Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Ypsilanti

From wet and rainy Jersey City, Johnny wanted to take the time to wish all his pals in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor a wonderful Christmas and great New Year!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New (Old) Neil Young Record Recorded in Ann Arbor

Many of you probably already know that Neil Young spend a decent amount of time in Ann Arbor back in the hippie days. One imagines him toking it up and hanging around the Diag strumming his Martin or eating brown rice at the White Panther House on Hill Street.

Someone told me once that Neil actually wrote a song -- can't remember which one -- on the piano at Guild House, the campus ministry near Dominick's. Can anyone confirm or debunk this?

Anyhoo, Neil's latest release, "Sugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House," only strengthens the man's ties to Treetown, since it was recorded at that other campus ministry, which still exists (although in a new location).

John the Revelator hasn't heard it yet, but he has some other solo-acoustic bootlegs from this era of Young's career that are stunningly good. So odds are this one's no exception.

Anyone heard it yet? Meanwhile, here's some footage from just about the same era: