Monday, October 20, 2008

Hey kids, don't forget to make a pledge to WEMU, a local JEWEL of a station

Johnny was up early this morning listening to our mayor, Paul Schreiber and Ann Arbor DDA Executive Director Susan Pollay helping out with WEMU's pledge drive and was HAPPY to make a pledge himself. WEMU is quite frankly THE BEST radio station around. News, local news, hep music you won't hear anywhere else, and EMU sports. It really is OUR responsibility to make sure OUR station gets the financial love it deserves.

This station NEVER disappoints like many things in life can do.

Pledge whatever you can. You're not a better or worse citizen if you give 5 or 50 clams. Just help 'em out, they really deserve our cash love.


And thanks Mayor Schreiber and Susan Pollay for your time!


TrixielovesWEMU said...

Johnny knows Trixie has been away from Ypsi for a couple years now and I can say without hesitation that no public radio station gives more in-depth LOCAL coverage than WEMU. I used to listen to WHYY in Philadelphia and now WBEZ Chicago Public Radio but do not feel as connected to what is going on in my local area as I did when I listened to WEMU for 13 years. It truly is a jewel and I am always happy to turn it on when I know I'm in range when I'm visiting. I believe in giving to public radio where you live so I have already contributed to WBEZ but I encourage all YCD readers to give to WEMU. Trixie thanks you.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Thanks Trixie--WEMU is a first class reflection on Eastern Michigan and Ypsilanti