Sunday, September 30, 2007


Johnny has some mutant virus which kept him from going to see his Browns pound Baltimore 27-13. What a wasted beautiful day. Luckily at YCD tomorrow is a holiday, even took a vacation day to celebrate 'Victory over Baltimore' Day.

I swear to god it's whooping cough..........or diptheria

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Late night open thread

Beautiful Sunday on tap and Johnny's outta town to go watch his beloved Browns in Cleveland.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Lehigh football gameday

Again, don't ask, just deal with a Patriot League team getting Washtenaw County ink. Lehigh is at home today, 1pm kickoff from Murray Goodman Stadium in Bethlehem, PA. The Mountain Hawks should have just enough to squeeze by Harvard today.

Eastern Michigan football gameday

Talk EMU and Vandy here. EMU rides a two game winning streak into Nashville. DAMN Johnny wishes he were there today. He'd be eating his weight in pork at Jack's BBQ on Broadway, right near Ryman Auditorium. That BBQ is THE KIND.


Michigan football gameday

Talk Wolverines football here. The game will be over early, we all know this. It's a beautiful day. Have plans after it's 30-0 Blue at halftime...

Late night open thread

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Chelsea 40-Saline 28

In the hinterlands of western Washtenaw County tonight Chelsea bested Saline 40-28. Chelsea is the best team in the hinterlands, so let it be told.

Chelsea is 6-0, Saline 4-2

Friday, September 28, 2007

Geez, UM Athletics forum or crime blotter?

Today it's one in the same.

Former U-M hoops standout Robert 'Tractor' Traylor just got probation for filing a false tax return to, get this, cover up assets for a convicted drug dealer. Traylor, one of the Ed Martin scandal players, received three years probation.

Another former Wolverine standout, former football running back Tony Boles was recently arrested in Ypsilanti and held on a parole violation. Boles gave police a false name at the time of arrest and only when he was fingerprinted did police discover who he was. Boles was charged with receiving and concealing stolen property, operating a vehicle with a suspended license, operating without a license on his person and providing false identification.

It appears we have some sad news to report

An Ann Arbor Pioneer teacher, Allen Massey, who taught English, was found late last night by police who entered his locked apartment and found him dead of an apparent gunshot suicide. Ann Arbor police have said they do not suspect foul play.

Crisis teams have been dispatched to Pioneer High School.

A sad day to be certain.

Friday pigskin parade (and a BIG game tonight)

Ypsi Willow Run (2-3) is home for Dearborn Heights Annapolis.

Ypsilanti Lincoln (0-5) is home to Temperance Bedford and YCD thinks THIS is the week for a WIN!

Chelsea (5-0) is at home in the HUGE tilt vs Saline (4-1)

Ann Arbor Pioneer (1-4) is home to Tecumseh

The Dexter Dreadnaughts (3-2) are home to Adrian

Ypsilanti (4-1) is home to Redford Thurston Howell the Third

Ann Arbor Huron (2-3) home to Flint Carman-Ainsworth and due to win this week.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Late night open thread

Feels like fall blowing in on the wind tonight

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Mr. Dingell, we might have been born at night, but it wasn't LAST night

Oh to hear Congressman John Dingell tell it, to solve global warming YOU must suffer and YOU must sacrifice. Just don't ask any big DONORS and SUPPORTERS of Congressman Dingell to sacrifice.

See, over-the-hill-John is trying to SCARE citizens into doing nothing on global warming with his so-called "discussion draft".

The lowlights?

*A 50-cent gasoline tax, YOU pay
*A carbon tax YOU pay
*And a scaling back tax breaks for some home owners like YOU

John Dingell calls on major supporters like the auto companies to do NOTHING. That's right, NOTHING. He calls on major corporations to do NOTHING. Nope, it's all on you. This should surprise nobody, John Dingell is so far in the pockets of the auto companies he burps lint.

How about a little SHARED SACRIFICE Johnny? CAFE standards anyone? Higher MPG cars? Less coal belching plants like DTE Energy loves?

YCD is FAR from being the enviro-earth-Al Gore loves me website. YCD realizes one day the sun will burn out and none of this will matter. That being said to try these blatant SCARE TACTICS and expect ALL the burden to be felt by the citzenry is disgraceful.

Shame on you John Dingell.


Ypsilanti Township Board approves 100 large for playground equipment


OK, back to reality...

The Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees told Parks and Recreation Director Art Serafinski to spend up to 100,000$ on playground equipment and YCD would like to give a big Ypsi slap on the back to Mr. Serafinski for being a SMART SHOPPER. He COULD have bought some pretty good playground equipment for 90K RETAIL. But Mr. Serafinski is a regular Priceline Negotiator (cue WIlliam Shatner moment) and is picking up a demo model of said 90K equipment AND can get free delivery thrown in for 59 large. Well played! It also means more equipment could potentially be added making for one excellent park for kids.

The deal isn't done but hey, it looks and sounds good and if Mr. Serafinski can deliver the goods at these prices, we say well done!

Willow Run students rally gets RESULTS

Whereas before the students could not even get their questions answered, since the rally and for some the walk out, suddenly the adminstration can't wait to talk with them. Cleverly the students protested and made themselves unavailable for Fourth Wednesday count, used to apportion money to school districts.

See how it works WR Board of Edcation? You lowball the teachers and then the students cut your money. You now have ten days to account for the missing students.

Shi-Keeta Horne, take us home:
"I'm actually happy that we did this because what we finally got a meeting. I think we deserve that because they never told us anything about what was happening with the school."

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ypsi City Desk adds another to the LINK LIST

My Vintage Kitschen, ladies and gentlemen, you'll find it fun, informative, hip, crazy and other descriptive words.

Willow Run students (a couple hundred) rally for TEACHERS

That's good to see. A couple hundred Willow Run students held a before school rally this morning in support of teachers getting a better contract than the one foisted upon them by the WR Board of Education.

See, students are smart enough to know that education begins with TEACHERS in the classrooms every day. They know good teachers are compensated like good teachers. Good teachers should never have "last best offers" forced upon them.

The Willow Run students get this, are you listening Superintendent Doris Hope-Jackson?

Willow Run student William Gibson gets the last word:

"We want a better contract for the teachers from the board of education"

A trip down memory lane with the Mayflower Motel

Anybody remember this place?

Anyone, Anyone, Bueller, Bueller?

UAW and GM agree, strikes over, man

Any thoughts?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Late night open thread

Wombats are a noble creature

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

YCD thinks the cause is CRYSTAL clear here

An unassuming home simply BLOWS UP. Police say an accelerant was involved but won't say what. The resident is taken for psychiatric evaluation.

Say it with us......'suspected' METH LAB

The home was in the 2500 block of Maplewood in Ann Arbor and it blowed up around 9am.

Citizens, if you suspect you have a meth lab in your neighborhood CALL THE POLICE. This is not funny nor amusing (despite the graphic Johnny's about to use to indicate otherwise). The home you save may be your own.

Now we cannot say for SURE it's a meth lab so we'll call it a SUSPECTED meth lab for now.

"It blowed up REAL GOOD"

Still time to submit ideas for new Ypsi High mascot

That's right creative readers, there is STILL time to submit a name and or logo for the NEW Ypsilanti High School mascot. The PeeCee people are making the name Braves go away after only 73 years. Feel free to submit names and artwork to:

Please put 'mascot' in the title line

Johnny is hoping for WOMBATS

Late night open thread

Time now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Monday, September 24, 2007

Johnny can't believe he's writing this--EMU a half game out of FIRST

My goodness. Eastern Michigan football has a two game winning streak and is a mere half game out of the top slot in the MAC West.

Before we all get carried away, Howard is a game they SHOULD have won and they DID. They should have dominated and they DID. So to this end, well done EMU. Prasie be. Your first two game winning streak since 2005.

Now there is an upcoming trip to Vanderbilt, an SEC wild card. Never quite know what you'll get outta the Commodores. Could it be THIS is the weekend EMU springs the big upset? Is this the weekend EMU proves they ARE indeed a contender in the MAC? Kickoff's at 7pm (8 EDT) from Nashville.

Vandy has a gorgeous campus by the way if you're headed down to the game and Nashville is a wonderful place to spend a few days.

YCD thinks it's fun to even perchance to dream with this team.

UAW/GM strike open thread

Are you a Union member hatin' on the General? Are you working for GM and think the Union decision to strike during negotiations is counterproductive? Just a bystander with something to say?

Bring it!

Body found in basement of Buffalo Wild Wings

Or B-Dubs as the kids call it. A male body was found in the basement at 124 Pearl Street Saturday night. We'll keep you updated as information becomes available.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Late night open thread

Gotta love fall

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Johnny brings news of the outside world

Ypsi City Desk cub reporter Johnny took on a purely investigative trip to Chicago to answer the question if Old Style beer is the best beer to drink at Wrigley Field on a pitch perfect afternoon on a day the Cubbies went 3 and a half games up with a week to go.

The answer, it is

YCD highly suggests this at least once
Yes, are the YCD corporate seats......not

Friday, September 21, 2007

Here's your weekend long open thread

Use it for tailgating recipes, grill tips, Michigan and EMU football gameday, your late night After Dark posts, juicy scandals and ANYTHING else you want to.

We're also now offering a link to a great website that, *GASP*, deals with stories from NOT JUST Washtenaw County, but the hinterlands OUT THERE in Michigan. I think you'll like it. Check out Michigan is Amazing on the sidebar

Got something to say citzens? SPEAK UP!

Picture from Ypsilanti Heritage Festival website

Friday night pigskin parade

Ypsi Willow Run (2-2) is at Dearborn Heights Robichaud.

Ypsilanti Lincoln (0-4) is home to Chelsea (4-0)

Ann Arbor Pioneer (1-3) is home to Adrian

The Dexter Dreadnaughts (3-1) are home to Tecumseh

Saline (3-1) upset losers to Tecumseh, host Temperance Bedford

Ypsilanti (3-1) is home to Melvindale

Ann Arbor Huron (2-3) lost last night 35-14 at Detroit Country Day

Late night open thread

Here ya go nightowls

Time now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thinkin mon, thinkin...If everyone loved Shakey Jake so much...

...perhaps there is a way to continue his spirit around Ann Arbor. The city COULD name the new school after him. Now, granted that's a longshot but hear Johnny out. A school where the name on the side means a love for Ann Arbor unequaled, someone who showed up in town and decided to make his mark here, a peaceful soul, a lover of music and song, and a beloved member of the community. We think that's reason enough. Of course Jake wasn't formally educated and that could be a reason not to put his name on a school, but then how about a park? A statue at Liberty and Main right on the corner would be nice. Maybe near the fairy door next to Selo Shevel. I saw him alot across the street at the Varsity barber shop too.

YCD is hearing a lot of sadness over Jake's passing, people want to do something. Maybe a man who loved Ann Arbor could be immortalized in a fine fashion whether it be a school named after him, a park in his name or a statue in his honor, someplace we could all go and have some more time with Shakey Jake.

YCD thinks a statue at Main and Liberty would be best....

Ann Arbor's reluctance in raising speed limits, have anything to do with ticket revenue?

The Michigan State Police traffic specialists want to RAISE the speed limit in certain areas of Ann Arbor. Their suggestion:

"State Police traffic specialists said last spring that speed limits along the Washtenaw/Huron/Jackson corridor and on Main Street near M-14 should bump up by 5 to 10 mph depending on the spot"

Seems like a fair, good, and reasoned approach.

Not to Ann Arbor's money making machine, the Ann Arbor Ministry of Ticket Money. Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje said:

"We are probably fairly far apart. I am not interested in raising speed limits on residential streets in Ann Arbor."

Of COURSE you aren't John, it'd cut into your ticket monies. Can't have that. Despite the science behind the decision, despite the years of study that have gone into the State police's reasoning, Ann Arbor is more interested in MONEY. Don't believe it? Do you REALLY think they are doing it for safety or do you REALLY think they are doing it for revenue stream? Do you see police out on the roads pulling people over to remind them to be safe or do you see them pulling people over and writing huge tickets?

Citizens, this is GOING TO GET DONE. The state can and it sounds like WILL step in and do the right thing and raise speed limits. YCD will give the last word to State Police Lt. Thad Peterson:

"It's just trying to make the law match the behavior of the people who use our roads," Peterson said. "That's how democracy is supposed to work - the laws are supposed to represent the behavior of the majority, not make it illegal. And we know it causes less crashes when we set limits that accommodate the behavior of the driving public. The delays ... undoubtedly cause motorists to receive speeding tickets for driving at speeds that are essentially in the norm. And they'll be paying for these tickets for years, with increased insurance premiums."

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Late night open thread

Johnny's gone this weekend and Friday is gonna leave one big long open thread.

Think grill recipes. Think tailgating. Maybe you could hip us to one of your grill specialties now that we're in full on football fall grilling season. Think on it, scalleywags, yarrrr

Time now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Arrrrrr you scabbard dogs talkin like pirates?

Pockets full of gold dubloons today? Parrot poop all over the place? MUST BE talk like a Pirate day.

Talk like a Pirate TODAY because if you do it tomorrow people will think you're some kind of retard.

Champion House to DROP Chinese food menu

Ever vigilant, the YCD has discovered that Champion House on Liberty plans not only to remodel but drop the Chinese portion of the heretofore split food format. Soon the entire restaurant will be Hibachi grills serving Japanese food.

City bails on Riverside and Frog Island parks

The City of Ypsilanti will no longer run two of it's most popular parks, instead turning over the running of said to a nonprofit organization. The city council said they did this to save money. The City Council voted Tuesday to turn the operation and maintenance of the Riverside and Frog Island parks to the Depot Town Community Development Corporation.

The city said they would close the parks (yeah, uh, I don't think so, we'd all still go and use them and TRY and stop us) and Mayor Paul Schreiber called the parks under utilized.

Speak for yourself Paul, just because the Elvisfest isn't going on and making money doesn't mean people aren't under using them. They just prefer low key soccer games and jogging and walking the track and walking dogs on Frog Island.

Services for Shakey Jake to be held Sunday 9/23

The memorial service for Shakey Jake Woods will take place at Muehlig Funeral Chapel in Ann Arbor beginning at 1 p.m. Sunday.

The chapel is located at 403 S. Fourth Ave.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Late night open thread

Did anybody see Jupiter looking bright near the crescent moon tonight? Just wonderful. They'll both be up there again tomorrow, just further apart.

Time now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

YCD confirms Romney to campaign in Michigan

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is expected to campaign in Michigan next week. YCD will keep you updated.

Mitt Romney file photo

Ypsi City Desk welcomes the Riverside Neighborhood Association

Welcome neighbors. Thanks for allowing the link from your site....

September 19th is 'Talk Like a Pirate Day'

Yarrr me hardies, ya smell like a kettle of fish. Tie that down to the yardarm or 10 lashes ye'll get...

Your best pirate imitations in comments, scabbard dogs, be prepared for tomorrow

Bomb threat at East Middle School NOT CREDIBLE

Which is good news. A 'juvenile' note was found in a computer lab which set off the search.

Crime Lab spokesman Gil Grissom said he'd get Nick and Catherine on it later today for look for more clues.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Late night open thread

Time now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

RIP Shakey Jake 1925-2007

You knew him by sight instantly. He was an Ann Arbor insitution for decades and sadly, YCD must report Shakey Jake Woods has passed away Sunday evening at age 82.

Probably second only to Bo Schembechler in Ann Arbor name recognition around town and, unlike Schembechler, little is known about Jake's life other than nobody played a one or two string guitar any better.

Jake's "On the Move" to somewhere better YCD truly hopes.

His presence will be sorely missed around town.

Feel free to share your Jake memories in comments

Hit and runs are GUTLESS, let's find this person

Ann Arbor police are looking for a hit and run driver who OBVIOUSLY hit two people at Washtenaw and Hill Street around 1am. Police are looking for a black or silver Ford F150, F250 or F350 pick-up truck. If your neighbor's Ford truck suddenly has some unexplainable damage or somebody brings one into a local body shop let's be aware citizens.

Ann Arbor Police at 734-994-2878 or the anonymous tip line at 734-996-3199.

Ypsi police to start using TASERS

Ypsi Police Chief Matt Harsberger said the city will buy 45 of the devices with a grant from the Feds for 25 large and the rest in drug forfeiture cash.

Not a bad idea. Anything that can cut down on potential loss of life with a simple disabling weapon rather than a lethal weapon is a good way to go. Maybe Washtenaw County LAWNET officers who have an annoying tendency to shoot unarmed people in the back could use one or two.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A perfect Washtenaw County weekend

What a glorious weekend. EMU And Blue both won Saturday. Had a terrific dinner in downtown Ann Arbor at Vinology Saturday night and watched the happy football fans swarm Main Street. Got up this morning and wandered up to the Ugly Mug for tasty bagels and had coffee on the porch. Went for a long walk through the neighborhood on a wonderous Sunday afternoon and luck of luck, the Lions won in overtime.


Late night open thread

Time now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Saturday, September 15, 2007


One measuring stick gets a passing grade today as the team who always finds a way to lose, this time found a way to hang on and win, on the ROAD no less. A great performance from DeAnthony White and Pierre Walker who combined ran Northern Illinois ragged. 189 yards rushing and 189 passing. That's very well done EMU. Andy Schmitt played a field general's role to a T in going 16 for 24 for 189 yards passing. EMU's offense held the ball for 33:17. The defense did the job in the end when it was on the line.

Well done Gang Green!

Oh yeah, and Lehigh plays at 6pm

It's better if you don't ask. Just accept YCD is a fan of the Mountain Hawks. To answer your next pressing question, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Lehigh plays at Princeton tonight at 6pm. Oddly, no local TV coverage. The defending Patriot League co champs will be looking to square their record at 1-1.

Michigan football game day

Look Michigan fans, it can ALWAYS get worse. Just look across the field at Charlie "Front Butt"® Weis, He has far less than you have. His is a program on the rocks while Michigan is suffering a down season. Michigan has HOPE next year, Notre Dame not so much.

Look, sure both teams are playing kiddie QB's and are both 0-2 and yeah the shine is off the apple that is this game but hey, it's Michigan, it's Notre Dame and it'll be fun.


EMU football gameday thread

EMU is in DeKalb Illinois today to take on equally dismal Northern Illinois at NOON today. He's another case where EMU needs to SHOW It's improvement if they are to do anything this year. They cannot go down 0-2 after two MAC games against arguably two very beatable MAC foes. The offense, while not lacking big play speed needs to be far more consistent in passing the ball. The much ballyhooed defense needs to keep NIU to ten or less and hope the special teams kick in some points again this week and the offense can put up at least four scores.

Another measuring stick game. This one might have a job attached to it.


Late night open thread with a happy bedtime story.

1994 Michigan at Notre Dame, a Youtube catalog find

Time now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Friday, September 14, 2007

AATA helps to offer 'low cost' service to Metro Airport, Jackson and East Lansing

From AATA's press release:

AATA collaborates on new Metro Airport service

ANN ARBOR, MI – Low-cost connections to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Jackson and East Lansing will soon be available to local residents and visitors through the collaboration of the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA) and key local leaders with Michigan Flyer.

Michigan Flyer has announced that it will add an Ann Arbor stop to its Direct to Detroit Metro bus service beginning October 1, 2007. The bus will board passengers at the Four Points Sheraton, located at 3200 Boardwalk, with 11 daily round trips to and from Metro Airport and seven round trips to Jackson and East Lansing.

According to AATA Board Chair David Nacht, AATA has played a key role in making this service a reality.

“Michigan Flyer approached us to help them evaluate and determine possible boarding and overnight parking sites, and to connect with other important contacts in the community,” Nacht said.

“We are really excited about this opportunity for residents of our community and visitors to have a low-cost option to get to Detroit Metro Airport and the ability to travel from Ann Arbor to Jackson and Lansing.”

AATA has worked with Michigan Flyer in setting up an interim connection between AATA’s Route 36 – Wolverine Tower Shuttle and the Michigan Flyer service, and will continue to work toward establishing connections with additional AATA routes.

The direct to Detroit Metro service will be non-stop to and from the airport and will serve both the McNamara and Smith terminals.

The introductory rate from Ann Arbor to the airport will be $10 per person, and $15 per person to or from East Lansing, with a “Buy Two, Get One Free” promotion in effect through December.

Details on the service are available at or by calling 888.MI.FLYER.

Friday Night pigskin schedule

It'll be chilly, might be wet, but that's no problem for upper midwest folk in September

Ypsi Willow Run (2-1) is home to Inkster and looking SOLID right now.

Ypsilanti Lincoln (0-3) is at Ann Arbor Pioneer (0-3)

The Dexter Dreadnaughts (2-1) are at Temperance Bedford

Saline (3-0) and looking like world beaters are at Tecumseh

Chelsea (3-0) fresh off of beating Tecumseh is at Adrian.

Ypsilanti High (2-1) is at Dearborn Heights Crestwood

Ann Arbor Huron (1-2) and always in close games is home tonight to Flushing.

Chelsea and Saline are top dogs kids. Can anybody beat them before they meet on 9/28 in Chelsea?

Hey look, the A2 News commented on the AOSS fiasco broken here

Evidently, some medical records went missing from the U-M Health System network at satellite offices. This actually caused the Ann Arbor News to go back and check on OTHER incidents of data breaches at U-M and GUESS what they found (moreover HOW did they find it)? They found the massive data breach at the AOSS Department.

YCD will not rehash it in this post but will give you the link to the original story that broke this wide open.

Well done Ann Arbor News, glad YCD could help!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Late night open thread and a multimedia extravaganza

Spend 5 good minutes with the cows. Tell your friends, don't be a square

Time now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Willow Run School Board needs to get it's ducks in a row

Gee, WR School Board, you seem SURPRISED at what's happening in your district. You seem shocked at the animosity brought about by you IMPOSING a contract upon teachers. What did you THINK would happen? America is about freedom and negotitions, it happens in Congress and in business every day. So, by imposing your "Last Best Contract" you set off a chain of events you SHOULD have seen coming yet lacked the foresight to plan for.

If the contract was still being negotiated and was still on the table I'd disagree with teachers dropping out of their extracurricular activites. You cut their pay on this like a king or monarch would do by 20%. Beyond the fact you may have breached the very contract you just IMPOSED, it's bad form. Since this was imposed by the School Board the YCD is all in favor of teachers making decisions on their own about this, apparently is one of the few decisions left they CAN make freely.

School board President Claudette Braxton is claiming ignorance on the contract provisions. You see she's new to the bargaining team. Sorry, XXXXXXXX Wrong answer. If you're going for the high and mighty act you cannot claim ignorance of what you're imposing or negotiating.

YCD also agrees that you cannot pick and choose which pieces in the contract you imposed you want to pull out. Sorry WR School Board, it's all or nothing, it's how contracts work.

If you sign a contract for cell phone service with AT&T and they raise your rates on their whim, you can cancel the contract on it's face WITHOUT paying a dime in penalties. You don't tell AT&T you want to keep this part of the plan you liked and that part you liked while getting rid of this n that. NO, it's either WHOLE or it's VOID.

Come on Willow Run School Board, get with it. Sure times are tough but you can make better choices in how you deal with PEOPLE, people who teach OUR kids.

Ypsi City Desk will end the Ypsi/Arbor Iggy Pop conflict once and for all

Iggy Pop was not from Ann Arbor. Nor was he from Ypsilanti. He was born in Muskegon (Jackson by the Lake) and while he went to school in Ann Arbor, he actually lived (and write this down for later debates on this) in Ypsilanti Township. So the debate all this time between Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor has been for naught. Iggy's a township guy.

Mr. Bridges, the YCD thinks you need to learn the definition of VOLUNTEER

Before you go suing the City for work you VOLUNTEERED maybe you should look up the word either online or in a dictionary. You are wasting City time and money on your lawsuit claiming you are OWED $975 dollars for work you claim you volunteered to do at Paradise Manor following a fire in February.

Tyrone Bridges claims money is owed to him for the expenses he accrued while volunteering his time. He said he paid out of his own pocket for equipment and supplies requested by the HDC.

That's fine, the YCD salutes your can do spirit but certainly you'd have some kind of CONTRACT to work on city properties after fires and such. Since none exists it's hard to see where your sense of entitlement comes into play.

"I think this is a real embarrassment in the wake of a tragedy," Bridges said. "It's ridiculous."

NO, what's ridiculous is your legal case in this matter.

A2 Secretary of State CLOSED next week

So, if it's your birthday and you need to renew or have any Sec of State business, there is a large and well staffed SoS at 2720 Washtenaw in Ypsilanti. It'll be a left turn into the shopping center if you are coming from A2

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Late night open thread

Make sure you don't miss that Kidd of Speed website down a few posts. It's THAT good.

Time now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Anybody know what today is?

YEAH BABY, the first day of Red Wings training camp!

YCD KNEW the air seemed cleaner and more crisp today for SOME reason

Ypsitucky Colonels at Dylanfest!

The Colonels will be joining a really stellar cast of performers at the Blind Pig this Saturday, Sept. 15, for the annual Dylanfest extravaganza. Nearly 30 performers will play their favorite Bob Dylan songs during what is always a really, really fun event.

We’ve worked up cool arrangements to songs that sort of bookend Bob Dylan’s career, choosing a rocked-up take on “Baby Let Me Follow You Down” from his first record and the sublime “Lovesick” from the relatively recent “Time Out of Mind” album.

Joining us as an honorary Colonel-For-A-Day will be Mark Oppat, who will be sitting in on drums for Adam, who had a prior commitment.

No hype here, folks: Dylanfest is one of the musical highlights of the year – and the proceeds benefit the Ecology Center’s Mary Beth Doyle Fund. A good cause and a great night of music.

See you there!

The Ypsitucky Colonels online

Beware the wolf in radioactive sheeps clothing....

So the Co Founder of Greenpeace was in town stumping for the wonders that are clean nuclear power and poo pooing solar and wind energies as insufficient. Since we've never fully TRIED full on solar and wind power (and YCD would also suggest hydro power) who knows if it's sufficient or not.

However, Patrick Moore co-chairman of the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition, said:

"I propose that we campaign to get off the books the discrimination about nuclear energy in the U.S. and Europe, and that nuclear energy be recognized as a renewable technology"


See the speech was SPONSORED by DTE Energy, who when not naming concert venues after themselves is ALSO responsible for several close calls at the Fermi facility including one so horrible is spawned the book "We Almost Lost Detroit" by John Fuller.

Make no mistake the YCD is NOT anti-nuclear power. YCD is against DTE running nuclear power plants with their less than savory safety record in building and running them. Now DTE wants permission to build a NEW nuclear plant in Monroe---hey, you don't suppose this speaker was brought in to help DTE do ya? Will DTE tell ratepayers THEY are on the hook again for cost overruns and poor planning like they did last time? No cost of doing business for DTE, nope, historically they don't think their shareholders should be put at risk AT ALL. They think YOU should pay for all of it while they get ALL the profits. It's recorded history. How's the guaranteed rate of return working out for ya DTE?

Wanna see WHY there exists DISCRIMINATION against nuclear power?

The YCD would like to you to enjoy what we think is one of the TEN BEST sites on the interwebs. Take your time, read it all and YOU decide with DTE's history if THEY should be allowed to build another nuclear plant and then administer it.

Kidd of Speed Do enjoy!

From the 'bet you didn't know that' department

Did you know there is ANOTHER town in America that shares the name Ypsilanti?

It's a fact

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Late night open thread

Time now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Washtenaw Wyatt the Weather Wombat came out of hole, ate the DRY dog food

Which as you know means fall, or autumn as it's annoyingly spelled, is ON right now. If Washtenaw Wyatt had gone for the gravy style dog food we'd have had three more weeks of summer.

The line at Wiards forms behind Johnny

Lincoln School Disrtict bus with young uns onboard involved in crash

Luckily there are no injuries to report. 14 kindergartners and 3 adults escaped harm in what is sounding like a pretty wild accident.

From the A2 news:
"An Ypsilanti Township woman who declined to give her name said she was driving eastbound behind a Lincoln Consolidated Schools bus on Hitchingham Road east of Textile Road after noon. She said the bus swerved right to avoid an oncoming van.

The van scraped the left side of the bus, hit the rear wheel, and spun into the path of the Ypsilanti Township woman's car, she said. Her car was forced off the road and into a ditch, she said.

The impact knocked a tire off the bus, sending it across the road, through some brush and into a field."

Lincoln Superintendent Fred Williams:
"...they were terribly excited to tell me exactly what went on, and I mean they had details."

How much 9/11 commemoration is TOO MUCH?

As you all know, today is the anniversary of the attacks on 9/11/01. This nation has spent the better part of the last 6 years enamored, scared by, and reminded of constantly of this date. YCD is convinced NO Republican candidate can give a speech without invoking it. That's not a political statement, merely an easily made and researched observation. This very morning two very fine Americans who are still feeling the horrors of 9/11 planted 2997 flags in and around the Diag to commemorate those killed on 9/11/01.

How long must this go on? Johnny sees this day slightly different from most apparently. Johnny sees this day as nothing more than a memory of a mass murder on a historic scale. We didn't mourn like this after Oklahoma City. WHY? That's a question very much open for discussion. Why 9/11 and not Oklahoma City? Do we need to constantly commemorate a mass murder anniversary as publically and in front of the cameras as we do? Suppose Jeffrey Dahmer, an evil man by any accounting, had set off bombs in the Trade Centers and murdered 2997 or so people would this day still have the same impact?

Is this day simply becoming a day to show al-qaeda (YCD refuses to capitalize al-qaeda) we won't be kowed? If so shouldn't this day be a celebration of all that's GOOD with this nation and not just the dead of 9/11?

YCD thinks we either need to change the tenor of this away from a commemoration of nothing more than mass murder and re-focus it into a positive help-your-neighbor and your town kind of day.

Of course 9/11/01 will always be ingrained in our memories but should we seek to refocus our message towards more positive goals? Instead of looking back should we look forward?

You Ann Arbor residents better not miss THIS meeting

The Ann Arbor Municipal Center, the newly designed home for all things Ann Arbor City, will be discussed. What's at stake? PLENTY. If the full on "bells and whistles" version is approved it'll cost Ann Arbor 57 million dollars, well above the "bare bones" version costing 24 million.

"The difference between the plans boils down to the optional add-ons included in the more expensive version, as well as anticipated increases in construction costs, professional and legal fees, and moving and furnishings, officials said."

Uh huh, what do you want to bet cost overruns on this would have NO penalities, we mean REAL penalties, and instead will be passed on to taxpayers.

City Council Member Leigh Greden, D-3rd Ward: "We are early in the planning process, and we will only build what we can afford."

That's why it's UP TO YOU VOTERS, to make sure Leigh Greden's word is gold. You know how this works, things get passed, the old city government mantra of "It'll be MORE expensive to add this later so let's get it now. We can't afford NOT to get bells and whistles now" will become the unspoken guiding light.

MEETING on this 7 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. The meeting will take place at the Ann Arbor District Library, 343 S. Fifth Ave.

Imagine what 24-57 million dollars could do for local roads, schools and or civic improvements. Funny how there's always money for the city to spend on the city but on nobody else.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Late night open thread

On a rainy night in Ypsi

Time now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

EMU offers SEEUS program for safety

As Johnny recalls when he was an EMU Undergrad he participated in something called "Safe Walk" where students would walk with other students coming into the north campus lots for a little night time safety. With all EMU has been through lately, even with DPS offering expanded patrols, it will fall on YOU to make sure YOU are safe.

SEEUS is in it's 15th year and a great program. If it protects ONE person it's well worth it.

To learn more about SEEUS (Student Eyes and Ears for University Safety, or to USE SEEUS, call SEEUS (734-48-SEEUS or 734-487-3387).

When calling SEEUS, a student will be asked their name, their student ID number, where they are and where they will want an escort to. The student will then wait for an escort who will be readily identified by "their bright yellow jackets or t-shirts with the SEEUS logo on the back and a photo identification badge"

If you THINK you'd like to use it, DO use it. There are bad nasty people in this world as we all find out regularly, don't make THEIR jobs any easier.

How slow is Monday news? They Might be Giants at the Michigan Theater slow

They Might be Giants, listed as a quirky alt-rock duo will be performing at the Michigan Theater November 14th.

Smart money has 'Birdhouse in Your Soul' as an encore tune.

Colonel Will, tell us the Ypsitucky Colonels have a gig to wash the taste of TMBG out of Johnny's mouth...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Late night open thread

Slooooow news day

TIme now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

NFL Week 1 Fire Millen thread

Any SE Michigan blog that doesn't have a Fire Millen thread on Sunday is not servicing their constitutents.

Talk NFL here, ballers

Late night open thread

TIme now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Saturday, September 8, 2007

College football poll for Washtenaw County

1. EMU 1987 Alumni team being honored this weekend
2. Concordia men's soccer
3. Faithway Baptist
4. Michigan
5. Eastern Michigan

Oh, and no matter how bad your team lost today, it can ALWAYS get worse:

Smith Stadium - Bowling Green , KY
Western Kentucky 87
West Virginia Tech 0

YCD checked, Western Kentucky scored 49 in the first quarter. It was all downhill after that for WVT.

One final note, Oregon won fair and square, a real woodshed game but a nickel's worth of free advice for the Oregon football program. Get helmets that fit. That was embarassing. I must have seen 7 or 8 times where a Duck player's helmet came off.

That's simply sloppy looking

Saturday afternoon open thread for non football fans

Feel free to rant and rave about anything ya wanna

Michigan football gameday

Well, college is all about learning. Michigan needs to learn from it's mistakes against a spread offense last week as Oregon runs one too with supposedly Division 1 talent. So, can Michigan figure out how to slow it down while keeping their own offense firing on all cylinders for more than a quarter at a time? It's a good question. We'll see later today. My guess is that they WILL have learned and WILL unleash their own talent on the Ducks. Can they improve an abysmal kicking game? That may or may not sink them against Oregon but it WILL come into play later this year at SOME point and right now it simply cannot be counted on for a needed field goal.

TV/Radio: ABC (Channel 7 in Detroit); WOMC-FM (104.3), CKLW-AM (800), WTKA-AM (1050).

Line: Wolverines by 7.

Other games of note:
1:00 Villanova at Lehigh
6:00 ESPN Notre Dame at Penn State.
8:00 ESPNU Indiana at Western Michigan.
9:15 ESPN Virginia Tech at LSU.
10:00 VS Wisconsin at UNLV.


Late night open thread

TIme now for Ypsilanti, After Dark (I like this line for late night threads)

Friday, September 7, 2007

EMU Gameday thread

EMU vs Ball State at Rynearson at high noon. EMU Will be honoring the 1987 MAC and California Bowl Champions. Ball State leads the series 26-20-2 and has won the last three including a gift victory on a missed extra point in Ypsi two years ago.

Coach Jeff Genyk, THIS is where it has to start to get better. It's a conference game at home. It's a WINNABLE game at home. Ball State is OK but no great shakes. If you are to turn around the program, the bedraggled program Mr. Genyk YCD thinks we'll need to see improvements in games like these. Last weeks effort was poor, EMU should be in a position by now to play a weakened Pitt team better than the 27-3 final score showed. Hopefully EMU will come out hungry, with passion and will represent themselves with an effort worthy of the 1987 Hurons. If they don't we wonder what they're waiting for. The defense will obviously have to lead the way and a + ratio in turnovers is a MUST. The defensive line and linebackers will have to somehow rattle and exploit a veteran Ball State offensive line and contain the running game. If Ball State runs they'll most likely win. The Cardinals return only 6 defensive starters so if EMU's offense is to have success and get a rhythm Saturday could be the day. EMU's offense is based on timing and the Ball State safeties are suspect playing their first road game this year and this could open up an area of attack for Eastern. Expect Coach Genyk to move his QB Andy Schmitt around often to put more pressure on the Cardinals secondary.

This is one of those measuring stick games. We'll soon see where EMU is and where they are possibly headed this season by 3:30 Saturday.

Let's talk trash

OK, belt tightening and suck it up time are here. The Ypsi City Council is cutting back certain yard services and trash pickups. No more free curbside wood chipping (teach the kids to whittle). Leaf pickup will be once a year so on street parking will come with a city leased leaf-blower-instant-parking-space-maker. Don't blast leaves on kids who are whittling.

Yes it bites and chews but it'll save $429,000 clams over the course of the seven year deal signed with Romulus based Waste Management. Ypsi City Desk says they did what they had to do with this vote HOWEVER the first wood chipper I hear wake me up at 7:30 in my neighborhood and Johnny's coming out with a camera and the YCD Action News Team.

EMU to bring back heroes of 1987 title squad

Oh BABY. I remember those days SO fondly. It'll date Johnny a bit but I was at every home game and a couple away games that season. EMU was fabulous. Gary Patton saved that entire MAC and California Bowl championship run with one of the most amazing runs in school history. A reversal of field run of 50 plus yards down the EMU sideline with time getting short to win a game. Ron Adams, Mark Ziegler, and head coach Jim Harkema all EMU legends.

A big green and white tip of the cap to these guys. In 1987 I HONESTLY believe that was the one year EMU would have beaten Michigan if they'd played. Michigan suffered through a miserable season that year and just really didn't have that much (for once). I've always believed it and now I've said it.

EMU vs Ball State at Rynearson at Noon-Comcast Local channel 8, WEMU 89.1 FM

A special YCD game day commentary on this tilt on this same bat channel

BREAKING NEWS: Many many Oregon fans spotted in Ann Arbor

See what happens Wolverines? You lose one historically epic forever to be discussed BAD AWFUL STINKY SMELLY game in 100 years and you see what shows up? Ducks. Lots of Ducks. Smarmy looking Ducks. Arrogant Ducks.

Eating YOUR FOOD on Main Street. Drinking YOUR wine on State Street. Buying YOUR beer at party stores for THEIR tailgating party on the morrow.

You can see them walking all proudly in their 'there's not even a Crayola crayon in the 64 pack that's that ugly a green' jackets and knit caps.

Well, what are you gonna do about it Michigan fans? You get right out there and get your beer before they drink it. Go make them stand in line for food so long they wind up eating Hippie hash (the right people will get that).

And most importantly, tomorrow is duck hunting season (and cliche season evidently) and these ducks are in your house. Do you know what to do when you you a duck stuck in your house?

Neither does Johnny, but go get 'em team or your coach better live in a castle with a moat because if you lose to Oregon, it's pretty certain the villagers will break out the torches and pitchforks.

Friday night Pigskin Party

Get out there and support the home team. It'll be wet so wear your slickers and rubbers

Ypsi Willow Run (1-1) is at Ecorse

Ypsilanti Lincoln (0-2) is home to Dexter (1-1)

Ann Arbor Pioneer (0-2 with a state sanctioned SCREW JOB) is at Saline (2-0)

Chelsea (2-0) is at Tecumseh

Ypsilanti High (1-1) is home to Garden City

Ann Arbor Huron (1-1) is at Jackson Northwest

AAPD have released sketch of mugger, have a look see

ANY information you have would be, well, helpful.

Johnny's seen better heads on boils

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Michael Lencioni at 734-996-3250 or the anonymous tip line at 734-996-3199.

YOUR suggestions for an Ypsi High Mascot

Be creative, be funny, be original.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Late night open thread with a TWIST

Should you need to know what time it is at any point tonight, simply CLICK HERE and find out. Make sure you listen to this. It's maybe the strangest sound file on the Interwebs.

TIme now for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Ypsi City Desk follows up on today's field reporting

The Tigers won, 3-2 over the White Sox. Hot dogs are still good at the ballpark. Placido Polanco got the winning hit in the 9th for the Motor City Kittys. What's the deal with those really long colorful tubes of slushy booze?

Pfizer puts employee data at risk, DOES RIGHT THING, are you listening AOSS?

In the world exclusive broken here (it had a flashing light and everything) on the Ypsi City Desk this week, where the University of Michigan's AOSS Department suffered a massive data breach and did NOTHING for the victims of THEIR sloppy and unprofessional mistake. Told the vics to suck an egg.

Pfizer recently admitted a data breach by a former employee. In the first news story about this, here's Pfizer's take on corporate responsibility when it comes to personal data:

"Pfizer has contracted with Identity Safeguards (IDS), a credit monitoring and protection company, to assist affected individuals. The company is providing two years of credit protection support services, including For information on credit monitoring, call Identity Safeguards at ____________"

Wow, did you see that Tamas Gombosi, head cheese at Atmospheric, Oceanographic and Space Sciences? See how that's handled by RESPONSIBLE people?

Ypsi City Desk will be out in the field reporting today

You know, out here in the fields, where I fight for my meals? Yeah, there.

Anyhoo, why not go nuts and comment on anything and everything you really LOVE about fall. Maybe you have a great tailgating recipe for yer tailgatin' grub you wanna share. Know any good gossip? Wanna start some?

It's all you today citizens.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Late night open thread

We'll leave the light on for ya

Yes Virginia, there is a Dog Park

It's official, no more letting your dogs go in your neighbors yard where students pass out. Ann Arbor, ironically the City of Trees, gets a dog park over to the dump, um, landfill. The Swift Run Dog park has been signed off on and should be ready for dogs and their well trained owners in November. Another attraction of the dog park will be the ability to see all the way to scenic Pittsfield Township on a clear day.

Johnny does not have a dog.

Luckily he has the Ypsi City Desk, but it would also explain his fear of falling down a well.

And as bonus Pulitzer Prize dog reporting, check out My Dog Looks Like a Celebrity

If true, this just doesn't pass the smell test

The Ypsi City Desk has caught wind of something really smelly in the dispute between Ypsilanti teachers, their support staff and the Ypsilanti Board of Education. Teachers are protesting the Ypsilanti School Board's choice, in order to save the district money, to change insurance providers from the current Blue Cross Blue Shield to Aetna.

OK, it's a time honored dispute of saving non existent tax money for taxpayers vs. having the hassle of perhaps getting lesser coverage and having to change doctors. Both are very valid reasons to have a strong opinion. It's deeper than what kind of trouble Lindsay Lohan is in this week.

But here's the thing and YSD is trying to get confirmation on. It has been suggested that the School Board has hired a consultant at pretty good money to deal with the insurance issue who is ALSO a former Aetna employee.

Is this true? Come on, this shouldn't be how we do business in Ypsilanti. These are your neighbors money or not.

Afternoon open thread

Go tell it on the mountain....

AAPD looking for attacker, maybe you've seen him

Two snippets from the Ann Arbor News on who they're looking for and where the attack happened. Be EVER vigilant, it's YOUR community, take it back from filth like this guy. He sneaks around thinking he won't get caught because he also thinks nobody is paying attention...Prove him WRONG

The 20-year-old University of Michigan student was walking in the 900 block of Olivia Avenue from a friend's house at about 4 a.m. on Aug. 18 when a man jumped her from behind, put his hands over her head and pulled her to the ground, reports said.
The man put his hands over her mouth and told her keep quiet while she screamed for help and kicked him repeatedly. The man then ran northbound on Olivia Avenue.

The attacker was of Hispanic or Asian descent, in his early 20s, about 6-feet-tall with muscular build. He wore a blue baseball cap turned backward, dark shorts and a white T-shirt.

Ann Arbor Police tipline at 734-996-3199 or 734-996-3249.

Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life

Well the numbers are in and you University of Michigan students were some baaaaaaad kids this past weekend. Ann Arbor police are reporting:

*137 citations for alcohol and other city code violations

*49 tickets for open intoxicants and 48 citations for minors in possession of alcohol

*22 noise violations

*6 littering incidents

*3 people were cited for urinating in public

And a partridge in a pear tree......

For all the Ypsi crime stats simply follow the handy dandy link on the right side of this page...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Late night open thread

Who owns the moon? Just one of a myriad of questions you COULD be discussing...

MASSIVE data breach at U-M's AOSS Department


Now first off, you won't find this story in the Ann Arbor News nor the
Michigan Daily. WHY won't you find it there? Ask them. BOTH were alerted to this story when the Department of AOSS issued letters to those who had their data (including social security numbers) hacked from somewhere overseas this past winter. BOTH News outlets were told of this story, yet neither wrote anything about it.

Ypsi City Desk WILL write about it.

For quite a while a database was being built on former and current employees at the Department of AOSS (Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences), part of U-M's School of Engineering. Even though the individual entrusted with building the database KNEW the dangers of including employee SS numbers he went ahead and included them anyway. Warnings were ignored and the database was, you guessed it, HACKED. Into the hackers hands went all kinds of former and current AOSS employee data INCLUDING Social Security numbers.

What was the AOSS's decision? To send out letters telling you YOUR information was breached. They would do no more on this. Ypsi City Desk was told the Department would not even spring for credit monitoring for one year as they didn't want to, according to Denise Moore, Department Manager; "set a precedent".

A precedent for what? Living up to your RESPONSBILITIES? YOUR worker (and Ypsi City Desk DOES know his name) built a hackable database that ran an out of date obsolete version of the software on an out of date obsolete OS with social security numbers that never should have been there to begin with. AOSS simply gives a note and a "Best of Luck" speech to violated current and former employees.

Ypsi City Desk has also learned that any letters that came back undelivered (as the person in question may have moved) nothing further was done by AOSS to contact them.

The level of apathy towards current and former employees is off the scale at AOSS.

Not willing to do the right thing, the Department of AOSS everyone. Why not tell Chief Head-in-the-Sand Department Chair Tamas Gombosi (and the decision NOT to compensate those who had data hacked came from Mr. Gombosi--Ms. Moore confirmed this to the YSD earlier this year) what you think. or call him:
(734) 764-7222

Afternoon open thread

Talk Talk Talk, UM football, EMU football, ANYTHING you wanna. Had a great meal this weekend? Ypsi City Desk wants to know

Will AATA drop revenue stream for riders convenience?

You've all seen them by now around town, the AATA busses with the wraparound ads all over them. If you've ever been inside one with the ads on them (and Johnny HAS) the first thing you'll notice is the blurry haze the outside world becomes. Riders who have complained (according to AATA THREE of them) mention these very facts, blurry outside world and street signs and other signs become hard to read.

Now, AATA has decided to revisit this decision made three years ago to add the ads. Mary Stasiak, AATA manager of Community Relations says the ads raised 77,000 clams for AATA between July 2006 and July 2007.

These wraparound ads ARE distracting. AATA made 77,000$ last year on them.

GUESS which altruistic angle is going to win out.....

Washtenaw Ave. around EMU to be slow going, thanks MDOT!

Who else would do the heavy lifting and loading on the main thoroughfare around campus right when students arrive? MDOT that's who.


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Welcome back students--Here are the groundrules

Welcome back to all the good boys and girls on behalf of all us homeowners, renters and property owners. He hope you had a swell summer. The Ypsi City Desk felt a refresher on YOUR responsibilities when it comes to drinking and travelling through our spacious tree lined neighborhoods was in order.

Us neighborhood folk have a long history of a pretty good relationship with you thus far and if you can remember these time tested tips, it'll continue that way.

OK, you've been drinking and you need to use a restroom. FIND A RESTROOM. Our lawns are not public toilets, think about this before you leave the party and or the bar. If you decide to use our trees and or homes or front or back yards as your public toilet, understand the city police may be driving by you at any time. It's a common courtesy.

You've had a bit more to drink a little later in the evening and you're walking through a neighborhood when the urge comes over you and your friends to recite, all together, the Ezekiel 25:17 passage from Pulp Fiction. FINE, just keep walking while you 'strike down upon thee'.

If you have an extra 100-150$ in towing fees by all means park in our driveways.

Malicious damage to property, plants, gardens, porches, and cars will result in the Ypsi police inviting you to ride in one of their spacious cruisers. It may also result in an ass kicking. Remember, you're DRUNK, we're ANGRY, BIG difference.

Passing out drunk in our yards LEGALLY requires us to mess with you. It does. Sprinklers are a time tested and true method. Cliche yes but then it wouldn't be cliche if it wasn't so darned effective. A new trend last year was your passed out forehead and our black magic markers. We'll see if it was a fad or if it'll catch on. Of course you are fair game for any image capturing and or video taping. Pass out and wet yourself then you might as well start looking for yourself on YouTube the next day, Yeah, it's juvenile but so is passing out drunk on a strangers front lawn.

You keep things respectful and we won't call the cops on you who in turn won't call the University on you who in turn won't call your parents on you. See how that works? Simple really.

Look, have a good time, party, have fun but be respectful and we'll all be happier.

I wanna make sure our Wile E. Coyote gay bashers get their due

I wanna always give credit where credit is due and as you read here at the Ypsi City Desk, two U-M students decided they would toss a dresser at some gay male students which, long story short, got them involved in the criminal justice system.

Cody Williamson, 22, and Michael A. Brown, a 21-year-old University of Michigan student of 711 East Ann, were each charged with two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and two counts of assault and battery.

Nice going guys, really, what an asset you are to Michigan

Sunday morning coffee open thread

What say you Washtenaw County?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Theta Chi frat member(s) at U-M yells racial slurs at POLICE

OK, the Ypsi City Desk has NO tolerance for this utter crap. It's 2007, wake up and die right. According to the A2 News, a police car had stopped a vehicle filled with white people in front of the frat house at 1351 Washtenaw when someone decided yelling "nigger" (The Ypsi City Desk believes in giving shame where shame is due and these morons didn't yell "n word", no they went the full monty and yelled "nigger") was a smart course of action. Face it, if you'll yell "nigger" at a police officer, you'll pretty much yell it at any black person you encounter.

Police then (showing great restraint by not clubbing the offender like a seal) went inside the house to investigate and found illegal kegs of beer. Evidently Theta Chi is on double secret probation for other unsavory behavior as far back at 2002.

Close this place, shutter it. What are we waiting for? You can really see the quality of individuals rooming there. Do we want leaders of tomorrow thinking this shit is OK? I sure wouldn't ever wanna wear my Theta Chi sweatshirt around town after this.

The Ypsi City Desk finds this as grotesque behavior which is why we used the real words and not sanitized code words. We'd also like to hope whomever did yell this is brought up on racial intimidation charges. It's why these laws exist to begin with.

There is simply no place for this, you can disagree with a cop or anyone else you wish to but in doing so you'll need verbal skills, not base instinct slurs.

These same guys will be screaming for Mario Manningham and Mike Hart later today to play well for Michigan which drives the hypocricy meter off the charts.

Shame on those involved. Shame

Eastern Michigan game day thread

Do you smell that? That strange smell on the wind. It's slight but it's there. It smells upset. Now I know, it's EASTERN Michigan football we're talking about but hear me out. Pitt lost a lot of their best players last year, already this year their top go to playmaker Derek Kinder tore his ACL and is out this seaon. Another Pitt player, offensive tackle Chris Jacobson had a similar injury and will also be out. Pitt will be a team banged up and very unproven.

STRANGE things happen in the first week.

EMU returns 16 starters and were in a LOT of their games last year despite being 1-11. At least four, if not more could have easily gone the other way. They were close. They needed time to learn to win. They've been stewing all winter, spring and summer over that 1-11 mark of last season. Something tells me they'll give full effort.

The opportunity is there guys, go get this one.

6pm kickoff from Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. WEMU 89.1 FM will have the call

Michigan Football game day thread

Go nuts Wolverine fans, Use this thread for pregame predictions and commentary, use this thread as your brick to throw at the TeeVee during the game and of course share all your post game verbal words of wisdom.

I'm sure Lloyd Carr is a big reader of the Ypsi City Desk so feel free to leave comments for him.