” again missed the boat.

The Numbskulls ignored the obvious choices, which could easily have been narrowed down to two natural choices:

The Bloods and the Crips. Let the students fight it out to see which one emerges.

Think of the built-in intimidation that comes along with either choice; the Dexter Dreadnaughts and Chelsea Bulldogs would definitely have a lot on their minds, upon lining up against either the Bloods or the Crips at Shadford Field on a Friday night.

A2 City Council votes to approve new multi-million dollar City building

The Ann Arbor City Council voted 7-4 to approve an architect going forward with plans to build a new multi-million dollar city building. The vote did not address what is expected to also need to be addressed, that being a new courts (the city currently rents court space form the county who will NOT renew the lease after 2009) building and police HQ. Currently the police HQ and city building are one in the same.

That could present a problem. So could the fact the tax base just too a massive Pfizer-sized hit.

City council members see the project costing between 33$ and 57$ million. The 57$ million number is the 'bells and whistles' proposal even though the architect hasn't begun drawing up plans as the vote was to merely give the go ahead on a design.

Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje is opposed to the project saying:

"This is not the time for us to go out on a limb with a new building".

Council Member Leigh Greden, D-4th Ward, disagrees with Hieftje:

"We need a new courthouse. We need a new police station, It's really that simple."

Heftje called the vote to give the architect the go ahead to design the new building:

"We are at a point of no turning back."

The NO voters were Hieftje and Council Members Ron Suarez, D-1st Ward, Bob Johnson, D-1st Ward, and Stephen Kunselman, D-3rd Ward.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Late night open thread

A soft rain falls on the Huron Valley tonight.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Big ups to Chelsea, Ypsilanti, both in MHSAA playoffs

Both Ypsilanti and Chelsea have qualified for the MHSAA football playoffs (and yes those of you looking in from Milan--but only the Washtenaw County part of Milan) and both will play HOME games this weekend.

From the MHSAA site:

R3-D2: Tecumseh (6-3) 69.889 at Chelsea (9-0) 115.556
R4-D2: Carleton Airport (8-1) 86.889 at Ypsilanti (8-1) 96.889

Well played coaches and players and all you fans who supported them.

Late night open thread

A nice Monday on tap for most of the day...

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Sunday, October 21, 2007

YCD will be covering the jury verdict Monday should it come

After swimming one afternoon early last week Johnny was flipping the channels and there it was, on Court TV, live, the trial of Orange Taylor III. Couldn't escape it almost 800 miles away.

Whatever the verdict if it even comes tomorrow, YCD will cover it.

Late night open thread

Johnny's back after, get this, a 14 hour drive back from Folly Beach, SC. He'll be back over these next few days with any pertinents but holy MAN, 14 hours SHOULD get one an award. Saw the sunrise on the Atlantic this morning, home in Ypsi by 10pm.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Late night, and week long, open thread

Here it is, your bulletin board for the coming week. Do with it what you will and if the travel gods are with us, the YCD will be back with you next Sunday. Til then........

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday night video vault

In honor of Elvis Costello at EMU's ACC tonight Johnny thought a nice Elvis throwback was in order. Here is Elvis on Saturday Night Live December 17,1977. Elvis was told he was not to play Radio Radio. Elvis agreed.

Then he played it anyway...

Income tax vote goes forward

Washtenaw Circuit Judge Timothy P. Connors denied 'Stop City Income Tax Committee' an injuction to stop the city income tax vote from going forward on November 6. There IS a hearing just 4 days before the vote at which point the judge could stop the vote, let it go forward with changes or do nothing.

The Ypsi City desk is on vacation to a far away place

Yes fair citizens, The YCD will be taking a few days off to travel to the Atlantic Coast of the swell state of South Carolina. A perplexing state, South Carolina. A very conservative place and yet they sell an awful lot of hats that say 'BJU' for Bob Jones University and shirts that expouse the South Carolina mascot Gamecocks name in big letters on a shirt and GUESS which part of the nickname they use. Mmmm hmmm.

So, Ypsi City Desk will be off the air after tonight's open thread and you can use that to say whatever you want for the week, make an announcement or update people on news in my stead. You can also check out Ypsi Dixit for news and info from around the Huron Valley.

Dammit EMU, you'd better win at Ohio tomorrow, we need this one to keep the ball rolling. At U-M it's homecoming and Blue welcomes the Boilermakers from maybe the most boring college town ever, West Dumpayette. Johnny knows, he's seen it. All the excitement and klieg lights of Lafayette but only West. More cowbell.

More lighthouse and ocean breeze

Don't forget about the big Robert Zimmerman and Declan McManus concert at EMU tonight

At the ACC.

You know, the big concert.

Oh, you want STAGE names, ok then.

Don't miss the big Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello concert tonight

U-M Professor claims a share of the Nobel Peace Prize

YCD has been tough on the AOSS Department when needed but they have BIG NEWS to report this morning. I'll run with their press release but congrats to Joyce Penner and the AOSS team who shared this award (with Al Gore by the way).

From AOSS:
Two AOSS faculty and two AOSS students part of IPCC, co-winner of '07 Nobel Peace Prize

Congratulations to AOSS faculty members Joyce Penner and Natasha Andronova and AOSS students Minghuai Wang and Li Xu — part of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that was a co-winner with Al Gore of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Joyce was one of the 7 lead authors, Natasha one of 25 contributing authors and Minghuai and Li were contributors to the Fourth Assessment Report chapter, Understanding and Attributing Climate Change.

Professor Penner is the Ralph J. Cicerone Distinguished University Professor of Atmospheric Science and Dr. Andronova is a research scientist in AOSS. Both Wang and Xu are doctoral students in the Department.

YCD IS aware of the rape claim on EMU's campus

But it is SO vague there's not really much to tell. A 20 year old Ferndale woman claims she was raped by two men in a car in the Ann St parking lot. The woman said she got into a car with a man she had met once before and was raped by he and another man on September 19.

She did not report this until yesterday (10/11).

We'll let you know, but there you have it, not much to go on...

Ex Saline HS student arrested for online threats

An 18 year old former Saline High School student was arrested this morning after police, with help from an adminstrator of the website the teen posted his threats on traced the threats to his Saline home.

All schools were notified before they opened today and Saline police described the threats as "very disturbing, but very vague."

Police said the teen was upset over a court hearing Thursday where he faced a minor in possession of alcohol charge.

He was placed in protective custody and referred to the University of Michigan for a psych eval.

YCD would like to send out a birthday greeting

Johnny's blog, Johnny's rules

Happy Birthday Mrs. Action Space Punk!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Ypsi City Desk

Friday night pigskin parade

Ypsi Willow Run (3-4) is home for Dearborn Edsel Ford.

Ypsilanti Lincoln (0-7) is at Adrian. Keep plugging away guys, we'll NEVER desert you!

Chelsea (7-0) is in Tree City to take on Ann Arbor Pioneer (2-5)

Dexter Dreadnaughts (3-4) are at Saline (4-3)

Ypsilanti (6-1) is at Highland Park

Ann Arbor Huron (3-3) is at Muskegon Heights

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Late night open thread

Everybody Wang Chung tonight. No, on second thought don't do that. Ever

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Boy, all these negative stories on a gray rainy day... about some music to lighten the day? How about our local icon performing with the Teddybears on a really hip tune

Former EMU President John Fallon sues EMU, regents

To nobody's surprise except maybe that of common sense, former EMU President John Fallon sued the university and the regents under----get this----the Whistleblower Protection Act.

OK, John, you didn't blow ANY whistles. You helped COVER UP a murder. Your stupidity, along with a few others, just got done costing EMU hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and penalites. Now you want more money and for what? Being a stooge in the face of a serious campus crisis? You got fired for CAUSE and now you wanna save face by suing the place you failed? YIKES.

EMU, if you settle with this guy, Johnny will never ever ever send you another dime.

You fight this.

Renters and the proposed city income tax

According to the US Census, 67% of Ypsilanti's housing units are occupied by RENTERS (This number in Ann Arbor is 56%). That's a sizeable majority, no?

So when the city puts forth a plan to raise a levy on city residents and offers a tax cut for HOMEOWNERS to make it more palatable, that leaves the majority of Ypsilanti residents holding the bag. Renters get NOTHING out of this deal but a raise in income tax AND most likely a raise in their rent. Who proposed that only homeowners get such a break? Why not throw something in for renters, some kind of credit maybe?

Wanna know why? The city council proposing this aren't renters is the YCD guess. The city council really doesn't think the renters deserve much and they also think they're transient in nature so they won't be around for the next election.

Look, do your own research on this, look at the numbers and listen to both sides of this issue. Learn the good and the bad and make up your own mind but it sure looks to the YCD that there is ZERO benefit to renters to vote for any city income tax in it's current capacity.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Late night open thread

Wings win 4-2 and despite the rain, it's a good night.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Is a storm swirling around EMU's head baseball coach Roger Coryell?

According to reports, Eastern Michigan University head baseball coach Roger Coryell, has violated his contract by using his university computer to send "a series of inappropriate messages" to a players mother.

Yikes, this does not end well at all YCD thinks.

EMU Athletic Director Derrick Gragg sent Coryell a disciplinary letter which outlined the transgressions and was obtained by the Ann Arbor News via a Freedom of Information Act request.

In Gragg's letter, he claims Coryell violated his contract by "violating the rights of a student-athlete" while also engaging in an act of misconduct". Both are fireable offenses. Coryell remains on unpaid leave from the University.

YCD, and big supporter of EMU baseball, will keep you updated.

Hey EMU students, yes YOU....

Since Echo writer Nick Orr was gracious enough to mention this blog as someplace to go between classes online I'd like to offer YOU some space on this blog. If you or your group has something going on, by all means, let YCD know. Why not put this site to work for YOU. It's a community blog first and foremost so let's make sure you all get your needs and concerns addressed.

Got something to say? Spit it here...
Got an event to promote? Represent here...

We REALLY do wanna hear from you.

Follow up to previous story on man with a gun in Sellers Hall

YCD promised more information and here it is.

As a follow up to this fine bit of reporting, YCD would like to announce that Edward Deshawn Milan of Detroit is the genius who was waving an unloaded handgun, a Glock 9mm to be exact, in Sellers Hall at his former girlfriend's suitemates. The gun came back as STOLEN out of Clare County in Mid-Michigan. He also had a 40 ounce malt beverage on his person. Hmmm, guns and adult beverages, What could go wrong?

Milan is being held on a $15,000 bond at the Washtenaw County Jail. He has been charged with possession of a stolen firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a firearm while intoxicated, and trespassing.

YCD--Messin with your heads

No, it's an optical illusion, verily

Ron Paul holds court on the U-M Diag

Republican candidate Ron Paul got some big love last night as he gave a speech on the Diag. Paul, a Texas congressman and the most liberal of the GOP candidates, told the crowd of his ideas for defending civil liberties, pulling US troops out of Iraq and a non-interventionist foreign policy. While socially conservative, Paul did take a swipe at the Bush Administration's foreign policy

"And that is, quit all this spending overseas. Wasted money. We are now spending nearly a trillion dollars a year to maintain an empire... We weren't meant to be the policeman of the world."

Paul had come to Ann Arbor after participating in yesterday's GOP candidate debate in Dearborn.

EMU begins search for new President

Eastern Michigan University has begun the search for the replacement for John Fallon, who, well you know why he's gone, it's well documented.

The search team is made up of the following:

Committee co-chairs are: Roy Wilbanks, vice chair, Board of Regents and Jim Stapleton, Board of Regents. Other representatives are Glenda Price, retired president of Marygrove College in Detroit; Winifred Garrett, director of human resources, Washtenaw Intermediate School District; Russ Larson, president, Faculty Council; Kirk Profit, director, Governmental Consulting Services; Bert Greene, president, Emeritus Faculty Association; Robert Neely, associate provost and associate vice president for research at EMU; Eric Brown, president-elect of the EMU Alumni Association; William Morris, past president, EMU Foundation; Greg Jones, student body president; and James Carroll, associate professor, physics, representing the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).

It's a good group and should be supported. Sure we could all want more alumni or students on the search team but YCD recognizes many of these names, and while YCD may not know them personally we know they have good reputations and can be trusted.

We also wish them luck as a new President will help EMU move forward and away from the events of last year.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Late night open thread

Did you know that the drummer for The Who, Keith Moon, and Mama Cass Elliot died in the same apartment? Not on the same day or no nuthin, just the same apartment.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark


Johnny tries, oh he TRIES not to use foul language here and keep this blog/website safe for those at work and for those who have kids who may see it up. He is SEETHING right now over the EMU Campus Police YET AGAIN. He sure FEELS like throwing off some colorful language.

Facts in this case: EMU Student KNOWN TO POLICE, ie they know WHO he is, from previous contact, knocks on acquaintences door in Putnam Hall 4am October 2nd. She opens the door, knowing him, he FORCES his way inside, takes his clothes off and forcibly touches woman who opened the door, she screams, he bolts. However, She DID NOT report this incident (and SHOULD have). She DOES file a report when the SAME person shows up again. From the A2 news:

She said he returned at about 10:30 p.m. Monday. When her roommate answered the door, she told police, he forced his way in again. She told police he initially refused to leave, but finally did.

Police are looking for him but REFUSE TO RELEASE HIS NAME OR DESCRIPTION. What HUH? Are you SERIOUS? EMU Campus Police say they will wait to talk with him until that info is released. Again, huh WHAT? Gee MAYBE he'll not rape or MURDER anyone in the meantime. It sure would be a shame if someone actually found the description HELPFUL in protecting themselves.

This is a DISGRACE of the HIGHEST ORDER. After all that has happened at EMU this past year to NOT give students the tools to protect themselves is simply ABHORRANT. One EMU female student, Senior Molly Nuzzo interviewed by the A2 news had this to say:

"Very, very, very concerned that they are not willing to disclose this man's name and description. We're concerned for our safety. They know who it is, and they are not willing to disclose it," she said.

OK, it's time for a COMPLETE turnover at EMU Campus Police. EVERYONE MUST GO. They need to start over. Again we see police wanting to do everything THEIR way and THEIR way only and doing NOTHING to proactively protect EMU Students whom without they'd be jobless. They KNOW there is a threat on campus. They REFUSE to tell students even the most basic information that could be used (and this is no longer hyperbole at EMU) to SAVE THEIR VERY LIVES.

If you know this guys name send it to YCD we WILL print it, we WILL proactively protect the campus if EMU Campus Police are no longer willing to do so.

The whole Saline football mess

YCD has done some in depth research on this recent flare up where a player swore at coaches (yes, he used the MAGIC word), said he didn't want to play anyway but his parents wouldn't let him quit. Therein lies problem #1. The kid doesn't even want to be there and is trying to get kicked off the team. Then it gets to the Superintendant who decides to arbitrairily place the student BACK on the team and make things worse.

YCD thinks things have spun WAY out of control in Saline. Yes, there is PLENTY of blame to go around. The Superintendent Beverley Geltner, stuck her nose where it really had no business being and made things far worse. YCD also thinks the coaches were right to resign once the very discipline necessary in a football setting was basically ceded from them. If you cannot kick a kid off your team in high school for telling a coach "FU" then the inmates are running the asylum.

Superintendent Beverley Geltner, your use of your past performance reviews and contract extension has ZERO bearing in this case. You made an awful decision.

Hey feel free to tell your coach off, just don't cry when the coach tells you to hand in your playbook.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Late night open thread

Fall is blowing in tomorrow

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Minor league baseball in Ypsi? It could happen... least there are some working on turning the stalled River Street project into a minor league ballpark with an outdoor market. That's right, several Ypsilanti residents are looking at building (With investor dollars, not tax dollars) a 6,000 to 7,500 seat stadium with storefronts along Michigan Avenue and a hotel to the south of the stadium.

Kevin Hill and Brian Robb D-3rd Ward were interviewed by the Ypsilanti Courier about this project and both were extremely optimistic. While definitive plans are not yet available Hill was quoted as saying a site plan was at least six months away.

Robb had this to say about the private aspect of the project vs public dollars:

"We have been in contact with several groups who are interested in minor league baseball and are interested in moving teams," he said. "We will not build it, they will build it."

YCD likes baseball. YCD would love more stores downtown. YCD would love the River Street area built on.

Johnny thinks "Ypsilanti Space Punks" has a real nice ring to it for a name.

YCD doesn't normally talk about the weather

But Johnny's been in meetings and traveling to and fro all day. So, how about the warm weather?

Grouse about it being too hot in October NOW because by Wednesday you'll wish it was back...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Late night open thread

Ahhhh, what a great day to unplug from the electronic world. Just a nice, albeit warm, Sunday. Nothing better than a nice Sunday BBQ...

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Late night open thread

Well, the Ypsilanti 11 played hard, at no point did they ever look beaten, they always kept plugging away. More importantly they weren't intimidated. Something to build on.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Look for the Ypsi City Desk blimp at the game today

We at YCD hope you enjoy it, it's also doubles as our YCD Traffic Copter.

EMU/UM Gameday thread

A matchup for the ages. It's a tossup and word in to the Ypsi City Desk is even at this early hour EMU fans are bumper to bumper on Washtenaw Avenue heading towards Stadium. It's 2:43 am and Packard is backing up as well.

It doesn't get any better than this one. For EMU the opportunity of a lifetime, for Michigan a chance to work out the kinks from last weeks tussle with Northwestern. Yes Michigan will mostly likely win and win handily HOWEVER, should God in Heaven point his finger at the EMU side of the field today, the party's at Sidetrack and Johnny's drinking shots.


Friday, October 5, 2007

Late night open thread and multimedia extravaganza

YCD was hard at work tonight and The Pretenders were on the iPod feed and so tonight, a before bed treat. Chrissie Hynde and the original lineup of Pete Farndon, Martin Chambers, and James Honeyman-Scott smoking through "Message of Love"

Maybe, if you're good, maybe we'll make this a regular Friday night thing.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

The fabulous Maya Angelou to speak at U-M 10/12

Maya Angelou will be speaking at the Ross School of Business Reuinion lecture next Friday 10/12. You will need tickets mind you but the are free and the speech open to the public.

Michigan Union Ticket Office (limit 2 per person). Call 734-763-TKTS for details.

Friday night pigskin parade

Ypsi Willow Run (2-4) is at River Rouge.

Ypsilanti Lincoln (0-6) is at Tecumseh. C'mon guys, this week is the one!

Chelsea (6-0) is at home to Dexter Dreadnaughts (3-3)

Saline (4-2) is at Adrian

Ann Arbor Pioneer (1-5) is at Temperance Bedford

Ypsilanti (5-1) is at Romulus

Ann Arbor Huron (3-3) is at Lansing Waverly

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Late night open thread

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

EMU travel plans released for trip to Michigan Stadium

Friday the Eastern Michigan football team will shuttle to Willow Run Airport around 3pm and their flight will take off from Willow Run and land at Ann Arbor Municipal Airport shortly thereafter. The team will take a bus to a swanky downtown Ann Arbor hotel for the night and then bus to the stadium on Satuday for the football game.

1 Adam 12, 1 Adam 12, man with gun in Sellers Hall

That's right citizens, a man with a small caliber handgun was arrested late Wednesday night after pointing the gun at Sellers Hall residents.

The man in question, who has not had his name released pending charges (oh don't worry, he'll get FULL CREDIT at YCD when it becomes available) had already been told to leave campus and not to come back some 12 hours earlier. Around 11am yesterday the man in question (or the questionable man) who is NOT an EMU student was fighting with his girlfriend. EMU DPS read him the trespass act and told him to get stepping.

Last night around 10:30 he returned, with a gun (police said he had no ammuntion) to collect some of his stuff and as he was taking it he was confronted by residents which is when he decided to pull out his big manly gun.

Washtenaw County Jail yadda yadda yadda, arraginment yadda yadda yadda, charges yadda yadda yadda

The battle for Washtenaw County--Can you FEEL the excitement?

WOW, two days out from the battle for football supremacy and bragging rights in Washtenaw County. There were far more guys "needing tickets" in front of the Michigan Union yesterday than normal, this is THE game this week, well, in Washtenaw County.

Michigan has suspended top receiver Mario Manningham for breaking team rules which will really give EMU a decided advantage in stopping Mario Manningham.

EMU has some top flight speed at skill positions, Michigan has BIG guys with speed at skill positions.

YCD can hardly contain itself, in a game matching up two premiere coaches (Nobody can turn a 30-10 wipeout into a 27-24 loss better than Lloyd Carr while nobody can turn a 24-24 game into a 30-10 loss faster than Jeff Genyk's play calling) it doesn't get any bigger or better than this game.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Late night open thread

The Wings win and all is right with the world

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Calendar says October, time for NIGHT TERRORS at Wiards

Johnny is a big fan of Wiards and also the NIGHT TERRORS spooky scarefest going on out there. Get this, according to the website, Wiards has 115 LIVE monsters. That's 20% more live monsters than anywhere else in Washtenaw County. Listen, this year they have ALIEN CAGED CLOWNS. Nothing scares like clowns, right Mr. Gacy?

Visit the website
for particulars and they also have an online coupon you can print and use before you go.

'Stop City Income Tax' files suit against city of Ypsilanti

A group calling itself 'Stop City Income Tax' has filed suit to block the proposed Ypsilanti City income tax. The tax, if approved later this year would impose a 1% sales tax on Ypsilanti residents and 1/2% on non residents who work in Ypsilanti.

Claiming the ballot language itself is too vague and therefore not legal as well as claiming it violates Michigan's Home Rule Act, Brian Robb, Democratic council member in the third ward said:

"The city should not be advocating one side of the issue or the other and the city cannot have ballot language that violates state law".

City attorney John Barr, while not addressing the Michigan's Home Rule Act portion of the complaint did say:

"City council believed they weren't hoodwinking the voters".

Uh, yeah, but John, they didn't THINK They were hoodwinking the voters or they KNOW they weren't hoodwinking the voters. Which is it?

The YCD has come out very early on as being opposed to the proposal, the YCD also thinks after Jenny from the Block and the Republicans in Lansing just helped themselves to more of our money, this proposal has a real chance of being pounded should it go before voters.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Late night open thread

Rain on the morrow, wear your galoshes

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Pittsfield Township: Wile E. Coyote sighting

It's 4am, you're wearing a bandana and armed with a broom, why not use said broomstick to let yourself into the McDonalds we've ALL eaten at on Washtenaw while the crew looks on. You ask for money, and might I add what BETTER time to demand money than before they open for busines to collect, um, money. Told they have none and no access to the safe at, again, 4am, you run out. We're guessing the way you came in, broomlord, and flee into the morning air.

If you've seen Mr. Coyote please call the Pittsfield Police at 734-944-4911.

Please turn him in before he learns to use a shopping cart as a battering ram.

More slime oozing out of EMU Campus police

Can it get ANY worse over there? We are all too well aware of the reasons Cindy Hall was let go in the wake of the Laura Dickinson debacle but now come the lawsuits exposing (supposedly) just how the EMU campus police works.

Former EMU Sergeant Stacy Cain is suing EMU for gender discrimination. Cain who has been fired twice before only to be reinstated made the following claims:

*She was treated differently from male officers
*She was disciplined more harshly than her actions merited
*She was fired for less serious infractions than men who were not terminated
*She was singled out for remedial training
*She was assigned to do personal errands for former public safety director Cindy Hall

YCD at this point would raze that place and start over. It's SUCH a mess. YCD is sure there are dutiful professional campus police on staff at EMU, they're just not the ones you read about.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Late night open thread

Have your say on a rainy October night

Time now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

A look behind the scenes at YCD

A recent budget and editorial meeting. You can trust YCD.

Late night open thread

Anyone affected by the state shutdown?

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark