Monday, October 27, 2008

A Shelby Township man was dressed up as a policeman a few days early. The problem is, so was his car...

OK, truck. It appears a Shelby Township feller was following his pal with lights and sirens flashing on his non-police vehicle, and pulled over to chide an unmarked Ann Arbor police car with REAL policemen in it for almost running into his friend. The undercover police said they were going to pull over his friend for blowing the light at Packard and Arch at 2:40am anyway. Police said the man swore when he realized he had pulled over real cops. Anybody wanna guess which two swear words that fit here he used? (Johnny's guessing the F one said real slowly)

Mr. Faux Cop was arrested (maybe so he could get to know how it feels to really slap the cuffs on someone) and will be appearing in court at a later date. We hope he'll be driving another car, without police amenities on it.

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