Monday, June 30, 2008

Late night open thread

JUST announced today rock and rollers. September 23rd, at the venerable Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland Ohio, the incomparable Neko Case. No need to let the people from Ohio grab all the tickets, if you love Neko, act fast fast fast. Purchase tickets here.

How about a video? Here's Neko Case with 'Behind the House' from an Austin City Limits show

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Road closures pertaining to the Ypsilanti Township fireworks show

The Ann Arbor News has all the infotainment you'll need on this HERE.

Johnny took one look at it and went into troll mode----too long, didn't read, boring.

If you're going to the big show, that info will be most helpful...

Any of you hipsters going to the Rothbury Festival this upcoming weekend?

Johnny, who is imminently familiar with the area, is wondering how many of you rock and rollers are heading up to the village of 416 people. He'll give you a few tips here and if you email, he'll offer a secret back way into the Double JJ Ranch where it's being held. First, tips:

Leave EARLY. US 31 up past Muskegon is two lanes, with the exception of a couple miles where Business 31 loops back into Muskegon. 2 lanes with an expected crowd of 80,000 means SLOW traffic. Again, leave early.

Do a little car maintenance before going. Look, you'll probably be stuck in traffic, for LONG periods. It can be quite a walk and quite a wait if your car breaks down.

Bring food and water. Rothbury has one gas station, one small store and one bar. Plan ahead.

Email for the secret way in....

Looking for some cool walk around fun this 4th of July weekend?

Walk yourself down to Ypsilanti's Riverside Park for the All-Camaro car show. It's the 17th annual event and will be at Riverside Park July 5th and 6th from 8 am to 4pm both days. You'll get a chance to see stock Camaros and some that are highly modded.

For more details check out their website

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Late night open thread

A lovely breakfast, as always, at Harvest Moon Cafe then on to see Wanted. OK, review time. First off, Angelia Jolie is hot, and made even hotter when she is around great new weapons. It's funny, one really can't seeing other top actresses looking so comfortable with guns. Just can't see Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Scarlett Johansson, or say Cate Blanchett doing what Angelina does for big guns. As for our plot, yeaaaah. Never has so much time been spent trying to fill in the lead character without saying anything. Never did buy into his role. James McAvoy was fine for his part but left you feeling kinda empty as far as his character goes. John Cusack as an unlikely assassin in Grosse Point Blank worked very well. James McAvoy as one is a little forced, and a lot less likeable. For once, Johnny didn't buy Morgan Freeman in a role. He's pretty flawless normally in whatever role he plays, this one came up snake eyes. It's action packed, uber violent (note to parents, head shots kill people) and there are plenty of thrilling special effects. Some of the chase scenes are chopped up so quickly you lose contact with what's supposed to be going on. For a story about an everyday schlub suddenly involved in the world of fast paced assassinations, this could have been a lot better. The story never lives up to the potential in it.

5 out of 10

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Sunday morning open thread

We're throwing it open to you good citizens, Johnny's off to breakfast then to see the new movie 'Wanted' with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman at a matinee. If you're good we'll leave a review tonight...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Late night open thread

On this day in 1953, an American icon was born on a Flint assembly line. Today is the birthdate of the Chevrolet Corvette, probably the most iconic American car evah.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

U-M ranks third overall in the NCAA in best athletic programs, way cool

This is one of those aggregate awards meaning the university sports programs, ten mens and ten womens, are added and or subtracted to paint the picture of a school's might and Michigan is a way up the ladder.

The U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup standings for 2007-08 are as follows:

1) Stanford (Now Jim Harbaugh will never shut his yapper)
3) Michigan
4) Arizona State
5) Texas
6) Not Notre Dame
7) Not Ohio State
8) Slippery Rock
9) Still not Notre Dame
10) Still not Ohio State

Saturday open thread

We all have things to do today, if you have anything to say that comes to mind, tell us. Right now, Johnny's garden isn't gonna weed itself...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Late night open thread

Real celebrity names edition

Do you know who these people are?

Susan Tomaling
Natasha Gurdin
Lawrence Tero
Carlos Ray
Julia Elizabeth Wells

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark


Wow, one from the vaults. An EXTREMELY early video of the Pretenders doing 'Stop Your Sobbing'. Johnny cannot ever remeber seeing them in anything earlier than this. Certainly the pacing of the song is slower and the Honeyman-Scott guitar is heavier. From well back in the 70's, here's The Pretenders with 'Stop Your Sobbing' (sorry about the intro graphic, the song is more important than the guy ripping it).


Seriously, it's just a Friday night fun song to crank up, it has nothing to do with the previous video. Johnny said what needed saying. So, here is Beck on a steamy Friday night in Cool City with 'Loser'


A way back when, Johnny started this whole site to speechify. To complain long and loud about whatever ailed him. This video, a live vidcam capture of the brilliant Patty Griffin singing 'Goodbye', a touching, heartbreaking song and one Johnny is going to dedicate tonight.

Not in a touchy lovey way, no, more of a Godfather type kiss to a very selfish person. Of the many billion people on this hurtling pebble sized planet, this has an intended audience of one. They will one day perhaps stumble across this post, and will more than likely get it pretty quickly. Then maybe they'll think of someone besides themselves. Maybe. Go cry into your belito Ms. Courtnall.

Again, Patty Griffin with the mournful song 'Goodbye'

Friday morning open thread

Johnny's got business this morning (he's in negotiations to buy Westland) and the interns are on vacation.

Jibber Jabber

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Late night open thread

Ladies, is there some new kind of birthing method that Johnny doesn't know about?

Tracy woman gives birth, loses everything in fire

Scanning the AP wires in the fast moving YCD Newsroom® he came across this headline out of northern California and wanted to know if there was a different way women were having babies.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Some GOOD news to report in one of the robbed delivery driver cases

Two Ypsianti teenagers were arrested yesterday after using a cell phone to call in a bogus pizza delivery to an abandoned home on Buffalo street. The delivery driver pulled up and the teens approached him and said they had ordered the pizza but couldn't pay. When the delivery driver turned to leave they jumped him and beat him, one of the teens had a handgun as well.

Police traced the phone call made for the delivery to it's owner, and his 17 year old son was arrested yesterday. The 17 year old is in the County lockup while his 16 year old accomplice is in the Junior Disneyland Hotel.

Hey, Brian Mackie's office, we're WATCHING you on this one. How serious are you about ridding us of such trash? Again, we're watching and will hold you accountable for how the 17 year old is charged.

Send a STRONG message.

Remember, when you leave Ypsilanti for a visit, you are an ambassador of our fair city

And shame on Ypsilanti resident Frederick McKaney for not realizing this and assaulting his mother with a fork and then attacking his mom's neighbor with 10 pounds of chicken while visiting Jackson. Yes, you read that right.

McKaney was in Jackson where his mother lives. After she refused to give him some money, he stabbed her with a dinner fork in the neck, like ya do. That alone probably wouldn't have been enough to garner him mention in the Ypsi City Desk. No, the assault with the 10 pounds of chicken did that.

After stabbing his mother, he rode around the neighborhood on a bike. Spotting a neighbor, apparently he made a rude comment to her. She replied in kind. He then got off the bike, and swung the 10 pound bag of chicken, striking her in the head, causing her to get several staples to close the cut.

Fast Freddy is cooling his heels in the Jackson County lockup. And uh, Jackson, check with us first before releasing him, we might not want him back...

State Road in Pittsfield Township to close for a couple months near the NEW Wal-Mart

Yep, State Road between Old State Road and US-12 in September and October, will be closed to through traffic to make improvements on the roadway for the new Wal-Mart which will open at State Road and Michigan Avenue.

You get inconvenienced, and Wal-Mart makes the profit. It's how America works now. Your local governments are subsidiaries of huge corporations and will bend over backwards to give them what they want to 9 times out of 10. Before you start the 'but they bring jobs' lecture, yeah, they lock people in their stores, have been sued and shown to force workers to work for free, and since they won't give the employees insurance or full 40 hour a week jobs in most cases they ALSO teach them how to apply for state assistance. Yep, Wal-Mart teaches employees exactly where to go and what to fill out to get state assistance. NICE.

Think on that while you find a different route out that way this fall.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Late night open thread

On this day in music history, these song were #1:

1966--'Paperback Writer' by the Beatles
1977--'Got to Give it Up' by Marvin Gaye
1988--'Foolish Beat' by Debbie Gibson

Which video should we show?

Marvin Gaye it is

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

You remember the RECYCLED bookmarks the University of Michigan was giving out at the GREEN FAIR? Yeah, those are being recalled for LEAD

Yep citizens, they needed to be recalled because these "eco-friendly" circuit board bookmarks are tainted with lead. Nothing says green quite like lead tainted bookmarks BUT they are 'recalling' them and there is something in it for you, a 25$ certificate for Whole Foods if you contact U-M here and then return it.

U-M says if you got one of these lead tainted bookmarks, don't stand there licking it, put it in a plastic bag (and plastic is also eco friendly) for safe keeping.

Hey kids, since this is concert season, there's a ticket company to steer clear of

There is a company perhaps MORE shiftless than Ticketmaster out there. YCD is reminding you to do your homework but you should probably not go to Johnny spent some time reading about the horror that is trying to get your actual concert tickets from these jokers. Don't take our word for it, read for yourself and maybe save yourself some do-re-mi.

SOME of the recent E coli bacteria in meat traced to Kroger

According to the Associated Press, some E coli tainted hamburger meat has been traced to Kroger stores in Southeast Michigan. Kroger said they were working with health departments to backtrack the tainted meat.

We're not trying to scare you off Kroger hamburger, but you do have a right to know where this E coli bacteria is turning up

4 climbers lost on Mt. Ypsilanti overnight

4 climbers have lost contact with their base station overnight on Mt. Ypsi. Rescue helicopters are searching for them and St. Bernard dogs are being brought in from wherever they can be found.

Let this be a lesson thrillseekers. Mt. Ypsi is no toy, it's a REAL dangerous mountain

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Late night open thread

The moon is out tonight over the Huron Valley, and here is another moon, a large NASA image of Saturn's moon Tethys. An incredibly sharp image from the Cassini spacecraft, which sent this picture back from a mere 800 million miles away.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

No, that really WAS a slow-speed dump truck chase you saw in Ann Arbor last night

The same wisenheimer who broke into a Dariy Queen June 10, decided he needed to get liquored up and take a dump truck for a drunk drive through Tree City USA at roughly 3 am. Police picked up the chase after being alerted to the theft at U-M, they tried pulling him over but he refused, instead leading them on a slow speed chase to the University of Michigan golf couse where dude jumped out of the truck and took off on foot.

Police caught him shortly thereafter.

EMU grad student is Miss Michigan!

That's right boys and girls, the new Miss Michigan, Ashlee Baracy, is a former U-M grad and now an EMU grad student working on her Masters Degree. Baracy, originally from Westland (and following up in Westland's own Mike Modano's steps as he also won Miss Michigan) Ashlee was representing Wayne County in the competition. If Ashlee were to win the Miss America pageant she'd be the second Michigan winner in a row, following up on the success last year of Kirsten Haglund.

Ashlee says one of her biggest goals is to promote the Pink Door Program in Michigan. The Pink Door offers free mammograms to women of all ages, no questions asked.

Well done Ashlee, and you never said "The Iraq"...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Late night open thread

Ladies, should you happen to find yourselves in Helena Montana one evening, and also find yourself having a good time perhaps imbibing in spirits, keep this in mind:

In Helena Montana a woman cannot dance on a saloon table unless her clothing weights more than three pounds, two ounces

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

With the spate of delivery driver robberies lately...

...and with a lot of them happening in the same apartment complexes (yes we had another one today, a Jimmy John's driver was pistol whipped in the Tuscan Creek apartments), MAYBE it's time for all the food delivery places around town, in order to protect their employees, draws up a RED ZONE of complexes/buildings they simply won't go to, ANY of them. No Dominos, no Jimmy Johns, no Chinese food, no NOTHING until the people who run those places clean them up. If that means some troublemakers have to go sobeit. If people get mad enough about not getting food delivery, they'll complain to management.

We're tired of seeing delivery drivers have the crap kicked out of them doing their jobs. If they brought a gun with them they'd be fired. If they fight back and win, their company will be sued. It's time to help the HONEST people do their jobs.

So, you heading down to Detroit tonight for the Fireworks?

Should be beautiful today in the mid-70's, nice and cool and dry for tonight. Tell us, do you have a secret spot you always go? A secret way into town to help beat traffic?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Late night open thread

Best wishes to the family of Scott Kalitta, an NHRA drag racer who died in an accident at the Lucas Oil NHRA SuperNationals. Scott had local ties to Ypsilanti. Scott is the son of Connie Kalitta, a legendary NHRA driver and team owner who owns Kalitta Air, an air freight company based at Willow Run Airport.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Some EXCELLENT news this morning, an arrest made in the Lindsay Graygo murder *UPDATED*

The Washtenaw County Sheriff has announced a former neighbor of Lindsay's has been arrested and charged today with open murder, sexual assault and larceny.

This neighbor moved out of the apartment complex shortly after Lindsay's murder and moved to Ann Arbor but not before giving a DNA sample to police which recently was matched with DNA found on Lindsay's body.

More information on this as it becomes available, but we're very happy about this news.

If you'd like to contribute to a scholarship in her name, or know more about Linsday's amazing life, check out the website dedicated to her here.

UPDATE--The individual charged with Lindsay's murder is one Derrick Oliver, 31, who is being held without bond this morning. Oddly, he drew SOME police suspicion to himself when he said after the murder he no longer felt safe in the complex, and told them he was moving out, according to reports. Face it, the beginning of the end was when he gave a DNA sample...

UPDATE #2--Yeah, DNA is very very good evidence but remember (and police haven't indicated if they recovered her stolen purse) but if you have come in contact with Derrick Oliver and he was seen with or presented someone with the gift of a Via Spiga handbag with shoulder straps, burgundy and black in color with snakeskin trim, let the Washtenaw County Sheriff know at 734-973-7711. Mr. Oliver has just plead 'not guilty' at his arraignment. No doubt he'll say they had consensual relations to account for the DNA (even though he told police he hardly knew her). Please, if you have knowledge of him with or speaking of such a bag, make the call.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Late night open thread

How about a chilling story told by a great actor before bed tonight? Here is the story of the USS Indianapolis as told by Captain Quint, Robert Shaw, in Jaws. This remains one of the more captivating moments in cinema.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Ypsitucky is not a four letter word

There seems to be some dust up over Zingerman's Roadhouse (which we love and the people there really love food) is advertising a Harriette Arnow Tribute Dinner, or Appalachian heritage dinner. The American Table Culinary Tours is calling it an 'Ypsitucky Supper'.

Big Deal. A meal is a celebration. American Table Culinary Tours also refers to 'Hillbilly Highways' southerners took to find employment up north. Again, if that was their nickname, it was. They're not called that today, it's historical reference. It's not being used in a mocking way, they're not trying to offend anyone, that'd be counterproductive.

Truth be told, Ypsitucky should mean hard working salt of the earth people who weren't afraid of a hard days work for a days pay. People who helped win World War II by turning Willow Run into a weapon more powerful than anything but the atom bomb. People who helped drive the Motor City's heyday.

So go eat up, it's a tribute as long as we don't let it become a slur. The REAL controversy is why an Ann Arbor business would be celebrating the Appalachian state........of being.

What: The Harriette Arnow Tribute Dinner

Where: Zingerman's Roadhouse, 2501 Jackson Ave

When: June 27, 8 pm

Cost: $75 for a four-course meal with wine/liquor pairings

The Huron Valley is under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 7pm

There are some pretty intense thunderstorms building to our west and southwest. Just be on the lookout...

We don't care what kind of cool criminal nickname they gave her, she needs to be in jail

We sometimes wonder how it works against the best interests of society to glorify criminals acts with media created names, such as 'Son of Sam Strikes Again', or 'Jack the Ripper Claims Another Victim'. So imagine our distain when seeing this headline trumpeting a female criminal here in our fair state yesterday. We don't know who Salmon Ella is, we just want her behind bars.

"Michigan confirms 2 more salmon ella cases"

We'll find you Ella, you can't hide forever

Friday, June 20, 2008

Late night open thread

Dateline: Londonderry, New Hampshire -- A woman opened her mailbox this week expecting to reach in and grab her mail and received quite a start as she instead found a three foot corn snake staring back at her.

Sweet dreams

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark


Go to your windows. Open them. It's beautiful out. It'll officially be summer in another 3 hours. Breathe the summer air. Now turn your speakers up. This is a listen and enjoy the fresh air and not a watch clip.

Here is the phenomenal Bob Marley with 'Three Little Birds'

Every little thing, is gonna be alright

Friday night MULTIMEDIA EXTRAVAGANZA with 999!

Feeling punky tonight citizens. And what better way to get some angst out than a song about homicide. Yessir, it's 'Homicide' by the band 999. The band formed in 1976 and broke up briefly but are back together and tour today. They can be found at the 999 website.


Dear Johnny Kasem...

Here's TrixieLoves Ypsi's long distance request. It's Wilco with 'Box Full of Letters'. Trixie will hip you to the details in comments.

U-M tuition this fall going up 5.6 percent

An incoming Universty of Michigan freshman student from Michigan can expect to pay now upwards of 11K a year on tuition. Graduate students at U-M will be paying 5% more this upcoming year.

Did we mention the 7.1 BILLION dollar endowment the University of Michigan sits on?

At some point in the near future we're gonna have to ask the question: Is an undergrad degree from Michigan worth all that? The knee jerk reaction has always been "Well yes, it's Michigan after all".

We're just not so sure that dog hunts anymore.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Late night open thread

So the Big Ten Network and Comcast have reached an agreement. Big deal, they're both despicable. The first year, the Big Ten Network will be part of expended basic cable. It'll begin August 15 and run until the last basketball game of the upcoming year. THEN, Comcast has the OPTION of moving the Big Ten Network up to digital service.

Gee, we wonder if that will happen.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Friday night fun at 'The Full Moon Paddle'

First, heads out of gutters, secondly, the Gallup Park Canoe Livery, located at scenic 3000 Fuller Road, is offering YOU the opportunity to canoe the Huron River by moonlight, THIS Friday, yeah, tomorrow.

The canoeing will be from 8-11 pm and canoes and kayaks and U-boats will be available at the livery but they ask that you do bring a flashlight.

The cost is $18 dollars which isn't bad if you get 7 or 8 people in your canoe.

Call 734-668-7411 for info...

News and notes on a Thursday morning

There is a car crash on westbound M-14 this morning, perfectly placed at US-23 so if you're in your car reading Ypsi City Desk, there you go, a tip from the YCD Traffic Copter.

Also, Ann Arbor was rated one of the ten best 'brainiest' places to retire. When Johnny retires he's switiching the brain OFF and looking to retire in on of the ten most 'funnest' places to retire. Just saying.

Welcome to Thursday, it'll be here all day...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Late night open thread

Now that hockey is over, Johnny is way ready for football

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Welcome to 'Doritos Presents Huron High School', we ain't kidding

Ah yes, as money is THE most important thing we have, the Ann Arbor School Board's Planning Committee decided to go ahead with selling naming rights to schools as well as classrooms. The A2 School Board will receive the plan tonight which allows anyone with the money, to buy a name. For example, if you have just 25% of what it would cost to build a school (The Ann Arbor News used an example of Skyline High School which would cost you $23 million to slap a name on). No word on how much classroom sponsorship would go for.

The Matt Drudge Journalism Classroom

The Rightway Baptist Church Biology Creationism Lab

The Woody Hayes Memorial locker room

The Sara Lee lunchroom

Vitamin Water presents US History in room 212

What's that old line again? Oh yes, Anne Arbor is a whore......

The 'Contact Buzz Concert Series' proudly presents Willie Nelson tomorrow at Hill Auditorium

OK, so the show is being put on by the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. It is tomorrow night at Hill and tickets are 35 and 70 bones. The show starts at 8 pm so don't get caught out on Willie's tour bus and uh, um, forget you have a show to go to...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Late night open thread

With Mystery Science Theater 3000! Let's thrill to the short film 'Here Comes the Circus' and the hilarity that ensues

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Riverside Art Center will get their $549,000 elevator

Yep, and it'll only cost $200,000 more than EMU paid for the Clery Act violations. We love art, we love artists, but $549,000 right now for an ELEVATOR to use an Art Center in THESE times? Sorry, we're not jumping up and down. Of all the things this grant money COULD have been spent on to improve the community right now, this was way down the list. We understand the hard work and sweat that went into getting it, still, enjoy it, but it serves nothing more that a niche market right now and Ypsi should be thinking BIG picture. Bringing a handful of EMU art students downtown isn't really it.

So now we'll se if this 500K elevator will, in the words of Bill Kinley, president of the Riverside Art Center Foundation Board, help revitalize downtown Ypsilanti

"The art center is an important piece of the puzzle to revitalize downtown"

Uh, no it's not. It's for a niche market. Arts are nice, in financial times like these, this city has more pressing needs.

And when does the state have 500 large to spend on art center elevators?

City of Ann Arbor reverses it's grass clipping policy

So whatever you WERE doing with your grass clippings, make like George Costanza and do the opposite. If you were throwing them in the street, throw them in your yard. If you were waiting until dark to toss them in the neighbor to your left's yard, now throw them in your neighbor to the right's yard.

You get the idea.

Or you can just put them in the wheeled curb-side compost cart, that's OK too

Monday, June 16, 2008

Late night open thread

On this day in history, in 1884, the very first roller coaster opened at Coney Island New York. It traveled 6 whole miles an hour and cost a nickel to ride. It wasn't called a roller coaster originally, but rather a 'switchback railway'. Coney Island is also the reported home of the hot dog, 17 years earlier.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

A question for U-M Vice Provost Phil Hanlon, is it dark down there, where you keep your head in the sand?

Instead of dealing with two professors, following up on an Ann Arbor News report about the University of Michigan pushing athletes towards less rigorous majors (you know, the joke about athletes that's been going on forever filled with classes on underwater basketweaving etc), U-M Vice Provost Phil Hanlon decided those questions were TOO HARD. Phil didn't like them so he HIDES behind the Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs. See, Phil at first agreed to be above board and answer the questions, until he saw them. Suddenly the questions weren't SACUA sanctioned. Suddenly Phil stuck his head in the sand again chanting to himself "Everything is fine at Michigan, Go Blue, Champions of the West".

Gutless move Phil, for an athletic program you cover for constantly, a fine example you set. Well if you're hiding from hard questions as Vice Provost, can we be surprised this story is about U-M student athletes hiding from hard classes?

Police actually had to close the RIVER in Dexter this weekend

Police in Dexter, after having to rescue some 10 canoeists in the Huron River from overturned canoes when they all struck the same downed tree in said river. The Washtenaw County Sheriff's marine unit had to be called to rescue the weekend warriors from the drink.

Canoeing was stopped for the remainder of the day or until they could outfit the canoes with GPS 'no tree' units.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Late night open thread

The average lifespan of a $1 bill in circulation is a mere 18 months. Now you know.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Severe Thunderstorm watch in effect for the Huron Valley until 9pm

Zoinks, hurry the BBQ the hell up, tell dad to eat like the pro he is. Possibility of severe storms tonight. With all we've seen from Texas to Iowa to Wisconsin, I'd take these warnings seriously. We had a taste of it a few days back. You've got about an hour or so to enjoy the peach cobbler and grab another brew.

Happy Father's Day from YCD

For all you do, this thread's for you...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Late night open thread

5 good and very funny minutes tonight with Mitch Hedberg before bed.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Back to back--Ypsi High grad and U-M junior Tiffany Ofili wins NCAA title in hurdles

Tiffany Ofili defended her NCAA title in the 100 meter hurdles with an amazing time of 12.84 at the championships in Des Moines, Iowa. Nice running Tiffany, everyone here is very proud. As is customary you may now loot and pillage for 48 hours.

Sunny Saturday open thread

It's way too nice to play indoors today. You kids go outside to play. Go climb a tree.

Late night open thread

If Drew Barrymore thinks she can just march her moving picture company into Washtenaw County without first giving an interview to the Ypsi City Desk she's sadly mistaken. Her production company, Flower Films, is looking to set up an office in Saline to shoot their newest film 'Whip It' about a small town girl who follows her dream into roller derby against her parents wishes.

An interview here would give you that valuable street cred that's traded like currency on the hard streets of Saline.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Friday, June 13, 2008


They're from Chapel Hill, Nawth Carolina and they rock hard. Songs about cheap motels, 8 piece boxes of fried chicken, dirt track dates, skunks and booze.

Mary Huff takes vocals on this'n, with Rick Miller on guitar and Dave Hartman on whatever he uses for drums on any particular song. Southern Culture on the Skids with 'Nitty Gritty


Twelve number one hits. Twelve. For a while on the charts The Supremes rivaled the kids from Liverpool. They almost weren't The Supremes at all. They USED to be the Primettes. Originally Barry Gordy thought they were too young to be stars. He finally agreed to sign them if they'd change their name. Gordy gave Florence Ballard a list of names to choose from. She chose The Supremes which Diana Ross and Mary Wilson didn't like because they felt it was too masculine sounding.

Huh, one time Diana didn't get her way. Here are The Supremes with 'Baby Love'

Oh, and PLEASE come up with suggestions as to the possible name of the dance the gorpy white kid is doing right in front of the stage about halfway through.


She was voted America's best songwriter by Time magazine in 2002. She's also a 3 time Grammy winner. Born in Lake Charles Louisiana she's set up shop in Austin, Jackson Mississippi, Los Angeles and Nashville. Not bad places to stop off and practice your craft.

Here now, Lucinda Williams with 'Can't Let Go'

If you're headed west to Ludington area this weekend, not so fast

Our friends on the west side of the state were DELUGED with 10 inches of rain overnight, washing away roads and CLOSING sections of US 31 (among other roads).

From the Muskegon Chronicle:

Michigan Department of Transportation is closing U.S. 31 in Mason County from Manistee to Scottville because of the condition of the local roads and weather-related rain damage. A new detour route will be established using M-55, M-37, and U.S. 10 in order to ensure a safe trip for motorists.

Flash flood warnings were in effect overnight for Lake, Manistee, Mason, Missaukee and Wexford counties, the weather service said.

We're not saying don't go, just call ahead, it might save you a detour into the middle of nowhere...

(Hat tip to CP for the info)

Hey, Judge Melinda Morris, if Harry Pittman bolts, we'll come to you first

And YOU can serve his time. YOU are on the hook until this trial ends for his whereabouts, kitty kat.

You let a man charged with MURDER, someone accused of being involved in a shotgun murder out on the street, with wild claims back and forth he WOULD try to escape if let out of jail, on a $10,000 bond. He's already fled in this case once.

Pittman's attorney said if he had to wear a tether, there would be no way he could possibly flee. Judge Melinda Morris agreed. Maybe Judge Morris should spend some time reading the Michigan Department of Corrections webpage if she thinks a tether is foolproof:

ESCAPE2: Prisoners who escaped from a non-secure or non-prison location, such as a corrections center or who broke their electronic tethers, are given this designation. Escapees pose a direct threat to the health, safety and welfare of any person, household or community. To report an escapee, please send email

So, until he shows up in court, Judge, you're on the hook to the community at large.

We're going to give the YCD final word to the mother of the victim in this case Leo Weathers, Ms. Latonya Wiseman:

"It's total bull, how do you get $10,000 bond on a felony murder charge? I'm outraged."

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Late night open thread

Uruguay celebrates their Independence Day on August 25th. Try and work that into your conversations tomorrow.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Local criminal tries sticking up video store, then tries making his quick getaway on an AATA Bus....Key word here, TRIES

You can scan the police blotters for weeks and not get one this good. A man entered the Video Hut video store, at 428 North Hewitt around 7:40 pm last night. He had a gun and a plan.

Neither of which helped him.

First off, his plan ran afoul when the clerk refused to give him any money. Under threat by gun the clerk told him NO (you can argue the merits of such actions if you'd like to in comments). No, gimme the money. NO. So, the would be thief ran north on Hewitt towards Washtenaw Avenue.

A customer who was there on his bike (and someone we'd LOVE to interview--email us) followed the crook and saw him make his getaway on an AATA Bus, the #4 route. The biker called police and told him where they could find the Wile E. Coyote of crime and police pulled the bus over and made with the cuffs.

Wile E. remains in Washtenaw County Jail awaiting an arraignment later today. No doubt one he won't be taking the bus to.

Oh, and the gun? It was an air-soft gun.

The pre-season college football rankings for Washtenaw County are out today

The first Ypsi City Desk/Sports Amalgamated Washtenaw County college football rankings were released a mere 30 minutes ago. Let's take a look shall we?

1) Eastern Michigan
2) Michigan

Normally you'd find the Wolverines up top but the bad losses last year, the uncertainity of a new coach and program direction, lawsuits back and forth between West Virginia and an exodus of starters all conspire to drop Michigan to #2. EMU defeated Western AND Central last year and have a stabilizing entity as head coach who is not embroiled in needless controversy. Add to this fact EMU only lost to Michigan by 11 last year and that's where the flip comes in.

So, the kids are out of school soon, are you going anywhere this summer?

Gas prices gonna keep you close by? Are you saying the hell with it and going anyway? Tell us where and what makes your vacation spot so darned cool...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Late night open thread

Johnny's 'Believe it or Else' edition...

*Clinophobia is the fear of beds
*Tourists visiting Iceland should know that tipping at a restaurant is considered an insult
*Dolphins sleep with one eye open
*More people use blue toothbrushes than red ones
*The praying mantis is the only insect that can turn its head
*In the year 2000, Pope John Paul II was named an 'Honorary Harlem Globetrotter'

And finally, which is the only king without a moustache in a standard deck of cards? Answer HERE

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Canoe racing? You mean the sport of kings is back?

That's right sports fans, canoe racing is coming to a river near you, if you live by the Huron River. The first ever Huron River Canoe Challenge will be held in Gallup Park June 21st (gee thanks for the training time). There will be two professional races, sorry no wagering, and one fun race for the general public.

First race at 10 bells which will be a professional one person 6 mile race. The public race will begin at noon with a 2 mile course.

Lastly there will be a professional 2 person race at 1 pm which is a 12 mile race and includes, get this, dam portaging. So many races are won and lost portaging, or something...

Registration will begin at 9.

We know from watching canoe racing on cable til all hours that much like in bobsledding you need a great team behind you and a great start to get out ahead of the choppy water.

Lincoln Schools switch over to the TRIMESTER system

The system switch will begin in the 2009-10 school year. The school will have to move from a six period day to a five period day. A committee has also been formed to decide how also to align curriculum.

We're skeptical but we'll see. Sounds like money was a bigger deciding factor than education (to us simply teaching the MEAP test to get high scores doesn't count as education). But if you disagree with it you do have a school board vote to voice your displeasure with the powers that be.

Sonic Lunch series continues tomorrow on Liberty Plaza

The band HiDef will be playing at noon in the Liberty Plaza as part of the Sonic Lunch Series being put on by the A2 Chamber of Commerce. Next Thursday at noon will be The Terraplanes.

Grab a hot dog, grab a beverage, shut your yapper and enjoy some good music outside

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Late night open thread

Humorist, author, and brother of Amy Sedaris, David Sedaris, will be performing a way out there in October at the Hill Auditorium. October 16th is the date to keep in mind and June 20th is when tickets go on sale. $30 dollars gets you in the door, $40 gets you closer.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Just suppose for a moment you won a 50 million dollar lottery

Yes, we know you'd help out friends and family and lavish them with nice things. At least we hope you'd drop SOME coin on those around you. This however is not the question of the day. What would YOU buy? What is the FIRST store you'd drive to or website you'd go to exercise your giddy self in retail therapy? Would it be a realtor? A car dealer? A jewelry store? A box office for primo tickets to something?

Tell us what you'd buy first. Be Gordon Gekko for a few minutes, "Greed is Good"

YCD Action Weather Team says 'It's raining outside'

How's that for info you can use? Newsflash, tonight will be dark with periods of light by morning.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Late night open thread

We can complain about our own town from time to time but sometimes you step back and watch another community bungle things. Dearborn Heights is demanding ice cream trucks only use bells to signal their arrival, no music of any kind. You know, that wonderful sound of calliope music you hear at most ten times a summer that pricks your ears up while recalling summers past and brings kids running. What a smile filled slice of summer. Just not in Dearborn Heights. This idea was drummed up by council member Burgermeister Meisterburger shown below.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Back by popular demand (No, REALLY), the Ypsitucky Colonels live and local!

In case you missed them a week or so ago at the Corner Brewery, the Ypsitucky Colonels make their second local appearance in as many weeks, when they take over Club 23 this Saturday – the 14th. Club 23 is conveniently located at the corner of Willis and Carpenter Roads in beautiful Greater Milan. That's right ... just a hop, skip and drunk drive away from the Colonels’ natural, Ypsitucky habitat. The Colonels are busy polishing their Beatle boots in anticipation of a a rip-roarin’ three set show in Club 23’s friendly confines. Catch ’em soon, before they sell out to The Man and start playing disco-lite versions of their greatest hits.

Share your storm stories with us

Did you have any damage to your property? Any harrowing tales of escape? Feel free to share them.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Late night open thread

What actor played the school principal in E.T., only to have his scene cut when director Steven Spielberg decided that his presence would be too distracting? Answer HERE

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Severe Thunderstorm Watch for the Huron Valley until 10PM

Eyes to the skies citizens, off to the west it's looking a little like rough trade...

Sunday Moanin open thread

Lay it on us after you get back from church and before you hit the pool...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Late night open thread

So, Big Brown was a Big Dud today huh? Couldn't win the Triple Crown.

Know who did? Secretariat

Historical perspective. Secretariat's time of 2:24 for the mile and a half is STILL the world record.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

This just in--Local fishermen report sighting of GIANT CAT HEAD with LASER BEAM EYES

Three local fishermen tell the Ypsi City Desk they were fishing the Huron River in Ypsilanti about 3:30 this morning at the Peninsular waterfall near the LeForge Bridge when suddenly up the river from the west came the cat head.

"We saw it all the way from the bend near the Superior Street Bridge said frightened fisherman Jeffrey Hill. "That's just messed up. I mean a CAT HEAD with lasers. We weren't even drinking". Added cohort Vince Thomas "It moves faster than you'd think a floating cat head could". The cat's laser eyes caused a small brushfire along the railroad tracks said an official who asked his name not be given.

Citizens, this is the third sighting within a year, it can be found anywhere in Washtenaw County. When are local officials going to take this menace seriously?


When it's hot like this, how do you stay cool?

Other than going to where it's air conditioned, what are your tips on staying cool? Or, are you someone who utterly adore the hot and the humid?

Late night open thread

Johnny's never been to Guatemala, but he's guessing Ypsilanti tonight feels a lot like it. Whew is it sticky.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Friday, June 6, 2008


We don't know what the hell John Waite thinks or doesn't when it's time for the rock star hair coloring thing. FUSCIA, gotta have it. We love the Babys, a handful of great songs in the late 70's, some real power pop. Johnny saw a couple years ago John Waite was performing up at one of the casinos near Traverse City and we just couldn't still imagine getting there and seeing FUSCIA hair in the casino.

Here's The Baby's with 'Isn't it Time'.


The first time Johnny heard Fiona Apple he couldn't believe the depth and scope of her music when told she was 18. Here's the video that spooked everyone, 'Criminal'. It's funny, if Britney Spears had done this same video, tongues would have wagged and it might well have been the video they show on MTV each day.

Fiona Apple with 'Criminal' and the song itself is tip top, let alone the video that did what it set out to, make frienemies


Let's slide into some riffing and picking with Junior Brown before the weather sets upon us. You leadfoots will get a kick out of this song, 'Highway Patrol'. Mr Brown invented the unique guitar/steel guitar he plays which he actually calls his 'guit-steel'.

Here's the incomparable Junior Bown with 'Highway Patrol'

The Huron Valley is under a TORNADO WATCH until 10PM tonight

Could be some nasty bidness later on campers, keep an eye to the sky. Thunderstorms with winds gusts up to 90 mph, 2" hail and now a tornado watch.

The heat isn't the only thing to keep up on today.

EMU 'agrees' to pay $350K for violating the Clery Act

Yeah, 'agrees' as in they have no choice. Eastern Michigan University will pay $350,000 to the US Department of Education for violating the Clery Act, which mandates universities inform their residents when something heinous, like, mmm, a murder takes place on your campus.

This is the largest fine EVER for violating this act.

Don't take our disgust at face value, here's Mary Gust, director of administrative actions and appeals with the DoE:

"an egregious violation, which endangered the entire EMU campus community."

Again, we'd like to thank those who really helped made this fine all possible; Former President John Fallon, former Vice President of Student Affairs Jim Vick and former Public Safety Director Cindy Hall. Well played.

Record high temps today--do be careful

We've had no time to acclimate to this hot hot humidity so use caution especially if you're headed downtown to the D for the parade. 90-94 today with heat indexes up in the upper 90's.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Late night open thread

Who owns the moon? Please show all work

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Water Street Project lurches forward, ever so slightly

The Ypsilanti City Council has hired C.B. Richard Elllis for the sum of $56,000 to do a feasibility study AND market the project nationally to see if a developer can be found.

Brian Robb, D-3, and stickler for saving tax dollars for residents, did not think yet another study was warranted:

"It's like we're throwing money away, and they are going to tell us we need mixed development."

We tend to agree with Brian on this. How many studies are we gonna pay for all telling us the same thing? Granted, the last study done was in 2001 but let's just say the site hasn't changed in size or style. It's still there.

Why should this concern you? It's big money right now being siphoned out of your pockets with more, much more to come. The Ann Arbor News has more:

The city has changed the focus of the project from residential to a mixed use of residential and commercial. The city has spent about $23.5 million on the project so far, money that came from loans, bonds and grants. Loans, bonds and refinancing cost about $15.7 million and will cost the city about $15.6 million in interest that will have to be paid by 2031. The total cost to taxpayers is about $31.4 million.

The "We are still WAY too excited from last night to worry about blog posts for now" open thread

It's on you Washtenaw County to say something interesting, silly, ridonculous or incendiary for now. Talk Wings if you wanna, certainly no harm in that!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Late night open thread

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

African American Downtown Festival is this Saturday

So, looking for something to do on a HOT steamy Saturday? The African American Downtown Festival which takes place at N. Fourth Avenue and Ann Street (which was the area many black businesses set up shop from the 1940's through the 1970's) from 9 am to 9 pm.

Poetry, Gospel, a fraternity step show, and a very special 'Ultimate Kidz Korner' will greet you there.

We're gonna give the YCD last word to Festival Coordinator Teesha Montague:

"We're excited. We definitely want this to be the best festival ever."

Ypsilanti City Council passes $14 million dollar budget

The Ypsi City Council passed next year's budget last night, fully funding AATA bus service into and out of the city with cuts in many other places. There were "layoffs' associated with the budget however none of these positions has anyone in them now so it's more of an elimination of the postion.

The millage will be increased 1.02 mills which will be used to pay for pensions for police officers and firefighters and street improvement loans. It amounts to an increase of 100 bucks for every $200K in your home's market value.

YCD wants to pass along our most heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Steven Bigelow

Steve was one of the co-owners of the Varsity Barber Shop on Liberty near Main. He has also on several occasions cut Johnny's hair. Johnny liked Steve very much. Always had a great story or a kind word. Johnny saw Steve just a couple days before his tragic motorcycle accident on May 31. He also walked by the Varsity Barber Shop and saw the flowers and black ribbon in the doorway and thought perhaps one of the guys had a death in the family. We looked in the doorway this morning and saw it was Steve who passed away.

We here at YCD would like to pass along our best wishes to Steve's family and friends. He was a salt of the earth kinda guy. He'll be missed.

The memorial service is today in Brooklyn, Mich.

"A Healing Farewell Service to celebrate Steven's life will take place on Wednesday, June 4, 2008 at 11 a.m at Borek Jennings Funeral Home, Braun Chapel in Brooklyn with Rev. Kelly D. Smith officiating. In lieu of flowers, memorial contri-butions may be given to the family for future designation. Envelopes will be available at the funeral home on Tuesday where the family will receive friends from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. Please sign Steven's guest book at"

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Late night open thread

With today being the birthday of one Tony Curtis, born in 1925, let's celebrate with a clip from one of Johnny's all time favorite movies, The Great Race. It features Mr. Curtis as the Great Leslie trying to outfox and ultimately defeat his arch rival Professor Fate, played by the brilliant Jack Lemmon with his sidekick Peter Falk.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Borders with BIG layoffs today

156 of them. Johnny HAD this news earlier, along with other news coming down the pipeline, but didn't run it out of deference to moles inside Borders.

So, today 156 of your friends and neighbors pay for the incompetence of George Jones and the Borders Board of Directors. Well played George, how you still have a job is beyond us. Near as we can tell all you do is send out a yearly report begging for your cronies to be revoted to the board. Gee, and we wonder why layoffs are necessary.

There is more to this story coming...

Ann Arbor OK's chickens in your back yard

By a vote of 7-4, the ownage of up to four hens was approved by Ann Arbor City Council last night. Some stipulations were put in place as far as housing of said chickens and you would need an OK from your neighbors, but as of now, Ann Arbor has taken the lead in spreading the bird flu (and omelettes) in Washtenaw County. The four who voted NO on owning chickens were Joan Lowenstein, Stephen Rapundalo, Leigh Greden and Chris Easthope.

Will you be getting a chicken or four?

Water prices in Ann Arbor are: A) Going Down or B) Going Up

If you guessed B, give yourself a gold star and get out your wallets. The local water bill in Tree City will be going up roughly $30 bucks a year. Water rates will go up 4.62 %, wastewater 3.2 %, and stormwater 11.09 %.

Monday, June 2, 2008

One big old Red Wings post running all the day (and night) long

If the Wings aren't your cup of tea, and we DO have doctor referral slips if they're not, you might wanna come back later tomorrow. Johnny's rules today. We're gonna try to go with one big updated free flowing post of all the fun and moment to moment emotions and superstitions of today. Feel free to post away in comments. We're running with this thread all day unless Ypsilanti or Ann Arbor suddenly blow up or Mt. Ypsilanti erupts.

The Wings, when presented with a chance to eliminate the opponent in the Finals the last three times are 3-0. Hopefully 4-0 tonight.

Could be a banner night

Thought #1-This is the day Gary Bettman dreads most in his miserable life

Thought #2-Hey, it's a Joe Louis standard when the Wings take the ice

Thought #3-Did you know when they watch the game in Birmingham England tonight, they'll be watching Channel 5?

Thought #4-5:40 pm Johnny begins pricing Zetterberg sweaters WITH the Stanley Cup patch in earnest. Could it be that some of his government stimulus check will stimulate the Canadian economy?

Thought #5-Does anybody think this excessive coverage of all things Wings on the local news is bothersome? Normally we'd think that would be the case but after all this area has been through lately, let's be narcissists for an evening and be proud of ourselves.

Thought #6-Must breathe

Pre-game--Goal light, check, squeaky octopus, check. Let's get it on

High Def feed goes out, Johnny gets angry

OK, that sucked. A little rain must fall apparently. Datsyuk will win it.

WHEW, into the humid night it goes. What netminding by this Penguin kid

Looks like the parade will have to wait a few days

Arizona wins the Ann Arbor Regional

Arizona defeated Kentucky last night 5-3, handing Kentucky their second and eliminating loss. Earlier in the day Kentucky won a rematch with Michigan, winning 12-6 and eliminating the Wolverines.

Well done Arizona, now, go take your regional title and do something with it...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Late night open thread

Tonight is like Christmas Eve when you were a kid for us Red Wings fans, only Christmas doesn't come every year in hockey. Johnny is an absolute veg. No doubt Gary Bettman will insist Cindy Crosby touch the Stanley Cup for the NBC cameras before the Wings get it. The NBC announcing team are like a hockey See and Say, where you pull the string and yet the only recordings you hear are ones about some aspect of Cindy Crosby's life.

Johnny was snuggled all tight in his bed
While visions of Stanley Cup #11 danced in his cavernous head.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Traffic hassles near Main St. and Huron River Drive start tomorrow

Yes, lucky fans of construction projects running for two years, Ann Arbor has a doozy. Huron River Drive from Main St (right before M-14 interchange) all the way out to Bird Rd. will be rebuilt and it will take two years to finish. Our friends at the A2 News tell us:

"About one half of the work will be done by mid-September, after which the road will be reopened for the fall and winter. The second half of the $3.7 million project will be done next year. During construction, eastbound traffic will be detoured using Maple Road, Dexter Avenue, Huron Street and Main Street. Westbound traffic will be detoured using Main Street, Miller Avenue and Maple Road."

Commute accordingly