Thursday, January 31, 2008

Late night open thread

OK boppers, what a late night show we have on tap. In the Link-O-Rama we have two new playas for you to explore. First, The Ypsi News by Steve Pierce, Ypsi's hometown newspaper on your computer screen, dig? Secondly, the rock and roll crew begged, the skiffle fans wrote letters, the hard rockers waved their golden locks and the punks gobbed, so we're putting up the link to The Ypsitucky Colonels. It was the gobbing that did it.

Still no change in ranking from the salacious post but we'll give it time. It's science after all.

As of YCD press time, of 10:48pm, ONLY the following schools in Washtenaw County have preemptively closed for tomorrow:


Which brings us to the YCD News Desk with tomorrow morning's commute--Stupid bad. So stupid bad in fact we're not even taking the Ypsi City Desk news copter out tomorrow. Stay home. Sleep, make it a three day weekend. Watch an old 'Thin Man' movie.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Our gal in Germany, Andrea Ypsilanti leads her charges to victory!

She helped her party give a huge setback to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats.

From Euro Newswires:

"But it is now clear that many voters felt uncomfortable with the CDU's hardline rhetoric and they delivered a severe blow to Chancellor Merkel's party, the BBC's correspondent says.

The SPD's Hesse leader, Andrea Ypsilanti, had appealed to left-wing voters during her campaign with calls for a national minimum wage and better schools.

"We fought for a different political culture, and we won," she said after the results were announced.

The balance of power in Hesse now lies with the smaller parties, the Greens, the liberal FDP and the Left Party and it is still not clear who will be able to form a coalition government."

OK, Johnny is gonna try a little scientific/blogging experiment

He wants to see if the SPLOGS (SPAM blogs) that search via bots for certain keywords will actually raise YCD's Technorati 'Authority ranking' (it's all technical garbage even Johnny doesn't understand) by putting certain phrases and keywords into his post.

The rest of this post will act like an electronic petrie dish. Feel free to go read something more informative and important but we WILL let you all know the results.

Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Heath Ledger, Hollywood star, American Idol, scandal, sex, lewd, Britney Spears, police, legal, law, sultry, steamy, starlet, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Angelia Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Lynn Spears, Tyra Banks

Johnny busted Crate and Barrel once when they told him they NEVER sold their customer info. So when he filled out the paperwork, he put down 'DR.' in front of his name. Sure enough, all kinds of catalogs arrived within a month addressed to Dr. Blankity Blank

Here now your Huron Valley Winter Storm Update

The snow is expected to begin around 1am tonight with 2-4" overnight. Then around 7am tomorrow we'll perhaps start with ice and wind up with ANOTHER 4-6" of snow by 7pm.

YCD really thinks that this weather report on TV last night on this building storm was a BIT MUCH don't you think?

1983 murder of Laura McBride has been solved and the idiot responsible found GUILTY

In a bench trial, Washtenaw Circuit Judge Donald E. Shelton said he didn't believe Jimmy Green's claim he had consentual sex with Ms. McBride. McBride was a 26-year-old EMU student and Air Force vet when her body was found on a path along the Huron River in Ypsilanti on May 23, 1983.

YCD will save you the terrible details but Jimmy Green did a number on her. Now we can only hope fate does a number on Green, a quality human being ALREADY serving a life sentence for rape. His new conviction means this turd will never be eligible for parole.

YCD is glad this chapter, one of our more infamous ones in city history, can now be put bed.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Late night open thread

Scoreboard before bedtime 1/30 edition

Kent State 77
EMU 67
(A very undermanned EMU team is still in there fighting)

#1 Memphis 89
Houston 77

#24 Kansas State 84
#2 Kansas 75

Bucknell 54
(All power and glory to the Mountain Hawks)

Colgate 58
Holy Cross 46
(God's not gonna like that result)

#7 Michigan State 51
Illinois 41
(Sparty held Illinois to 17 in the second half)

Northwestern 68
Texas-Pan American 59

And tonight's YCD Feature Matchup of the Night

North Carolina Central 67
Coppin State 65
With this win, North Carolina Central improves to 2-23 while Coppin State's NCAA Tournament chances were really hurt as they fall to 4-18. Coppin State is living life on the bubble.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Murder in Saline appears to have been solved

And police say they have a confession. 62 year old Robert Green was killed in his home Saturday in Saline according to police by his nephew Jason Grondon, 33 of Ypsilanti. Grondon was arraigned via the Washtenaw County Jail. He stood mute to an open murder charge.

Grondon's relatives say he has had contacted Mr. Green quite often and had a "substantial" drug problem.

Johnny is very happy right now he does not run the "Detroit City Desk"

His hands would be very tired and his eyes would be bleeding.

To warm up by, a Southern California Pacific Ocean sunset

With real nature sounds now included

Batten down the hatches mateys, more winter weather mayhem Thursday night and Friday

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for late Thursday and Friday. The icky details:

Thursday Night
Not as cold. Cloudy. A chance of snow until around midnight...then snow likely. Accumulations 1 to 3 inches. Lows 20 to 24. East winds 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 70 percent.

Breezy. Cloudy with snow and a chance of sleet. Accumulations 4 to 6 inches. Highs 29 to 33. North winds 15 to 25 mph. Chance of precipitation 80 percent.

Ypsilanti Township offices are closed due to a power outage

Fade to black at the Ypsilanti Township offices and 14B District Court at the Civic Center. The buildings will be closed for the day.

Power is expected to be restored later today according to Mike Radzik, the township's police services administrator.

DTE says as of this morning the high winds and cold temperatures have left some 3,000 in Washtenaw County without power.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Late night open thread

Quick, go get one more breath of spring outside.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

BREAKING NEWS-EMU Senior center James Matthews, dismissed from team

Woo Hoo we break news but boo hoo, an EMU player has to be dismissed from the team for what Eastern Michigan is calling "conduct detrimental to the program".

Said EMU Head Coach Charles Ramsey in a statement:

"This is a tough decision, but one that was made in the best interests of the program and the players, James is taking his last course this semester and is on track to graduate in April. We wish James the best of luck in his future endeavors."

YCD will keep an ear to the ground as to what may have precipitated this.

ESPN stats for James Matthews
He averaged 5.0 points and 3.8 rebounds. During his career, he averaged 3.6 points and 2.7 rebounds.

YCD hopes this is a growing moment and accountability moment for a program looking to establish an identity.

Wind Advisory + 11º temps = One angry bitey Wednesday in the Huron Valley

Ah, the fun is arriving even as we bring you this Wunderground report. Again, dial up the heat, the government's gonna cut you a big check, live a little. The temperature on Wednesday in Folly Beach, South Carolina (and we're working on sister city blogger status so we can work on many taxpayer funded "learning exchanges") will be 62º with a good chance of rain. Sounds delicious compared to:

Huron Valley

Rain showers likely with a slight chance of thunderstorms through 7 PM...then rain showers with scattered thunderstorms during the evening...then snow showers with areas of blowing and drifting snow. Snow accumulations around an inch. Otherwise cloudy and windy. Lows 7 to 11...with wind chills around 5 below. South winds 10 to 20 mph...becoming west 25 to 35 mph...with gusts to 50 mph. Chance of precipitation 90 percent.

Mostly cloudy and windy. A chance of snow along with areas of blowing and drifting snow during the morning...then a chance of snow. Highs 9 to 13...with wind chills around 10 below. West winds 25 to 35 mph...with gusts to 45 mph...diminishing to 15 to 25 mph late. Chance of snow 30 percent.

Wednesday Night
Partly cloudy. Lows 1 to 7 above. West winds 10 to 15 mph...turning to southwest...then becoming light and variable.


Thank god, U-M 'gradzillas' won't pollute pristine Rynearson Stadium for their graduation

Well, U-M still has no idea where they will hold their spring commencement for their precocious little kids in the class of 2008 but it's official, it will not be at Rynearson Stadium.

Isn't that perfect? Doesn't it say SO MUCH about the U-M class of 2008? 'We don't care WHAT kind of inconveniences YOU the university face in pulling this off, just remember, WE must be made happy'.

Personally YCD is glad they're not having it on this side of US 23. We also can't wait for the complaints to start rolling in the 'gradzillas' aren't getting enough tickets for their families to see them graduate. You'll see, give it time.

Suspect arrested in Saline's first murder since 1981

Police have arrested a suspect in Ypsilanti Township, in the murder of a 63 year old man Monday afternoon. The man was bludgeoned in his home on Sheffield Street and police are saying they likely have his killer in custody. Police have not released the victim nor the suspect's name as of YCD press time.

Police put out an APB on a suspect vehicle which they found in the area of Michigan Avenue and Harris Road in Ypsilanti Township shortly after 1 a.m. today and arrested the driver. Police are also saying some incriminating evidence was found in the car at the time of the arrest but did not elaborate.

Tuesday morning open thread

Feel free to discuss whatever you want. YCD has big editorial board meetings until later today.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Late night open thread

The state of the Union is...............New Mexico.

Congratulations New Mexico, please pick up your gift bag with the iPod and $500 Visa check card on the way out. New Mexico also won back in 1961, which as you'll recall broke the streak of back to back wins in 1959 and 1960 by Vermont.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

1983 murder of Laura McBride goes to trial, DNA may solve another cold case

Susan L. Oppat in the Ann Arbor News does a great job of all the background and all the particulars of this decades old case. Read her story here. Eerily similar to the DNA used to convict Gary Leiterman in 2005 in the Jane Mixer murder which took place in March of 1969.

Gandy Dancer owners Landry Restaurants Inc: We fart in your general direction

What the hell are you thinking? You're now charging your SERVERS 1.5% of the TIPS patrons leave on credit cards because it costs Landry Restaurants Inc., ie The Gandy Dancer more to process credit cards.

So, basically the better a server is, the more he makes, the more you TAKE. This smells of robbery. "Hey you did a great job with that 12 top tonight, great going, we hope you made us a mint."

Here is the Landry's stance:

"The employee is getting paid via a credit card and there is a cost associated with converting the credit card to cash. It's a permissible practice that has been going on in a lot of places ... and a majority of restaurants. We do this basically for every restaurant and every jurisdiction where it is allowed." - Steven Scheinthal, executive vice president of Landry's Restaurants Inc.

Wow, such CONVICTION in words like 'permissible' and 'allowed'. No, it's gutless. Pass it on to customers. That's how it works. This is a disgraceful treatment of the face of your company.

The End

On this day in history, January 28th edition

So, what do you remember about January 28 in history?

*On this date in 1547 King Henry VIII died (Anybody there? Anybody here help set the scene? No, OK)

*In 1915 Congress created the Coast Guard as part of the Armed Forces

*1967 The Rolling Stones release "Let's Spend the Night Together"

*1973 US involvement in Vietnam officially ended as the Paris Peace Accords went into effect

*1986 The Space Shuttle Challenger explodes over the Atlantic Ocean

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Late night open thread

Oy was right. Not much good came out of today's game. At least we get a late January thaw out of it...

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Oy, Michigan basketball in East Lansing today

On paper, this one gets ugly fast, luckily games aren't played on paper. I dunno what Michigan does to win this game so we'll just have to sit back and wait and see.

1PM at the Breslin

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Late night open thread

Michigan tied MSU at Munn Ice Arena tonight 2-2, and EMU lost a game they should have played better in Miami 65-52, but it all pales in comparison to a local EMS first responder who lost her life out near Chelsea today. Cheryl Kiefer, 23, of Brooklyn, was a part-time emergency medical technician for Jackson Community Ambulance, which is operated by HVA in conjunction with Foote Health System in Jackson.

From the Ann Arbor News:

Berry said Kiefer and a partner were westbound on I-94 at Kalmbach Road on their way back to their base in Jackson County when they saw a pickup truck spin out of control and roll into a ditch on eastbound I-94 near the Washtenaw County line.

He said the pair called the crash in to police, then swung over to the eastbound side of the road to help.

Chelsea Fire Chief James Payeur said Kiefer was in a ditch on the south shoulder of the road, helping the woman in the truck, when an SUV spun out on the snow-covered road and rolled over onto Kiefer.

YCD would like to thank Cheryl's family and her friends for her selfless sacrifice. She gave her life helping someone else in need and of all the ways to leave this world there are none more noble.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

A Saturday morning what's happening thread

What's Happening-

*The Plymouth Ice Festival is going on today, and looks like they have some good weather for it

*Governor Granholm once again put EMU's academic building Pray-Harrold in the capital outlay budget for the state. It would provide 44 of the necessary 57 million dollar repair cost

*Michigan hockey looks to get even with MSU tonight in East Lansing (Game will be carried by FSN channel 32 @ 7:30)

*EMU hoops is at Miami (Oh) today at 4pm

*Radio personality 'Thayrone' will return Monday from 4-6pm on WAAM which will also add gambling aficionado and moralist Bill Bennett's show "Morning in America" where Bennett will no doubt tell YOU how to live your life while he doesn't hold up his end of the bargain. Why the right wing slant at WAAM YCD wonders. How is THAT serving THIS community?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Late night open thread

Final score over at Yost tonight, #5 MSU 1, #1 Michigan 0. What a game. Johnny always feels that 1-0 games in hockey and baseball are for more nerve wracking than 5-4 games. Interestingly enough, checking the CCHA website it took me the MSU Fan Zone web page and as of 11pm EST they have MSU's overall record at "167-5-4, 13-2-2 CCHA". Now check YCD if we're wrong but if you're 167-5-4, shouldn't you be higher than #5? That's approaching Harlem Globetrotters good and those games were fixed. It also begs the question if MSU isn't playing doubleheaders most weeknights.

Things to ponder as a light snow falls on Woodruff's Grove.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Friday night MULTIMEDIA EXTRAVAGANZA with our own Stevie Wonder

Remember last week when Johnny told you of his love for reggae? If not, go back and we'll wait.......OK, Steveland's song 'Master Blaster' is just such, it's well, it's, you just can't stay still listening to this song. It's infectious right from the beginning.

Friday night MULTIMEDIA EXTRAVAGANZA with Ian Hunter (with Mick Ronson thrown in for free)

The are good rock and roll songs and then there are GREAT rock and roll songs. Ian Hunter live with 'Once Bitten Twice Shy'.

Ypsi City Desk is not in the business of endorsing political candidates.....We WILL endorse THIS ONE

Andrea Ypsilanti is a German politician. She is the prime candidate of the SPD (Social Democratic Party) in the elections in Hesse (West Central Germany) 2008. She is a member of the Hessian parliament and has been head of the Hessian SPD since March of 2003.

GO ANDREA! Ypsi City Desk, without knowing the first thing about your politics will endorse your run this year.

So, YCD wants to know, how ya gonna spend the IRS money?

I mean it's FREE and we'll NEVER EVER have to account for this 100 billion in "vote buying hush money" will we? So how ya gonna blow it?

This never would have happened in a non election year.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Late night open thread

Throw another log on the fire tonight, but only if you have a working fireplace. Fire safety is EVERYBODY'S business. Feel free to dial up the thermostat, go for it, it's just one night. All your friends are doing it. Besides, tonight's extra heat is courtesy of the IRS.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

When the Sopranos went off the air we didn't think the actors would actually turn to crime

Now we need to brace you, what you're about to see is shocking. A bank was robbed in Pittsfield Township today, around 4pm. The TCF Bank on Carpenter was his target and he handed the teller a note that said he had a weapon. The suspect (we're getting to that) fled on foot to the Lowe's parking lot across the street where police suspect he entered an unknown vehicle.

The robber was described as a white man, 20 to 25 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall with an average build. He was wearing black clothing, gloves and sunglasses.

Now, here's the picture of him in the bank.

Look like anybody from the Sopranos? Christopher Moltisanti perhaps? Michael Imperioli, say it isn't so

Anyone with information on the robbery is asked to call township police at 734-944-4911 or the FBI at 995-1310.

Andrew Myrick turns himself in

Andrew Myrick, who has been in seclusion for the last week since the fatal shooting in his apartment, turned himself in to Ann Arbor police with his attorneys today. Myrick was arraigned on a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge.

Police haven't decided what, if any charges Myrick will face in the shooting death of David Copeland. Police believe Copeland and three other men broke into Myrick's apartment looking for cash and or drugs.

A fine article on HIPSILANTI in Metro Mode

And YCD would like to share. Writer Amy Kuras does a fine job discovering what makes HIPSILANTI tick.

Hat tip KB for the heads up!

Flashback video for no good reason: Charlatans UK-The Only One I Know

Just because

Pioneer High School decides to impose cameras in and around the school

Ann Arbor Pioneer High School HAS decided to post cameras in and around the school at a cost of $80,000.

OK Pioneer, it's your call but next time you find yourselves short on money, DO NOT come back to the community hat in hand. 80 large can buy a lot of books and school supplies and pay a lot of bills.

You've made your choice, we hope you're happy with it, cause we're not. We don't think this'll stop crime or incident one, you see crime all the time where cameras are present, the local and national nightly news would go off the air if they couldn't use security video for stories.

It's a fact.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Late night open thread

Wings lead Anaheim 1-0 on the left coast tonight in a late tilt. Rafalski from Lidstrom and Datsyuk if you were wondering...

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

OK, we need to find a really rich hippie who wants a prime storefront location--Middle Earth is for sale

Obviously this is some pretty big news, this is Middle Earth for god's sake. Johnny still remembers the horrible morning he went to the Bagel Factory one Sunday morning and pulled the door and nothing happened. It didn't open. And now Middle Earth? Owner Cynthia Shevel has simply decided it's time to go:

"It's been fun. I've enjoyed it"

OK, we can't have this place become Middle Earth by Appleby's or some other horrible fate befall it. We need some rich hippies like we've never needed rich hippies before.

Put up flyers by the Ark and The Fleetwood.

New U-M football head coach Rich Rodriguez was a feudin' with West Virginny's Athletic Depatment

One of them holler feuds no doubt.

According to emails obtained by the AP, Rich Rod was demanding a "culture change" at WVU, and more control over the athletic department and more unfettered control over HIS football program.

Here's another red flag, the emails showed his AGENT, Mike Brown screeching Rodriguez should get more control over the money raised through a booster organization.

More control over the athletic department and more control over a booster club bank account? I mean he'd never just up and leave so what's the harm? What could possibly go wrong with these new powers?

I'm sure the Michigan Athletic Department is giving Rich the keys to everything he demands. Booster money the coach has access to, changes in the way Michigan does business, changes in AD personnel, and no oversight, WHO CARES about accountability, Michigan's running the spread offense!

YCD asks YOU citizen, if you could go back in history....

...and see ONE event LIVE as it happened (For argument's sake we'll say you CANNOT be seen or affect history--you're just a spectator, no Marty McFly antics) what would you choose?

The birth of Christ?

The seige of Troy?

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address?

The signing of the Declaration of Independence?

The Roman Coliseum on gladiator day?

You choose and let us know.

The snow machine takes aim at the Huron Valley tonight

You can expect about an inch by the end of business today but that's when the fun starts this evening and tonight when an additional 2-4" inches will fall.

Break out the mukluks

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Late night open thread

EMU kicked the bejeesus out of the Toldeo Rockets tonight. We could have led with some headline like 'EMU Short Fuses Rockets' but the TRUTH is they kicked the bejeesus out of them. EMU beat Toledo 68-44 and the game was over apparently when Toldeo left their seeing eye dogs on the bus. EMU led 39-17 at the half and with just under 7 minutes to play the lead grew to 27.

Toledo managed only five points in the game's first 10:07 and went scoreless for 6:11.

Carlos Medlock had 20, Justin Dobbins had 14 and Zane Gay 10. Boy that loss Saturday in uncool Muncie stings. EMU is 3-2 in MAC West play and are at 1-3 Miami (OH), Saturday. EMU's next two games after that will be against top flight MAC competition in Kent State and Akron. If the green and white can win two of the next three, February could be fun.

In Madison tonight Michigan dropped a heartbreaker to the #11 Badgers 64-61. Michigan fought hard, and Manny Harris had a chance to make a play trailing 59-58 with just under a minute left but lost the ball. Manny's play at Michigan (and we're running out of adjectives to describe how well he's played) continues to shine. His game is PULCHRITUDINOUS (you can try to top that word in the comments section but in Scrabble Johnny's word is worth like a billion points and most likely illegal).

Other scores of games that were played tonight that some people went to and a score of the event was kept:

Kentucky 72
#5 Tennessee 66

Western Michigan 72
Central Michigan 52

University of Maryland at Baltimore County 62
Boston University 40

Chicago State 83
Cal State Northridge 75

And our Ypsi City Desk FEATURE SCORE of the night:
Utah Valley State 68
North Carolina Central 52

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Remember way back this morning when we advised the judicious use of pepper spray? We stand corrected

Well in ONE case anyways. It's still best to not let a road rage incident get out of hand but ladies, if YOU are faced with this situation, you get out the pepper spray, the taser or release the hounds:

Flasher follows woman home
Yep, right in Ann Arbor, a woman walking home passed a man in the 100 block of Hoover about 12:40am. The man stopped, and began following her, went into her apartment building and he followed her. As she quickly let herself into her apartment he ran up and exposed himself.

Pepper spray-check
Large furry mammal-check

ANY of these solutions are acceptable and think about it, if you pepper spray him, he's not exactly able to cover things which makes the very necessary tasering that much easier and FUN for YOU. I mean pick your spots. We think you feel YCD on this one.

Police are looking for a "white or Hispanic with scruffy, dark facial hair. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall, in his mid-20s and wore a dark jacket and light-colored blue jeans."

2 minutes of tropical bliss

To keep you warm this cold January day, a Fiji sunset, now with REAL ocean sound effects...

Citizens, pepper spray is NOT a substitute for words

Last night, two local drivers got into a dust up near the Westgate shopping center. Both drivers pulled in, argued and one, a driver of a silver VW Jetta, MACED the other driver. Just pulled out the pepper spray and had at.

You DO KNOW that's assault, correct? Yes, going forward, this IS considered assault and can land you in the criminal justice system.

Think people, THINK. You mace somebody they may have a gun or a knife and unless someone has pulled one of these on you FIRST, it's just a bad decision.

Just drive away, road rage is only rage if YOU let it become that.

Snowy snowy day on tap

The snow got here late evidently, perhaps two inches TODAY. Enjoy!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Late night open thread

EMU at home tomorrow night vs Toledo

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

1-3" inches of snow on the way

Johnny is checking the YCD Action Weather Radar 3000 and sees light snow beginning after 3pm and intensifying later tonight. Just wanted folk to have a heads up if they are commuting today.

We now return you to MLK Day.

Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream Speech"

August 28, 1963, in front of the Lincoln Memorial

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Late night open thread

Johnny has given the YCD staff the day off for MLK Day tomorrow, so the hard hitting news coverage you've come to expect might be on the light side.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Blimpy Burger gets some facetime on national teevee Monday

Food Network will be airing a piece on Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger Monday night at 10pm.

Host Guy Fieri travels America in his series 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives', and did filming for the piece over Labor Day. According to Blimpy Burger manager Rich Magner:

"... we cooked like 15 different burgers, they filmed each one being cooked, right up close, then they filmed each one being dressed. Then they turned the lights off in the restaurant and they put them up on a pedestal with a black cloth behind them and they did close-up pictures"

The episode will air Monday night at 10PM on the Food Network (Comcast channel 49). It'll repeat at 1 a.m. Tuesday, 4 and 11:30 p.m. Jan. 27, and 2:30 a.m. Jan. 28.

People in image are not associated with Blimpy Burger or pride of any kind

NFL Championship Sunday open thread

It's awfully cold out there, a great day to stay in watch some movies, and yes, overdose on the NFL later today.

San Diego @ New England 3pm
Cloudy with snow showers likely early...then partly sunny with a chance of snow showers. Total accumulation around an inch. Highs in the upper 20s. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph. Gusts up to 30 mph. Chance of snow 70 percent

New York Giants @ Green Bay 6:30pm (Hoo boy it's gonna be cold)
Very cold. Clear this evening...then increasing clouds overnight. Lows 5 below to 10 below zero in the evening then near steady. Light west winds.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Late night open thread

Iowa defeated Michigan over at the Crisler Arena tonight 68-60. The Wolverines trailed by 13 late, and actually cut it to 4 with just over a minute to play but it wasn't to be. DeShawn Sims had 18, Jevohn Shepherd tallied 11, a career high and a YCD tip of the cap for his fine play. Manny Harris also had 11.

#1 Michigan hockey smacked Notre Dame again tonight, this time 5-1 in South Bend.

Three stars:
First Star: Billy Sauer (Michigan) 32 shots faced 1 GA
Second Star: Tim Miller (Michigan) 2 assists
Third Star: Kevin Porter (Michigan) Goal

YCD Saturday Scoreboard, sponsored by Bunny Bread®

OK, the Bunny Bread lawyers just called. Yeah, they're apparently NOT sponsoring the YCD Scoreboard tonight....or any night

Tennessee State 79
Eastern Illinois 72

Baylor 72
Nebraska 70

Western Michigan 75
Toledo 62

Central Michigan 77
Northern Illinois 62

American University 65
Colgate 57

Savannah St. 79
Longwood 67

Portland State 85
Northern Colorado 83 (OT)

And the YCD FEATURE MATCHUP tonight:
Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 76
Central Arkansas 69

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Look up tonight, the bright 'star' you see next to the moon

Is really Mars. It'll be riding shotgun through the sky all night. Go out and have a gander.

Michigan hoops at home tonight at Crisler vs Radar O'Reilly's old club

That's right M*A*S*H* fans, Radar O'Reilly's old favorites come a callin' tonight at 7pm as Iowa's Hawkeyes invade Crisler Arena. Iowa is led by guard tandem Tony Freeman and Justin Johnson. Michigan as always is led by SUPERFRESHMAN Manny Harris.

Both Michigan and Iowa are 1-4 in Big Ten play and the winner will move up into the second tier netherworld in the conference to see their names next to luminaries like Penn State and Minnesota, leaving Northwestern's Mildcats in the standings dust.

Tipoff's at 7pm

Also tonight, the #1 ranked Michigan hockey team is in South Bend in the back end of a home and home with Notre Dame, after a thrilling comeback win last night at Yost, 3-2. Notre Dame is ranked #8 in the land. Division I Men's Poll
1 Michigan
2 Miami
3 Colorado College
4 Denver
5 New Hampshire
6 North Dakota
7 Michigan State
8 Notre Dame
9 Northeastern
10 Massachusetts

EMU at 1pm in Muncie, looking to go 3-1 in MAC West play

Eastern Michigan men's basketball team has a 1pm date (and what an UGLY date it is) with Ball State in Muncie, Indiana today as EMU looks to go three up and one down in MAC West play. EMU was led by Jarred Axon with 23 hitting SEVEN threeballs in Wednesday nights win at Northern Illinois. EMU also had three others in double figures.

Ball State? Well they are 2-13 and their program is embroiled in a whopper of a mess. They fired their coach of last season, Ronny Thompson (son of former Georgetown legendary coach John Thompson) over a possible rules violations and Thompson was beat up pretty good and fired. It was later found out Thompson had not lied during an internal investigation last May as was alleged.

On a sidenote, what jackassery by Ball State spokesman Tony Proudfoot when asked if the school had reached some kind of settlement with Thompson. Proudfoot would not directly admit one existed telling reporters they were free to file Freedom of Information Act briefs to find out. What a tool. They'll be coming back to you in a week with documents in hand and what will your weasley excuse not to talk about it be then, Tony?

So, 1PM in Muncie, 1PM here in Cool City

Late night open thread

Funny how reggae is on Johnny's mind tonight. Walking through the neighborhood tonight to go pick up some grub, he had his iPod on. And Friday on Johnny's iPod is always Clash day. Always has been, always will be. He was listening to the song 'Police on My Back', written by reggae star Eddy Grant and thought what a pitch perfect connection it made to the Andrew Myrick shooting and disappearance.

Well I'm running, police on my back
I've been hiding, police on my back
There was a shooting, police on my back
And the victim, well he won't come back
I been running Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday running
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Saturday Sunday
What have I done?

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Friday, January 18, 2008

OK, hot tip time, point your cars to Ypsi....

Now it IS just a tip, we can't tell you for CERTAIN this is going to happen but we have it on good authority that the Elbow Room tonight, around midnight when Powertrane goes on, they'll be joined by MITCH RIDER. The Elbow Room website says:

"Powertrane - Ann Arbor Legend Scott Morgans rock n roll onslaught Without special guest Mitch Rider... Seriously..."

A little birde told us otherwise...

The Elbow Room, Michigan Avenue and Washington in beautiful downtown Ypsilanti


Remember when we asked in the brushes with celebrity thread who you had met? Johnny was living in Florida for a brief time on an island playground called Boca Grande in 1983. It was in the downstairs bar at an establishment called The Pink Elephant, known for celebrity clientele Johnny met Mr. Peter Tosh. It was only a quick handshake and a nod and a "Good to know you" and later a quick round of raised glasses around the bar but to a white kid who loved reggae music it meant the world. Early on it was Tosh who drove Bob Marley, forming bands with him, and teaching him to play guitar. Tosh was a Wailer of some import.

Here is his cover of the classic Chuck Berry standard, Johnny B Goode. It's utterly brilliant.

Tosh was shot in his home by robbers on September 11, 1987. The jury convicted his killer in eleven minutes.


Creeque Alley.

Poor Cass, John Phillips didn't want her in the band, she couldn't hit the higher notes he wanted. In late 1964 or early 1965 Cass Elliot was walking down an alley in the Virgin Islands and was kathunked on the head with copper tubing dropped from a construction site. Cass was in the hospital for a short while and when she got out, those notes she couldn't hit before, she then could. But don't just take it from Johnny, take it from Cass:

It’s true, I did get hit on the head by a pipe that fell down and my range was increased by three notes. They were tearing this club apart in the islands, revamping it, putting in a dance floor. Workmen dropped a thin metal plumbing pipe and it hit me on the head and knocked me to the ground. I had a concussion and went to the hospital. I had a bad headache for about two weeks and all of a sudden I was singing higher. It’s true. Honest to God. --Cass Elliot in Rolling Stone in 1968.

Two final notes, note the audible reaction from the audience the first time they hear 'And no one's getting fat except Mama Cass'. Last, Cass died in London at No.12 at 9 Curzon Place, the exact flat where Keith Moon, drummer for The Who would die a little over four years later.

Oh, and the name of the Alley where Cass was walking that fateful day? Well, you know

Oh my, possible BIG musical doings tonight, BIG DOINGS

OK, Johnny got a hot tip from a VERY trusted source (yep, YCD has SOURCES), and he'll reveal it at 11PM tonight sharp. A certain musical performer, and MUSICAL LEGEND may be sitting in SOMEWHERE in the Huron Valley tonight.

11PM and Johnny will spill the very real possibility (and remember it's not set in stone and we're merely passing on a tip) this music legend (yeah, you know the songs) will be performing around town tonight.

Why 11PM? Most likely the performer in question wouldn't go on until at LEAST midnight, plenty of time to get where you're going.

More information on the search for Andrew Myrick and the shooting

A few updates to this very fluid situation:

*The victim in this shooting (who, according to police, broke into Myrick's duplex--and obviously didn't anticipate AK47 type firepower) is David Issac Copeland, 29, of Ypsilanti.

*Police now believe FOUR men showed up at Myrick's duplex to rob him. The late Mr. Copeland, two men who fled but were later apprehended and a man still on the run, as is Mr. Myrick.

*Police are still looking for Michael Don Bailey, 20, of Ypsilanti Township. He is described as a light-skinned black man with brown hair and brown eyes, 5-foot-10 and 165 pounds.

*Police suspect they four showed up to steal either drugs or money

*One of the suspects hid in a closet when the shooting began and later fled

*Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Dave Monroe at 734-996-3281 or the tip line at 734-996-3199.

Mary Sue Coleman to 'gradzillas': "Cake or Death?"

OK YCD, what the HELL do you mean 'cake or death'? It's part of an Eddie Izzard stand up routine where the SOFTIE Church of England tries to get tough with wayward churchgoers and offers them the choice of 'Cake or Death'. The answer is always "CAKE PLEASE".

Mary Sue Coleman today became the SOFTIE Church of England with her wayward "gradzillas" by telling them "Yes, you precious little ones, we need to make sure your every need is catered to no matter what the situation based in reality says". Mary Sue met with students today over the proposed graduation sites that STUDENTS would find acceptable (and we wonder where the recently displayed sense of entitlement comes from). Mary Sue SAYS she's been listening and then asks them where they want to have graduation PROVING she's not been listening.

Senior Eric Mandell Victorson told the public meeting that not having graduation in Michigan Stadium would be:

"a tragic ending to four years".

Um, Eric, 9/11 was a tragedy, the Titanic was a tragedy, Oklahoma City was a tragedy. You having to graduate in Crisler Arena or Rynearson Stadium is NOT a tragedy.

So, U-M grads, "Cake or Death"?

The Friday morning 'Your brush with celebrity' open thread

Ever meet anybody famous? Do you KNOW anybody famous? Tell us your brush with celebrity. Johnny was talking with an online cohort yesterday who got REAL up close and personal with the Go Go's Jane Wiedlin back in the day.

C'mon, you can tell us, be anonymous if you have to

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Late night open thread

Pssst, January comes a calling tomorrow night through Monday. Better stock up on the hot cocoa and marshmallows. Somewhere before dawn on Sunday morning in the Huron Valley is gonna see 0º.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Willow Run teachers approve new 4 year contract

Willow Run teachers voted YES to approve a four-year contract with the school district on Wednesday.

Teachers will not get a raise this year, but will receive a 1 percent increase in 2008-09. The bad health plan foisted upon teachers in August was still part of this contract but other HMO and PPO choices were also in the new contract.

It's not perfect but if an 80% teacher vote turnout resulted in 73% for FOR and just 27% voting NO, hopefully the next four years won't be as contentious.

A portion of Huron River Drive will be CLOSED this spring

Huron River Drive will be closed between Main Street and Bird Road from May or June until sometime in November as the crumbling road is rebuilt.

Protecting the wetlands with "geo-textile" drainage pipes, yadda yadda yadda, NO new marking for bike lanes yadda yadda yadda, 1.3$ million yadda yadda yadda.

Police seek man in connection with shooting death in Ann Arbor (UPDATED 2PM)

Ann Arbor Police are searching for a 28-year-old man, Andrew Myrick, wanted for questioning in a shooting death that occurred at his home around 10pm last night.

The body of a 29-year-old Ypsilanti man was found inside his duplex on Jones Drive just off Plymouth Road.

If you see Andrew Myrick, please call Ann Arbor police at 734-996-3199

Police are saying Myrick may have been at home when the victim (and let this be a lesson to B&E idiots--you NEVER KNOW what's behind that door) broke in as police said there were signs of forced entry, and a gunfight erupted as a LARGE amount of bullet holes were found inside and outside the residence. An "AK-47 type weapon" was found at the scene said Ann Arbor Detective Sgt. Richard Kinsey.

"This may have been a residential robbery that went bad. It's in his residence that this took place and he's gone. We'd like to talk with him." said Kinsey.

Johnny thinks now, that Mr. Myrick had an illegal weapon in his home and felt he HAD to use it to save his life. We also understand him bolting under such circumstances but would advise him to turn himself in once his head clears. Killing a guy shooting at you in your home with an illegal weapon you never wanted to use is heady stuff.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Late night open thread

Michigan lost at Illinois tonight, 75-57. Michigan dropped to 1-4 in the Big Ten and 5-12 overall

Scores before bedtime:
Old Dominion 79
James Madison 52

William & Mary 55
Northeastern 53

Drake 69
Bradley 68

Western Michigan 71
Ball State 45

Toledo 72
Central Michigan 61

North Carolina-Asheville 74
High Point 58

And our FEATURED game tonight
Texas-Pan American 80
Huston-Tillotson 60

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Jarred Axon COME ON DOWN!

First off, is there anything you'd like to say before we ask you where you've been all our lives? The Senior from Jackson dropped TWENTY THREE points on Northern Illinois and EMU beat the Huskies (dogs playing basketball, how stupid) in scenic DeKalb 65-61.

TIMEOUT: Johnny told you EMU would win by three, on the road, they won by four. He told you at 4pm on Tuesday that the winners of the primaries would be Romney and Clinton. So a new feature this Friday, LOTTERY NUMBER FRIDAYS. Not really.

Meanwhile, back in DeKalb, Senior Jesse Bunkley had 10, as did Carlos Medlock. Justin Dobbins had 11.

So, EMU is 2-1 in the MAC West and 6-9 overall. They are at lowly (and we're talking Prairie View football lowly here) Ball State 1-2 in the MAC West and a clever 2-13 overall. Saturday at 1pm in Muncie. Jesus you'd hate for your bus to break down in Muncie, yikes.

"Now Ciccolini, I want a full detailed report of your investigation..."

Yesterday's Washtenaw County primary results

From Washtenaw County:


Sam Brownback 14 0.05%
Rudy Giuliani 835 3.00%
Mike Huckabee 3572 12.85%
Duncan Hunter 79 0.28%
John McCain 9318 33.52%
Ron Paul 2262 8.14%
Mitt Romney 10223 36.78%
Tom Tancredo 18 0.06%
Fred Thompson 1059 3.81%
Uncommitted 405 1.46%
Write-In 10 0.04%


Hillary Clinton 12284 43.01%
Chris Dodd 125 0.44%
Mike Gravel 96 0.34%
D. Kucinich 2455 8.60%
Uncommitted 12992 45.49%
Write-In 607 2.13%

EMU will class up the Northern Illinois gymnasium tonight

That's right EMU hoop fans, EMU is on the road tonight, bringing some much needed class and respectability to the NIU Convocation Center in the metropolis of DeKalb, Illinois.

A winnable road game for gang green tonight, as the Huskies (boo hiss) are a lowly 4-10 overall and tied with EMU at 1-1 in the Mac West. An NIU preview:

The Northern Illinois Huskies struggled to a seven-win season in 2006-07, surprising for a program that amassed 17 victories just a year prior. Enter new Head Coach Ricardo Patton, who will look to start guiding this team back to its winning ways during his first season on the bench.

Who cares, EMU will win, by 3

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Late night open thread

See there, Johnny told you the results before everyone else. Like an election soothsayer.

Chris Matthews squirrel routine in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

YCD will now MAKE THE CALL on today's primaries

We know we know, just look at how the pundits and pollsters made a hash out of the New Hampshire polling and exit polling. But they used SCIENTIFIC METHODS, and have RULES and ALGORITHMS and what not. We're just gonna pull it out of our arses and see what happens.

With that technical mumbo jumbo explained, and slightly less than 4 hours before the polls close the Ypsi City Desk says MITT ROMNEY and HILLARY CLINTON are your winners. Hillary because she didn't pull her name off the ballot (how convenient) and YCD thinks the Democratic meddlers have given Mitt Romney "Mittmentum" here in the Wolverine State today.

OK, this falls under the RED FLAG ALERT for new U-M head football coach Rich Rodriguez (Updated)

It appears the day after taking the Michigan head job, Rich was a busy guy. According to the Detroit Free Press, Rich went back with his team video editor and SHREDDED and SHREDDED and SHREDDED documents pertaining to the West Virginia football program.......for the last SEVEN YEARS.

The Free Press, via the Charleston Gazette, said Rodriguez “destroyed all or most of the paperwork filed relating to every player on the Mountaineer roster and virtually all of the activities conducted by the programs over the past seven years.”

NICE. What a guy. He knows he owes West Virginia 4 million in a buyout for leaving so is it a cooincidence these documents get shredded? What else was in these documents? Remember, this is the guy who foisted PacMan Jones on the world right out of college.

So, Rich WHY'D ya do it? It doesn't pass any kind of smell test here, you know, the Michigan Way. YCD seriously doubts Bo Schembechler nor Lloyd Carr would have EVER done anything this shady.

Right on cue, Rodriguez and Michigan spokesheads were not available for comment.

UPDATE-According to a West Virginia Athletic Department employee (who asked not to be named) we learn the following:


"It's unbelievable. Everything is gone, like it never existed. Good, bad or indifferent, we don't have a record of anything that has happened."

According to the source, the missing files include all of the players' personal files, which encompass contact information, scholarship money awarded, class attendance records and personal conduct records, the Gazette reported.

"If a player spoke to a school or did public service, we don't have a record of it,'' the source said, according to the newspaper. "If he broke a rule or missed class, we don't have a record of that, either. We don't have anything. All the good things these kids have done over the years, there's nothing -- not a picture of somebody speaking to a class, nothing. Why would somebody do that?"

Judge rules AGAINST Comcast, it's COMCASTIC!

Macomb County Chief Circuit Judge David Viviano ruled Comcast CANNOT move the local access channels up to the pay channel tier of channels. Comcast wanted to move Ann Arbor's Community Television Network channels 16, 17, 18, 19 up to channels 911, 916, 902, and 912 where in essence nobody would ever see them.

To even see these channels, customers with basic cable service would have to buy or lease a digital converter box or upgrade to digital service. And who provides that? Oh, yeah right, Comcast.

Comcast had no immediate comment.

"As we celebrate mediocrity, all the boys upstairs wanna see
How much you'll pay for what ya used to get for free"
--The Last DJ by Tom Petty

200 'gradzillas' meet with U-M Administration to keep graduation pure and on campus

The Michigan graduating class may have their graduation on U-M soil after all. Nearly 200 concerned, and agitated and wronged students met with the University of Michigan adminstration who told them they would do whatever they could to keep the graduation as pure as possible for them. Kinda like when a kid goes nuts at a mall and throws a tantrum and the parent, rather than standing up and showing the kid adults run the show, weakly capitulate to shut the kid up.

Yet, the kids keep bleating on and demanding ONLY one solution it seems. Despite the fact Michigan Stadium will have NO restrooms (Yeah, grandma is locked in the porta potty the U-M was forced to provide us with--a wonderful graduation memory to be sure) and despite the fact the electricity will be all 'jeffed up', SOME students see only ONE solution their University can provide

U-M gradzilla-to-be Marisa Costa said it was quite apparent the ONLY solution was THE BIG HOUSE:

"That's what the students want," she said. "That should be your primary concern: How do we do this?"

We wish them luck with keeping their graduation on campus at U-M because at this point we don't exactly WANT them at EMU. They haven't EARNED the right to graduate here. EMU tends to have dignified graduations.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Late night open thread

A light snow falls on Cool City tonight.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

So, it appears democracy rears it's ugly head tomorrow

And YOU, yes YOU voter are asked your opinion where you can actually have an impact, unless you are a Democrat, then tomorrow is pretty much a free day politically. First off, here's where you vote:

Jurisdiction Polling Locations

Ward / Precinct Location
1 / 1 Perry School (Old Gym)
550 Perry Street

1 / 2 Senior Citizen Center
1015 Congress

1 / 3 East Middle School
510 Emerick

2 / 1 Estabrook School
1555 Cross Street

2 / 2 Fletcher School
1053 Cornell

2 / 3 Estabrook School
1555 Packard

2 / 4 Fletcher School
1053 Cornell

3 / 1 Emmanuel Lutheran Church
201 N. River St.

3 / 2 Adams School
503 Oak Street

3 / 3 Emmanuel Lutheran Church
201 N. River St.

Well that's all well and good YCD but how do I KNOW which of these tropical locales I should visit to get all Thomas Jefferson? That's got a solution too. Here now, the most treasured document next to the Magna Carta and Declaration of Independence, the Ypsilanti Ward Map (courtesy of the City of Ypsilanti):

(click on map, map get big)

Now, as to the vote itself, all you need to do is take some picture ID, as it's a new requirement from our good friends the Republicans (Don't get pissy, you pass something you get credit for it....or blame...but you can't cover your head either) and tell them you want either a REPUBLICAN ballot or a DEMOCRATIC ballot. Now if you grab a GOP ballot, it's razor tight tonight between McCain and Romney and Huckabee is making a very strong showing as well. YCD likes Huckabee's platform that the Funk Brothers are hugely under appreciated and that he couldn't wait to get to Hitsville USA. He said it, yes he did. A true musician at heart. Religious nut on the surface. Ah, politics. Democrats dissatisfied with the DNC kicking them in the family jewels can ALSO vote in the GOP primary and Johnny has seen plans afoot by meddlesome Democrats to vote Romney to ensure the GOP crew keeps beating each other with nobody really getting ahead thus leading to a BROKERED convention. That would be cool to watch YCD thinks. History for sure. Democrats can also vote UNCOMMITTED and wouldn't that be something if UNCOMMITTED beat Hillary (the only major Democrat weasely enough to keep their name ON the Michigan ballot).

It's all good clean mudslinging, push polling, backhanded compliments, candidates smiling right through you, and Chris Matthews blathering on like a caffeinated squirrel all night long.

Dexter High principal wants to unleash the dogs on students lockers

That's right citizens, the principal of Dexter High School, William Moran, wants to have area police bring in drug sniffing dogs to sniff the lockers at Dexter High School. Now, to this point, Moran admits NO DRUGS HAVE BEEN FOUND in the school but they have found a handful of makeshift marijuana pipes (ah, the ungraded shop class project).

YCD would be behind this a little more if these same drug sniffing dogs could also be allowed in the faculty lounge and all school offices to sniff for illegal prescription drugs maybe, and or perhaps just to set a good example for students. Certainly the faculty and staff would have no problems going through the same process they would support for students.

We always wonder reading that the biggest problem with drugs in school are the abuse of cough medicines and abusing their parents prescriptions what benefit drug dogs are here especially since no drugs have yet been found.

If you stopped by YCD this morning before heading out

Stop. Stay home, call in, go back to bed. It's a miserable day out there. Windy, snowy, cold, damp, all the worst kind of Monday morning weather.

Johnny will write you a note so you can stay home.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Late night open thread

Sunday night gives way to a snowy Monday. Nothing serious, an inch tomorrow and 1-2" tomorrow night.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Talk NFL here, couch generals

Two more big games today, both not featuring a team Johnny cares about.

Go Chaos!

Scenes of Ann Arbor in the new trailer for the film 'Jumper'

In fact the first scenes you'll see in this big Hollywood preview were the ones shot last February in Gallup Park near Huron High school.

About the movie:

Starring Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson and Rachel Bilson, "Jumper" is about a young man who discovers he can teleport himself. Huron High School graduate David Goyer is one of the screenwriters.

Check out the trailer here HERE.

Mitt Romney stops in Ypsi to tell us we're losing jobs

Mitt Romney held a press conference at Ypsilanti Township's General Motors powertrain plant and talk about the recent announced layoffs there.

"You hear some say these are jobs that are just going away and you better get used to it. But where does it stop?" said Romney, taking a dig at John McCain who earlier said "Some jobs just aren't coming back to Michigan".

Gentlemen, you're both right, the Powertrain Plant announced 200 job cuts this week and in a lot of cases these jobs aren't coming back but once again we're glad you could use us as props for your campaign.

We didn't exactly hear a plan to help anything in Ypsilanti so these words ring fairly hollow. But maybe that's just us.

Mitt Romney file photo

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Late night open thread

Final scores before bedtime edition:

Michigan 78
Northworstern 68

Iowa 43
MSU 36

Purdue 76
Ohio St 68

Colgate 50
Army 44

Coastal Carolina 76
Radford 75

Drake 65
Missouri State 54

Kennesaw State 80
North Florida 59

CCHA Final
Michigan 5
Western Michigan 1

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Beating a dead horse; EMU 81 WMU 71

That's right EMU fans, the EMU basketball team took out the beating stick and used it on the sissy Broncos tonight at the ACC (no word on if disgruntled U-M grads to be picketed the game) winning 81-71. Carlos Medlock scored 16 and Travis Lewis and James Matthews had career highs with 15 points.

So a great all around effort. An effort we loved to see, all over the floor, all night long. Well played team.

EMU is 5-9, 1-1 while the Kalamazoo Crew falls to 7-8, 1-1.

YCD says, let's talk BREAKFAST!

Where is YOUR favorite breakfast joint around town? Your favorite breakfast dish?

Late night open thread

The kitchen serves food all night

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday night Multimedia Extravaganza with The Ramones!

Johnny would argue the best band ever from America. Wanna take up that debate? That's what the comments section is for.
The Ramones, with Blitzkrieg Bop

Friday night Multimedia Extravaganza with Siouxsie & The Banshees!

Johnny's been in the YCD mailbag and it seems you enjoy the Friday night tunes and loved last week's double feature so, hey, we listen and Friday nights are now DOUBLE SHOT POWER

We start tonight with Siouxsie & The Banshees with the fantastic song "Cities in Dust". For 50 bonus points, which movie did this song appear in with a high school theme? It's not the greatest video, but the song compensates very well. Siouxsie & The Banshees original drummer was one John Simon Ritchie.........(giving you a moment)........who later made his fame as Sid Vicious. In fact Siouxsie & The Banshees first show was on a bill with Subway Sect, The Clash and the Sex Pistols on September 20, 1976. Not bad eh?

It's BACK! Horrifying space cat head with laser beams for eyes seen in Barton Hills last night

The death ray cat of Washtenaw County was spotted AGAIN last night around 6:30 pm by YCD reader "Florette", up in Barton Hills. Florette says nobody was hurt but a small pole barn was damaged. She told YCD the cat head then drifted east and she then lost sight of it behind some pine trees. BE YE WARNED!

No Kitteh, that's a BAD KITTEH!!!


John McCain coming to Ann Arbor

OK, first off, we're not trying to slight ANY candidate so if you have a favorite and they are coming to Washtenaw County we WILL put their appearance up here.

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain will be coming to Ann Arbor on January 15th at the Washtenaw County Economic Club Town Hall Meeting, time to be announced.

McCain's website also lists this appearance as such:

Michigan Town Hall Meeting
What: Michigan Town Hall Meeting
When: January 15, 2008 12:30pm
Where: Ann Arbor, MI

John McCain holds an Economic Club Town Hall Meeting in Ann Arbor on Tuesday, January 15th at 12:15pm. Ambassador Ron Weiser and MN Governor Tim Pawlenty will do the introductions.

To RSVP, please call: 616 261 4240

Good news for Borders, Washtenaw County's preeminent bookstore

Borders Books and Music announced an increase in holiday sales of 3.9%. Borders Group Chief Executive Officer George Jones (not the country singer) made the announcement yesterday. Jones continued with more value added out of the box business speak:

"We delivered on our promise to improve comp store sales performance this holiday season compared to last year in all of our business segments"

Good news for a local business? YCD says fine by us.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Late night open thread

It was a good day. We shared some thoughts. We shared our feelings. We shared some laughs.

We're just glad this didn't turn into some kind of Jets vs Sharks turf war or WORSE over by the White Castle on Carpenter and Packard late one night.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Johnny would like to dedicate this tune to certain U-M grads-to-be

Yes, the staff warned him against it, "now why do that?", but sometimes Johnny has a mind of his own and doesn't take direction so well, after all he only went to EMU...

Again, beggars can't be choosers, a sampling of the U-M student comments on Facebook

Here they are, we'll give full credit to the posters and their comments on this from "The Michigan's Graduation is meant to be in the BIG HOUSE", Facebook Group

"I would MUCH rather be at Chrysler arena with 3 people than 10 at Eastern. If does end up at Eastern, someone else can have my tickets. I live around here, and that' just--no offense EMU friends--embarrassing."--Israel Vicars

"Wow, i'm not even graduating this year and this makes me angry. You went to the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN....not EMU. how bout u graduate where you went, and where you spent all ur freaking money? Just shut down state street for a few hours....not like you can drive down it anyway."--Sarah Stanley

"We all paid our dues and worked hard, on campus isn;t good enough. We DESERVE the Big House and nothing less. We should continue to fight respectively until we can walk there or not walk at all!!"--Mike Anton

"I've spent 4 years worth of time and money at this school! If I can't walk at the Big House, I"M NOT WALKING AT ALL!!!!!!!!"--Kristi Masica

"I am not attending graduation if it is to be held at EMU... we should organize a student-led graduation in the parking lot in front of the big house- just to prove a point. This blows."--Lyndsey Andary

"As another U-M senior, I am also very upset and disappointed with this situation. But as you're protesting and writing to our administration (which I completely support), please be classy! Putting down Eastern and saying that it's a crappy school makes us all look like ungrateful snobs--and that's not going to get us anywhere. I don't want to graduate at Eastern because I don't identify with Eastern. No amount of maize and blue will make me feel at home. I also agree with what others have said about our speaker, Bob Woodruff. I think he will be great--a Michigan native, alum, and someone with inspiring life experiences is someone that we should have here at U-M. We can't always have a president. I do, however, wonder what HE thinks of this situation!"--Liz Stover

"I REFUSE to graduate in EMU's stadium, this is ridiculous. The school needs to get their act together and clean up the stadium, commencement isn't for three months!"--Sophia Johnson

"back in my day we graduated in crisler in a snowstorm, uphill both ways
you didn't hear me complaining"--Adam Sonnanstine

"I'll graduate at EMU as long as there's an open bar and bullet-proof vests supplied at the door!"--Layne Kiella

"I would rather have commencement in the Big House parking lot than at EMU."--William Hubenschmidt

"I boo this EMU shit."--Jeremy Levine

"Now that commencement is at EMU, maybe they should change the commencement speaker to 'spare some change' guy too."--Claire Zogas

"hey! guess who isn't getting any money now after i graduate in fucking EMU's stadium! i'd rather graduate in my backyard"--Callyn Weintraub

"It's nice of Eastern to let us use their stadium, but this is LAME."--Andrew Bleeda

Uh oh, U-M 'gradzillas' are MAD they would have to come to Ypsilanti to graduate

Now, of course that's just a catchy pot stirring headline, but according to the Michigan Daily, thousands of 'gradzillas' at U-M are awfully mad that they cannot have THEIR graduation at Michigan Stadium. Over 80 emails and 130 comments have been left on the Commencement 08 website at U-M EMPLORING Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman not to make them go to Ypsi. Why there 'gradzillas' have even started forming a group on Facebook, called 'Michigan's Graduation is meant to be in the Big House' and apparently, 2,279 Michigan students and Facebook dwellers have joined the clarion call to DEMAND U-M either stop construction on Michigan Stadium long enough to have it there OR.....well, there is no OR.

U-M says the facility will be unavailable as the bathrooms will be inoperable which means no Big House.

YCD wonders, and we're merely wondering on this and would love your input, if U-M had said graduation would be in the Crisler Arena, would the hue and cry have been this much? Is it REALLY because it's not at the BIG HOUSE, or is it because it's at EMU?

As predicted here, the Orange Taylor III murder trial has been moved to March 31 (Updated)

Yes we knew about this late yesterday but then we would have had to go find something else to talk about this fine morning in the Huron Valley. Besides, it's not some kind of emergency broadcast system type of thing.

The trial was moved to March 31, Orange Taylor III will stay locked up until the trial as his bond was denied by Judge Archie Brown (Taylor's attorney had requested he be let out on a tether while under house arrest--h/t Dan). Moore did however allow Taylor to hire a medical examiner and cardiologist for the next trial.

Taylor will be represented by Assistant Public Defender Laura Graham.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Late night open thread

The typesetter on the 2008 Michigan Football Program is gonna be a busy person this time around.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Make YOUR voice heard, speak to the tree stump that represents you in Congress tonight

You are free to call the cinder block/tree stump that represents you in Congress tonight as the Honorable John Dingell, friend to George W. Bush's Iraq policies, takes your calls in some kind of Town Hall phone in.

Dingell you'll remember, while paying lip service to the difficulties in Iraq and the constant erosion of OUR constitution, hasn't met a war funding bill he couldn't support, or a constitution busting vote he wouldn't stab us with. YCD thinks for the greater Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area maybe Ralph Wiggum would be a better elected official.


866-447-5149 and when prompted, punch in the pin 13422.

Ann Arbor Deputy Police Chief Gregory O'Dell to head EMU Campus Police

EMU is expected to name Ann Arbor Deputy Police Chief Gregory O'Dell as it's new head of Campus Police at a 1pm presser today. The Ann Arbor News lists O'Dell's background as such:

O'Dell has been in law enforcement for 28 years, including a stint as interim chief of the Ann Arbor Police Department from November 2005 to June 2006. He has served with the Ann Arbor Police since 1988.

O'Dell has a law degree from the University of Toledo, and graduated from the FBI National Academy in 2005 and from the EMU School of Staff and Command in 2000.

O'Dell will replaces former disgraced Campus Police Chief Cindy Hall who was forced to resign for her actions in the death of EMU student Laura Dickinson.

YCD would like ot wish Mr. O'Dell the best of luck and you really can't make a worse hash out of things than Ms. Hall did.

U-M Spring graduation will be EMU

That's right maize and blue grads to be, we congratulate you and welcome you to Ypsilanti. With Michigan Stadium under construction, U-M cannot hold their rather large spring graduation there so instead they will hold it at EMU's Rynearson Stadium, which will allow students to invite far more family and friends than if U-M had to hold it in the Crisler Arena. Still, some U-M grads to be are sad. Hilary Coulisk was quoted as saying this about the magic that is Rynearson Stadium "I've never seen it, but I'm going to go ahead and say it's no Big House".

It's OK Hilary, LOTS of people have never seen Rynearson Stadium, mostly EMU football fans. However, and Johnny TOLD us to add:

"Beggars can't be choosers"

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Late night open thread

Once again the kid leads them. Manny Harris with 19 but Michigan falls to Indiana 78-64.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Eastern Michigan University to hold highbrow art exhibit, with Alfred E. Neuman

That's right thrillseekers, according to Michigan is Amazing (to your right, now down, DISCO!), EMU will be holding an exhibit at the Ford Gallery. The show runs through February 7, with many more details awaiting you by clicking the Michigan is Amazing link (again, to your right, now down, DISCO!).

Look Sharp! Joe Jackson April 20th at the Michigan Theater

Johnny loves Joe Jackson and was debating even mentioning this as tickets don't go on sale until January 19th, but then he remembered he's not the Daily Kos with a million readers so he's HOPING it's safe to give a heads up.

Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor Fire Departments to merge services?

With budget cuts aplenty, and a moribund economy, Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor fire departments have begun discussion on a merger of kinds. The plan would allow the 'two cities to cooperate on fire inspections, new-building plan reviews, fire prevention and a host of other duties that are duplicated from one municipality to the other.' They would still remain independent on budget and benefit issues, however.

Both Ann Arbor Fire Chief Sam Hopkins and Ypsilanti Fire Chief Jon Ichesco are behind the plan which would allow the two cities to buy less trucks, equipment, and insurance ratings. The tenative plan would call for one fire marshall to carry out inspections in both cities. There are also discussions to include Ypsilanti Township and Pittsfield Township to the plan.

Working together, saving money, helping citizens? Fantabulous guys. THIS is the kind of forward thinking YCD likes to see.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Late night open thread

With losses in last year's NCAA title games in football AND basketball AND tonight's butt kicking, THE Ohio State University has become Washington Generals of college sports.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

OK, sit down. Take a deep breath. A TORNADO WATCH is now in effect

No, Johnny isn't loopy from Alka Seltzer plus or NyQuil or any drug, there REALLY is a TORNADO WATCH in effect for the Huron Valley until 2am.

January 7th, Tornado Watch. If there is one good luck explaining it to your insurance company

Monday morning open thread

Johnny is illin' today so he's gonna let you run the show.

Jibber Jabber freely

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Late night open thread

Isn't it ALWAYS 55 degrees on January 6 this late at night?

EMU lost to the CMU Chumpewas today, 62-53. It's too bad EMU (0-1, 4-9) can't seem to gain ANY traction in the win column as the MAC West division is god awful this year. Western Michigan is 1-0 in conference and they LEAD it with an overall record of 7-7.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

A picture to cheer up a DREARY Sunday

From Johnny's trip to Folly Beach, SC

Michigan 32, Appalachian State 9!

No, this is not a Playstation replay of the September disaster at Michigan Stadium, it's not the football result in some parallel universe. No, Michigan beat the Mountaineers in WRESTLING at the 'Lone Star Duals' Saturday night.

Late night open thread

It's so foggy out tonight one might think Ypsilanti looks a lot like London, but with better restaurants.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The M on Crisler Arena stands not for MICHIGAN, but MANNY

Michigan hoop fans FINALLY have a real star to go watch and enjoy. Freshman Manny Harris was again spectacular today in a 65-58 loss at Purdue. Harris had 25 points and led a furious Michigan charge in the second half to shave a 14 point Boilermaker lead to 2 points with just under 9 minutes to play but the Wolverines couldn't get any closer than that.

With the loss Michigan dropped to 4-10 overall and 0-2 in the Big Ten. Michigan will host Gene Hackman's #12 ranked Hoosiers on Tuesday. Tipoff at 7pm.

No word on if Dennis Hopper will be listening to the game on the radio from his hospital room.

Hooray and Huzzah! Willow Run teachers have tentative contract deal

After a mere THREE YEARS, the Willow Run teachers and the school district have a deal, we hope. Apparently the logjam was broken when the school board made some concessions. Huh, so much for the "last best offer" the board pronounced last summer. Suzanne Clark, MEA representative and chief negotiator for the Willow Run Educational Association had this to say:

"The board made some movement and offered some new proposals and the union met them half way,"

The proposal with all the details will be given to the entire WREA membership, all 160 of them, this upcoming Thursday.

Anybody wanna bet the planned "unity vote" results, where seven other local school districts in Washtenaw County had a small part to play in the new offer? Look we're happy as pigs in slop that the new deal was offered and we hope it's accepted if fair and we also realize other unions need to be taken care of in the district, but it certainly goes a long way to show bargaining tools like "Last Best Offer" are harmful to negotiations and in the end make those who say such things look awfully bad.

Late night open thread

Now comes an early January thaw.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday night Multimedia Extravaganza with Blondie (again)

So instead of agonizing over only one song, it just dawned on Johnny this is HIS blog. He can put as many Blondie videos up as he wants to. One day it's gonna really sink in he owns this dump.

Here's the last Blondie video tonight (we swears on the precious), Dreaming with the brilliant Clem Burke on drums.

Friday night Multimedia Extravaganza with Blondie!

Trying to get Johnny to pick his favorite Blondie song is like asking him which has been his favorite sunset. SO MANY awesome songs to choose from. This is a real toughie but we're gonna pick Union City Blue. When this song was recorded in the studio, Bruce Springsteen was there and if you listen close, you can hear Chris Stein of Blondie playing Springsteen's guitar on the track. If the guitar has sounded oddly too familiar all these years, now you know why.

Allow YCD to play Devil's Advocate for a few minutes

Two local developers want to turn the area that is now holding the old Bagel Factory (a moment of silence for the Fragel), Village Corner Market the bike rental place behind that and some of the surrounding area to build connected, twin GREEN towers for student apartments.

Oh to hear it described these two gleaming spires of housing and business are all that and a bag of chips. GREEN construction processes, one, two and four bedroom apartments, ground floor businesses. If these University Towers are built they would become the co-highest buildings in Washtenaw County, did we mention all GREEN materials used in building them? On paper, what a deal.

Now comes the part where Johnny explains to the neighborhoods directly surrounding that area, these buildings will condense 1700 STUDENTS into a one block area. What could go wrong? Don't we already have dormitories for this many students living so close to one another? Is there THAT big of a student housing deficiency that we need to alter the entire skyline or gunk up traffic and parking around that busy area for two years?

We're not just coming out against it just to do it but let's slow down for a minute and think past the words GREEN CONSTRUCTION and BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS.

1700 students in a one block area. Just sayin'

Bad guy alert, local bank robber suspected of two robberies (UPDATED)

The Ann Arbor News (as they always do) have the details that police have released and are looking for YOUR help. Hey, you identified ONE scofflaw for police over the stolen credit cards on this blog, maybe we can get info to authorities on another. The A2 News fills you in:

"Ann Arbor police say a suspect who robbed the Chase Bank at 3500 Plymouth Road Thursday at about 2 p.m. appears to be the same man who robbed a National City Bank in Scio Township on Monday. The robber Thursday was wearing a gray, hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and black gloves, police said. He is described as a black, possibly in his 30s with a close-cut mustache and goatee. He is described as 5 feet 10-inches to 6 feet tall and stocky."

Police are offering a 500$ Reward for infomation on this guy. Again, you did it once, maybe you can all do it again. Image from the Ann Arbor News via the cops

Anyone with information is asked to call the department's anonymous tip-line at 734-996-3199 or Detective Amy Ellinger at 734-996-3282.

Late night open thread

Johnny just got in after winning the Chelsea Caucus.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A couple photos from the New Years Day snowstorm

Johnny is lucky enough to know a photographer who is allowing us to use a couple of her shots from the big New Years Day snow that is STILL sticking to our trees and hedges and small pets. A walk around Ypsilanti gets us these snowy shots. Hat tip Wicked Mouse

And yet MORE wonderful images from our good friend Melanie

YCD was so busy yelling at EMU hoops they forgot to yell at U-M hoops

Has there EVER been a time when both teams in Washtenaw County were so moribund? EMU stinking along at 4-8 losing to 4-12 small schools while Michigan manages to perform as poorly as expected losing last night to Wisconsin 70-54 at the Crisler Arena.

The Manny Harris show began last night. He's all you'll need to pay attention to for Blue this year. A hot freshman with great skill, one wonders how he chose Michigan. We'll all know of him by the end of the year.

Michigan, 4-9, 0-1, plays again Saturday in West Dumpayette, worst road trip in the Big Ten against Four Purdue starters and Gene Keady's long lost toupee.

Maybe Johnny should take the cash and scram

There is a little online widget that SOME bloggers swear by. It lists in a figurative fashion how much your blog is worth in cash money based on ads (which YCD will NEVER run) and traffic and other magical measurements.

Johnny just plugged the Ypsi City Desk into the formula thingie and he's thinking he should just find a buyer and go retire somehwere warm, I mean he'll be RICH.

How Much Is Your Blog Worth?
Your blog,, is worth $6,209.94

See that? Johnny could live for years off of income like that. He'll be the first retired blogger who is rich, powerful and above the law.

Pfizer will donate 1 million to the Ann Arbor Community Foundation

The Pfizer Foundation announced it will contribute $1 million Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation to help support local nonprofits addressing health care, education, arts and culture.

"The Pfizer Foundation Board decided to make the grant because we recognized the need of local nonprofits in the area as they faced changes in their financial support structure due to the closure of the Pfizer Inc. facilities," said Rich Bagger, vice president of the Pfizer Foundation in a statement to the media.

YCD is going to resist the urge to be snarky and cynical and say this IS a very nice parting gesture, made we feel because Pfizer DID feel a part of the community and for whatever short sighted reasons they used to close the R&D facility here, they are giving something back.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Late night open thread

So, how's 2008 treatin ya?

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Sunset over Ann Arbor, 1/2/08

Chicago State 72, EMU 68, there's simply no excuse for this

Hey, look for a LONG TIME EMU basketball has gotten a pass for whatever reason. Nobody seemed willing to speak out online or in the newspapers about how BAD this thing has gotten and tonight is really bothering Johnny.

Johnny was friends (not BFF's, don't be ridonculous) with Ben Braun when he was here. Johnny has quite an affinity for EMU hoops. He will not be silent.

A loss like this one is utter CRAP. There is no reason for Eastern Michigan to lose to Chicago State at anything not related to being geographically located in Cook County Illinois. EMU had a 10 point lead in the first half, lost that lead and never led again after roughly 13:00 to go in the second half. YCD hasn't broken down the numbers. Wanna know why? YCD doesn't NEED to break down the numbers to say this team appears on a slippery slope to nowhere. It's not like Chicago State came in with great small school credentials. They WERE 4-12. That's right, FOUR up and TWELVE down.

Charles Ramsey, this can't keep happening. YCD has MUCH respect for you, but this loss has become FAR too indicative of the EMU program. A lackluster effort against a team EMU should be making hay against. Onto the MAC schedule, and sadly we're not hopping up and down over it.

EMU hoops at home tonight at the ACC vs Chicago State

EMU, 4-7 overall plays their last non-conference game tonight at home. Tipoff is 7pm and as always the game will not be carried by ESPN. YCD would make a joke here about all the 'Chicago State Cougars' coming to town and how this is a very GOOD thing, but this is a family blog.

EMU begins conference play Sunday in Mt. Boring vs the CMU Chumpewas. EMU will be home a week from Saturday, January 12 to square off vs. the Sissy Broncos of WMU. Yes, it's 2008 and and Western Michigan has OFFICIALLY changed the name of their teams to become more politically correct and have their name more accurately reflect the sports teams.

Cougars and Chumpewas and Sissy Broncos, OH MY

Dear Ann Arbor, your roads and sidewalks are still ATROCIOUS

Please put a top man on this. Do you homeowners and businesses not realize you are obligated to clear your sidewalks for pedestrians EVEN when it's a holiday or just plain inconvenient for you? Get on it and make it SNAPPY.

The people

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Late night open thread

Enjoy the snow, it'll be 50 by this upcoming Sunday

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Michigan football gameday

Michigan vs Florida in Lloyd's going away party.

Michigan will have to contend with the ultimate balanced QB in Florida Heisman winner Tim Tebow. 20+ TD passing and 20+ TD's running. The talent around Tebow is slightly greater than that of Appalachian State and Oregon. As they have ALL season, Michigan will need to run Senior Mike Hart for over 100 yards to control the clock, keep Tebow off the field and shorten the game. If Michigan is to win, they won't win pretty, they'll have to make it a Big Ten smashmouth classic.

It's New Years Day and the world is filled with hope.

Kickoff 1pm

Happy New Year from Ypsi City Desk

Ypsi City Desk hopes your 2008 is healthy and wealthy