Friday, October 17, 2008

Dear candidates, don't just throw your pamphlets and flyers on my front porch

Especially YOU Mike Eller. Johnny came home yesterday to see a few Mike Eller flyers/pamphlets just tossed on his porch and one had blown down into the yard. Unless you want me to send Mongo over to your place of business on Washington Street, Populist Cleaning Company (oh the irony eh, cleaning company making a mess), to discuss this litter issue, wise up. It's not JUST Mike Eller, there have been others, but none so sloppy about it. If it wasn't you, instruct your campaign staff not to just toss flyers on porches. This is the third time the Eller campaign has paper bombed Johnny's porch

This goes for any candidate, try being respectful of voters property.

Johnny Action Space Punk approved this message.


glimmertwinfan said...

I'm still waiting for "Thornblath" (spelling?) to remove all of the signs along Hitchingham Road.

I thought, by law, they were supposed to clean up after the campaigns. What a mess.

I'm with you on the materials just thrown about.

It never fails. On the windiest days is when someone has an offer that I can't refuse and slips it on the side of the mailbox - along with everyone else's - and by the end of the day there is crap blowing all over the place.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

It's just annoying ya know? Sometimes they get blown all over the porch in a swirling wind. Yesterday there was one halfway down the walk towards the street. I'm guessing at some point it was on the porch unless they simply tossed it in the yard which is doubtful. Some candidates rubber band them to the door so they stay put, just like Mr Pizza does. I see Mr Pizza is smarter than some candidates

Anonymous said...

Eller's a political wacko who runs a janitorial service. Maybe the strategy is to leave pamphlets all around, which would create an increased need for cleaning services?

Sorry, couldn't resist a conspiracy story concerning this conspiracy nutcase.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Yes, I do know of his politics which is why I wouldn't vote for him. Very strong beliefs with which I really disagree. He's entitled to 'em, just as I'm entitled to not vote for what I consider extreme positions.