Monday, October 20, 2008

Ya know, it's almost Halloween...

How about a ghost story?

Emily's Bridge, Stowe Vermont (Yeah, Johnny's been to Emily's Bridge)

"...The most popular story of Emily's death starts with her angry parents forbidding her to marry the man of her dreams. In a fit of rage and sadness, she ran away with her lover with plans to elope. That night they were to meet at the Gold Brook Bridge and begin the first night of their lives together. Emily arrived at the bridge early, but her soul mate would not arrive. As the hour of their meeting came and left, Emily gave up hope and at the peak of her sadness, anger and depression, she took her life. Emily hung herself from a beam within the bridge in the dead of night.

Since this terrible day, the bridge has been haunted with what is rumored to be the anger ghost of Emily. Some events at the bridge that have been connected with her include the scratching of passing horse drawn carriages, and later cars, with invisible claws in day or night. Also, a woman's voice is heard in the bridge, along with ghostly figures and strange lights..."

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