Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday night Multimedia Extravaganza Part II with Wanda Jackson!

What can Johnny say? You've all been so good. And we're celebrating the fact Ypsi City Desk is now being allowed past the firewalls of several prisons.

Wanda Jackson, jeez, an American Treasure, The Rockabilly Queen. Gospel singer, Country singer and Elvis protege'. Johnny's partial to the Rockabilly since he's got tattoos. Wanda Jackson IS American music.

Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza with Sheryl Crow

In one of the absolute bestest most wonderful 'remakes' of her song "If it Makes You Happy" from VH1 Storytellers. When she stood up to Wal-Mart, THAT was cool. Artistic vision is not worth some record sales. Neither is the truth.

Yes, Johnny was horsing around with the font

But only to make your trip to YCD a better, more viewable one. Also made the tags bigger and more readable as sometimes the best jokes are in the tags.

Do you need to get your breakfast eat on?

There is a BRAND NEW IHOP (International House of Pancakes found only in America) that opened last week near the corner of Carpenter and Ellsworth in Pittsfield Township. It's owned by Kal Farah and his family, who also own the IHOP in Livonia.

Farah also said IHOP will offer curbside carryout service and is considering expanding its hours to 24 hours a day on weekends in 2008.

It seats 185 and has been very busy so get in there Washtenaw County and get your breakfast eat on.

They're located at 4221 Ellsworth Road. Wear shoes.......and a shirt

MDOT to close M-14 over weekend for REFLECTIVITY

Yes yes all those big words coming from YCD. But here's the haps-MDOT will be closing the westbound M-14 exit to Main Street (Exit 3) in Ann Arbor at 4 a.m. Saturday and will remain closed until noon Saturday for a NEW SIGN with better night time REFLECTIVITY (you just had to give Johnny a chance to work that word in, see).

Of course, maybe they won't close it either. Why? If weather becomes an issue. It will later tomorrow (see below) but at 4am, they should be simply chilly.

MDOT says roughly 12,500 cars use the ramp on weekdays.

Official detour during the closure will be M-14 to the Maple-Miller roads exit and back to Main Street.

Got that? Or you could just sleep late and miss the whole damned thing.

YCD's first WINTER STORM WARNING for the Huron Valley

From our friends at Wunderground:

Winter Storm Watch in effect from Saturday evening through Sunday morning...

Partly sunny until mid afternoon...then becoming cloudy. A chance of snow by mid afternoon. Highs 28 to 32. Light northeast winds...becoming southeast 5 to 15 mph during the afternoon. Chance of snow 50 percent.

Saturday Night
Snow...possibly heavy at times during the evening...then freezing rain and sleet. Accumulations 1 to 3 inches possible. Ice accumulations possibly one quarter inch or greater. Lows 24 to 28. Southeast winds 15 to 25 mph. Chance of precipitation 90 percent.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Late night open thread

Maybe we'll get another visit from the spam fairy tonight.

And for no good reason, here's a short clip from the movie Slapshot. Here you learn the rules of the game with Chiefs goalie Denis Lemieux...

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

It appears not everyone is in love with paying for residential parking in Ypsilanti

Some of the neighborhood associations are looking into simply ending this idea. YCD has learned that the College Heights Neighborhood Association wants to keep it whereas others are not so keen on doing so. In an email sent out an email to neighborhood associations, Ypsi Police Chief Matt Harshberger asking the following:

"The Residential Permit Parking Program has been a very hard program to
administer, enforce and oversee from a city perspective. So much so that
we brought up the thought that perhaps there's not enough interest in
the community to keep it running. Because we get a great many complaints on the program and it seems we're constantly meeting to either revise the ordinance or come up with new administration procedures, it kind of made sense to just get rid of it. Basically, is it worth the headache?"

Johnny does not live in the College Heights area so he really has no say other than to remind everyone, if the police chief has doubts, why pay to park in our fair city? The city survived for a very long time without nicking residents to pay to park when their taxes and rental rates you'd think would cover such issues.

Oh yeah, YCD would LOVE to see this program ended them burned then buried and salt placed over it's grave so it can NEVER come back to haunt us.

Big Big BIG doings in Depot Town tomorrow night

Did we mention BIG?

The annual spectacular Depot Town Moonlight Madness and tree lighting ceremony gets under way at 6 p.m. The tree lighting ceremony will welcome the Ypsilanti High School Chamber Singers who will sing carols while Santa lights the tree. Santa and the singers will then circulate among the Depot Town businesses, many of whom are open until midnight.

Revelers will also get the chance to help the less fortunate by making donations to two Ypsilanti area organizations; Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels and the SOS Crisis Center.

So come on down, have a smart cocktail, and sing along and shop in Depot Town tomorrow night.

OK, the Willow Run school district is NOT closing

How DO these rumors get started? Simply up and closing a school DISTRICT in the middle of the week? People, let's use our heads shall we? That only happens to professional sports teams who leave in the middle of the night for other cities and small chain stores that simply go belly up.

There is EVERY chance if you have kids in the Willow Run school district you'd have been alerted by someone other than the 'grapevine'.

Willow Run Superintendent Doris Hope-Jackson felt the rumors were getting out of hand and sent home a letter to parents which said in part:

"Apparently, this is a baseless, vindictive rumor designed to create chaos and confusion within the district and throughout the community".

YCD doesn't know about vindictive but it sure did cause confusion for SOME people.

Again, Willow Run is open for business

How priceless, we had our first SPAM comment this morning

A ha! The YCD KNEW we were getting bigger and more popular, now we have a spammer leaving us valuable information on something or other worthless.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Late night open thread

Lotsa college basketball scores to pass along tonight. EMU lost a second half lead and then lost the game to the Titans of U of D, 72-68. EMU Is now 3-3.

Boston College rode a strong second half to defeat Michigan 77-64 at the Crisler. U-M is 3-4

MSU took out the beating stick and took out North Carolina State 81-58.

Harvard 72 New Hampshire 67
Marist 55 Bucknell 40
Fordham 66 Manhattan 57

I know some of you were waiting up for those last scores before heading off to bed.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Eastern at home tonight vs U of Detroit

7pm tip off at the ACC. EMU is 3-2 and UD is 3-2. EMU is on a two game winning streak and has won 3 of 4. U of D has also won two in a row so somebody's modest winning streak will come to an end tonight.

The Titans are led by Jon Goode and Chris Hayes while EMU has been getting strong efforts from Senior Jesse Bunkley and Sophomore Justin Dobbins.

Tell 'em Johnny sent you

What are YOUR thoughts on holiday gifts? Buy online?

Are you someone who enjoys the bustle of the mall or retail stores during the holidays? Seeing the decorations and being out with the people put you in the holiday spirit? Do you LOATHE going to stores or the malls this time of year?

So where, Washtenaw County do you buy your gifts? Or, perhaps do you make your gifts? Are you an online exclusive shopper this time of year?

Do tell and feel free to share some of your nifty holiday shopping tricks.

YCD supports Ann Arbor Pioneer students in fight against cameras

Not JUST cameras, cameras EVERYWHERE. $80,000 worth of cameras in and around the high school. The Ann Arbor Pioneer students, bless them, have decided they do not want invasive cameras everywhere and have, along with their parents and with help from the ACLU, are trying to stop Ann Arbor School Superintendent Todd Roberts from making the high school into more of a prisoner camp. Of course the usual meme is being trotted out by some school officials, security reasons, theft deterrant yada yada yada. All words. Nothing more.

YCD asks, we have cameras all over the place and yet the crime rate is way UP. These cameras will not stop fights or theft or crimes, they don't in regular society. Crime does not drop when cameras are present. Jesus, look at the news, almost every night somebody is seen committing a crime on a store or convenience store video camera. It didn't stop anything.

No, you Ann Arbor Pioneer kids hold firm. Johnny would not have stood for this kind of thing when he went to school, school should not be run like Jackson Prison. I mean we have the head count and the feeding part down, do we really NEED (and the key question here is do we NEED these cameras) to go the Full Jail Monty with cameras?

Also kids, if they DO impose these cameras on you, maybe a school class project on the power of magnets in the hallways is needed, you know, big invasive magnets that screw up video feeds.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Late night open thread

EMU hoops Wednesday at the ACC (or as Johnny lovingly calls it, the house excitement built) vs. the University of Detroit.

But that's tomorrow.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Afternoon open thread

What's eating at you Ypsi? What's Good? What's coming up you want us to know about?

Ypsilanti High chooses new mascot..........The PHOENIX

OK, oddly YCD is OK with this choice. Yes, Braves is better but instead of something horrible, Phoenix is a name that can be worked with, you've got the bird angle the fire angle so you have some room to have some fun.

Now, YCD may have to show SOME what a Phoenix really is and here is ONE conception of the mythical firebird.

So there is ONE artist impression. Now does it come in purple and gold?

Seriously, the student choice of Royals was the BEST replacement choice but some administrators cannot stand it when THEY don't get to choose FOR kids so here we are with Phoenix. We'll see about this but it COULD have been worse, much worse if Board member Andy Fanta had his way, Ypsilanti would have been saddled with the HORRIBLE his choice of, get this, "Olympians".

"Olympians could permeate the totality of our school district," said Fanta. Yeah, so can a bad sewer line, Andy

Monday, November 26, 2007

Late night open thread

Wow, Monday Night Football, catch the fever

Pittsburgh 3-Miami 0

No, that's the final.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Ave Maria to be sold to local business?

It appears so and right in the nick of time, tax roll wise. The former site of Ave Maria College, run by religious extremist Tom Monaghan, is in the process of being sold to a Pittsfield Township photography business,

Skip Cerier, owner of, says they have outgrown their current locale on Hogback Road and will be buying not just the two college buldings along Forest Ave, but also the college president's house at 318 W. Forest St. to use as a training center for his employees. Certier says his company has gone from 7 employees to 40 in just three years.

Cerier also said he plans to offer upwards of 75 internships to EMU students.

YCD welcomes Mr. Cerier and his staff!

Oh boy, a nativity dispute

WHY do people get involved with these things? It makes ALL parties look like retards. MY GOD is so important everyone must know their story. NO, THIS IS PUBLIC LAND and must never be touched by wise men.

It seems one Jill Carr wanted to get in the mood for Christmas. So naturally the ONLY thing she could do was decide to go decorate somebody else's property, namely the Ypsilanti Township fire hall on Ford Boulevard. Jill, look, we all get it. Christmas, Christ, we GET the tie in. You don't NEED to announce to the free world it's Christmas season, we get it. You are now bordering on something the Bible prohibits, prosthelitizing. I believe Jesus, (remember Jesus?), told his followers to pray and make their religious displays in PRIVATE.

Dear everyone against a moldy nativity scene. Look, just let them put the stupid thing up. Really, it's like having a version of Christmas flamingos or yard gnomes up. Forget for a second it's the baby Jeebus and Mary and some jackasses. Just IGNORE it. In three weeks it'll be gone.

WHY do people get so worked up over these things?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Late night open thread

Hey, we've seen that before. That's called snow.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Michigan hockey? Good. Michigan basketball? Not so much

The Wolverine hockey team continued their recent winning streak last night with a 5-1 whipping of the Golden Goofers of Minnesota. The Michigan hockey team winning streak stands at 12 games and the team is 13-1.

Michigan basketball lost to the Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky 73-69 in the fourth/sixth place game of the Great Alaska Shoot Out. The Wolverines are 3-3

Model train collectors at the Washtenaw County Farm Council Grounds

Southeast Michigan Model Railroad Flea Market will be at 5055 Ann Arbor-Saline Road today from 10-4. Admission is 3$ and kids accompanied by an adult are free.

Late night open thread

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Saturday, November 24, 2007

EMU tips St. Bonaventure 63-60

Dateline Olean, N.Y., Home of the Bonnies of St. Bonaventure and also tonight, the home of SAD. The home club could not beat back the relentless and heroic charge from Eastern Michigan's basketball team Saturday night. Jesse Bunkley led the charge with 17 for EMU while Travis Lewis hit the key free throw to send Bonnies fans home dejected into the cold Olean night.

EMU is 3-2 with a HOME game Wednesday night vs. the University of Detroit

EMU's 2 game mini NY road trip? 2-0

EMU hoops tips off in 30 minutes vs St. Bonaventure

Geez, ya know Johnny, iffen we'd known that we might have bought tickets prior to but only 30 minutes before tip, well you know....Relax, it's a road game. WEMU 89.1 on your FM dial.

EMU is 2-2 and coming off a good win on Tuesday at the Manhattan Jaspers 61-57. Justin Dobbins and Jesse Bunkley were all that and a bag of chips for EMU with 22 and 19 points respectively.

Late night open thread

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday night Multimedia Extravaganza with Joe Jackson

A little snarl on a cold Friday night. Joe and the band perform Sunday Papers on the Old Grey Whistle Test back in 1979

So what is Ypsi doing today?

Shopping? Chilling? Football? Online shopping? Traveling? If you're going out to the big box stores YCD suggests you leave all their computer display models browsers on Ypsi City Desk. Or, you know, if you happen to be walking by a white courtesy in house phone and you whoops say "YCD Rules" over the store P.A. you know, it is what it is.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Late night open thread

The pumpkin pie was exquisite

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Anybody wanna talk Lions or any Turkey Day ballgames?

Feel free. Anybody else sick of the studio guys and game announcers fawning over Brett Favre?

Late night open thread

Happy Thanksgiving everyone from YCD!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

YCD issues 'Scumbag Alert', Code Orange

Ypsilanti Police are seeking a loser who robbed the Eagle Coney Island at 533 W. Cross Street on November 1st. The robber (and that name is being generous) stole an unidentified amount of cash and actually stabbed the cook in the stomach when he tried to stop him.

Black male 20-25, 5' 5" to 5' 7", 120 to 140 lbs and a high pitched voice, just like a LITTLE GIRL (OK, Johnny added that but cops do say he has a high pitched voice).

Ypsilanti Police advise against approaching this jerk if seen (unless you REALLY wanna mess him up) and urge you to call 734-483-9510.

Post Turkey Day Circle Jerk with the Ypsitucky Colonels

Those lovable ragamuffins, Ypsitucky Colonels, are at it again.

The Colonels will share the Happy Hour stage with the Nuke-a-billies at the Heidelberg’s Club Above this Friday from 6-8 p.m.

In the Nuke-a-billies, Corndaddy guitarist Kevin Brown rejoins his old band mate, Steve Newhouse, for a rollicking collection of truck-driving songs and classic country standards that recall those halcyon days at Mr. Flood’s. The Ypsitucky Colonels set the house ablaze with a hip-shakin,' boot-scootin,' belly-rubbin,' buns-cuppin' mix of garage, country, power-pop … and more AM radio hits than a K-Tel record. Guaranteed.*

The ‘Billies hit first, at 6, followed by the Colonels at 7. In other words, you can get all shit-faced and still get home in time for “Don’t Forget the Lyrics.”

So ... it's a win-win proposition and a perfect way to wind down after the Turkey Day festivities. Drinks are strong, the beer is cold and the cover is only $2, cheap-ass! As always, free bourbon and balloons for the kids.

The Club Above is located at the Heidelberg is located at 215 N. Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor. Don’t get mugged.

(And just to make it interesting, I’ll buy a beer for the first person in the audience to identify the Joe Jeffries Group cover in the Colonels’ setlist.)

See you there … Col. Will

*Not a guarantee.

If you're a COOL KID, why not check out the Ypsitucky Colonels on their MySpace page before they get banned.

Remember on Monday when U-M offered a COMPROMISE on handicapped Michigan Stadium seating

Monday on the YCD:
Gloria Hage, interim vice president and general counsel at U-M:

"To be clear, we are proposing this plan outline as an offer of compromise -- in the interest of implementing our commitment to full and high quality accessibility to Michigan Stadium for individuals with disabilities who use wheelchairs, and in a way that will avoid the time and expense of protracted litigation with the Department of Justice

TODAY reality hit:
'The federal Department of Education has quickly rejected a compromise the University of Michigan filed Monday to add more handicapped seats than it had originally planned for a renovation now under way.'

Not JUST this, but also NOW the Department of Justice is joining the lawsuit against the University of Michigan.

How'd that press release work for ya Gloria? Just like YCD said it would?

Anybody taking a plane, train or automobile today?

Going to Stubville this Thanksgiving?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Late night open thread

Your greater Ypsilanti weather service for tomorrow's travel and last minute trips to the market. REAL cranberries please, none of that jellied stuff.

Showers with an isolated thunderstorm...heavy rainfall possible. Temperatures steady around 48 or slowly falling. West winds 10 to 15 mph...turning to north around noon. Chance of rain 80 percent.

Wednesday Night
Rain during the evening...then snow. Snow accumulations 1 to 2 inches likely. Otherwise cloudy. Lows 32 to 36. North winds 10 to 20 mph...turning to northeast. Chance of precipitation 90 percent.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Ypsi Township needs to be smarter with tax money

On a tip from a reader, YCD has found, and a judge has ruled that Ypsi Township, along with Augusta and Salem Townships are NOT entitled to $240,000 from Washtenaw County for extra policing.

The townships complained in court the county's four-year contract offer in 2005 reneged on a prior commitment to maintain a higher level of county funding for police patrols. So they sued the county and lost. They've lost all procedural points in this case thusfar (sans one, a open meetings possible violation) and still continue the legal fight, costing township residents more and more and more. There's an old phrase turned many ways that says 'fish or cut bait' and it certainly appears that Ypsi Township continues to fish with NO BAIT. No bait is not a good place to be if you're in court.

Perhaps Township attorney Doug Winters would like to let the taxpayers in on how much it's costing the Township.

All three townships have again appealed Monroe County Circuit Judge Joseph Costello's decision, meaning more money will be spent on attorney fees.

Who cares, right Townships? It's not YOUR money after all, it's the taxpayers who supply the cash you spend...

MDOT warns drivers to avoid Milan this weekend

This means YOU citizen. US 23 will be under construction one lane both north and south due to an earlier car accident down Milan way all weekend. You can still drive US 23 south but MDOT says expect delays.

Or just do what Johnny does, avoid Milan on principle

Naked man wandering on I-94 tasered by State Police

Now there's an attention grabbing headline eh? Fact is, it's true.

Michigan State Police had to taser a guy wandering naked on and alongside I-94, eastbound at Stone School last night around 7:20pm.

The man would not respond to police commands (imagine that, naked guy on highway has other plans than listening to cops) and so police, for his safety as well as those who may have had to swerve to avoid him, tased him.

The 21 year old man was taken to Michigan Medical Center for a psych eval.

City of Ann Arbor to blow things up real good

Ann Arbor City Council has voted to demolish the old downtown Y by spring. By a City Council vote of 9-1, they decided to demolish the building. Mayor John Hieftje said it could be down by February or March. The city will be asking the DDA (Downtown Development Association) to spend the 1$ million to demolish and dispose of the asbestos inside.

Disposing of asbestos is far more expensive in Washtenaw County these days since Monroe County found out where we USED to dump it all for free.

"Blow it up REAL GOOD"

Some speed limits around to to go UP

As some of our readers will recall, the State of Michigan TOLD Ann Arbor that it was safe, sane and fine to raise speed limits in certain areas around town. Of course some in the city of Ann Arbor, namely Mayor John Hieftje, said he didn't want ANY speed limits going up. Hieftje as you'll recall is not only Mayor but Head Minister of the Ministry of Ticket Money. There is your REAL reason some didn't want speed limits raised, REVENUE.

So, the state told Ann Arbor the speed limits WOULD raise and to save face the city says they have 'compromised' with the state and are allowing (allowing ha ha) limits to increase, most likely by the end of the year at the following stretches of raod:

*Washtenaw Avenue from Stadium Boulevard to Hill Street
*Main Street near M-14

The city says further review is needed (guess what's STILL going to happen) before speed limits are raised along Business 94 (Washtenaw and Huron Street) west of Hill Street to I-94.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Late night open thread

Your Turkey Travel forecast has looked better. Possible thunderstorms on Wednesday with temps in the upper 40's slowly falling with rain changing to snow. 1-2 inches of snow. Parade bound? Thursday dawns chilly and 34 with flurries with northeast winds at 10-15. A raw day to be sure.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Cause if there's one thing the federal government is about, it's compromise

The University of Michigan has decided to offer a COMPROMISE to the U.S. Department of Education over wheelchair accesibility inside Michigan Stadium.

U-M's 'concession' is to add 295 wheelchair accesible spots during the $226 million dollar renovation and expansion set to be finished after the 2010 fooball season.

You want some kahones? Listen to Gloria Hage, interim vice president and general counsel at U-M:

"To be clear, we are proposing this plan outline as an offer of compromise -- in the interest of implementing our commitment to full and high quality accessibility to Michigan Stadium for individuals with disabilities who use wheelchairs, and in a way that will avoid the time and expense of protracted litigation with the Department of Justice"

Yeah, uh Gloria, time and protracted litigation are what the Federal Government is BUILT ON. We wish you luck but somewhere in Washington D.C. today a lawyerly bureaucrat saw your response and found him or herself job security.

Worst kept secret Dept: Lloyd Carr to retire today

Well, he'll announce his retirement as head coach of the UM football program. Always one to carry himself with class (minus the clock game at MSU) Carr achieved many things in his 15 years as U-M top man. A record of 121-40 with a winning percentage of .752. He won 5 Big Ten titles and a co-national championship in 1997 after a perfect season. Carr coached the Wolverines to 4 BCS bowls and overall had a bowl record of 5-7.

Johnny has NOT yet been contacted about the job but will let YCD readers know when that call comes. Granted, Johnny has some top flight competiton but figures it's his for the taking.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Late night open thread

Bring on the short work week!

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

YCD welcomes Mohamed Okdie, new EMU regent

Mohamed Okdie, 58 and a former Detroit Public School social worker has been appointed to the Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents by Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Okdie replaces Ismael Ahmed who left last summer to take over the Michigan Department of Human Services.

Okdie with a B.A. in anthropology and a Masters in social work, will hold his term until 12/31/08.

Sorry Mike Hart, sneaking out without talking was gutless

It appears, Michigan's unofficial spokesman, the guy who runs his mouth on HIS terms 24/7 decided NOT to talk to reporters after losing to OSU yesterday. The Ann Arbor News says Hart (and Chad Henne but Henne doesn't constantly run his mouth like Hart) was seen sneaking out a back door through Crisler Arena and managed this:

"Gotta go, gotta go"

That's REALLY nice Mike. I mean all you do is run hard and run your mouth harder. There is NO DOUBT some of your comments helped motive the Buckeyes. After last year's loss, while lobbying for a rematch in a title game Hart said:

"I guarantee if we play them again, it would be a whole different game."

Great so you wanna tak all this bravado and become the FACE of the program with your other comments on MSU and on former U-M QB Jim Harbaugh but when faced with adversity, when unable to back up your boasts, you slink off and hide. WEAK.

Oh, Mike, and by the way, back when Jim Harbaugh guaranteed a win over OSU, he delivered.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Late night open thread

Of football and Thanksgiving prep.....

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Michigan football gameday thread

Get your Buckeye hate out here...

How about THAT?! EMU 48, CMU 45

Well well well, so MANY things to discuss about the HUGE EMU victory over Central Michigan last night in Mt. Boring. This really changes things. YCD was fairly certain it was time for EMU Head Coach Jeff Genyk to move along but WAIT. Let's step back, take a moment and look things over.

First off the game itself. Pierre Walker rushed for a HUGE night, 149 yards on 31 carries and the winning score with just over 3 minutes to play. Walker had 3 TD's on the night. Here's a stat we've NEVER ever ever in the history of any football seen, EMU was 6 for 6 on 4th down conversion attempts. Talk about smashmouth. EMU QB Andy Schmitt was a steady 25-34 and 212 with 1 TD and 1 interception. Schmitt also ran for 3 scores. It was CENTRAL who blew this game themselves at the end with a terrible unsportsmanlike penalty on CMU offensive lineman Jeff Maddux (Hi Jeff and if you're reading this THANK YOU) with the Chumpewas on EMU's 14 yard line late. The Maddux brain cramp then led to CMU kicker Andrew Aguila having to try a 52 yards field goal to tie it at the end but Andrew was not man enough to kick it 52 yards so EMU wins. Nyah Nyah Nyah.

OK, so EMU wins and finishes the season at 4-8. MUCH improved LOOKING record from 1-10 last year no doubt but one of those wins was against Howard a Division 1-AA team who plays in the MEAC against such powers as Delaware State and Hampton. Yeah, it's a win BUT. EMU won 2 games on the road, Good job. Two conference wins on the road. One against a rival. Speaking of which, EMU turned the trick and beat BOTH Western AND Central this year. THAT right there is worth keeping Mr. Genyk around ONE more year. I mean is there some other coach EMU will find that's miles better right now? Sure, take a look see but if your top candidate isn't interested, chill. YCD would feel better about this endorsement of Genyk IF EMU had managed just ONE more win say against Ohio or BG in one of those high scoring shootouts. Also, they DID represent themselves very well against Michigan, though a 5-6 record with a 1-AA win would have made us feel better.

Next year, a NO EXCUSES .500 season is necessary.

Late night open thread

Michigan vs Ohio State
Easterm vs Central
Lehigh vs Lafayette

You'll get it all here.

Just not yet

You have to wait

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday night multimedia extravaganza

YCD asks, who didn't grow up watching this game?

Michigan vs Ohio State and just who ARE the "idiots"

According to ESPN Gameday analyst Kirk Herbstreit, the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry has suffered a letdown in chivalry or sportsmanship or whatever you wanna call it. In fact, in an interview Herbstreit (An Ohio State alum) said since the Bo and Woody days:

"You get around the rivalry today and there's a lot of idiots when it comes to the fan bases, It's gotten very nasty. It's gotten very personal."

Ya know, Kirkie is right. See if you can spot the idiots in this clip of college football gameday in old Columbus town. Hey, it's how they roll along the Olentangy River.

(SOME language may not be safe for work unless you have headphones)

Late night open thread

Flurries blowing through town tonight, smells like winter

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Thursday, November 15, 2007

One week to Thanksgiving, give us a recipe from YOUR Turkey Day table

Would you care to share a recipe of something that makes YOUR Thanksgiving Day a great one?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Late night open thread

Big ballgame this Saturday. EMU vs. CMU up in Mt. Boring. The oddsmakers make corn the 10 point favorite...

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Here's a partial score

from the NHL

NY Rangers 1

YCD wishes James Holland Jr a LONG and HEALTHY prison

Let's hope this idiot lives to be 130 years old. He can live in the hell that is a state facility forever. He's done nothing in his whole life but earn this life sentence.

Holland, 40, was convicted of first-degree and felony murder in the 1991 slaying of 19-year-old Lisa Shaw last month.

But wait, this guy has been a blight on Ypsi seemingly forever:

Holland was already serving life in prison and multiple 56 to 80 year sentences for a series of armed robberies rapes and assaults committed in the Ypsilanti area convicted in late 2005.

We'll give the last word on one James Holland Jr. to Robert Shaw, the victim's father:

"That's not a man, that's a low-life person"

Early morning open thread

What's bugging YOU today citizen? What do YOU wanna talk about?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Late night open thread

No word from authorities on what, if anything, is being done to stop the giant laser emoting kitteh.

We must allow the mayor to use the secret deathray high atop the water tower. Kitteh doesn't know it exists. In the meantime carry on, business as usual, stiff upper lip and all that. Keep out of cul-de-sacs we suppose.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

God save us all, GIANT cat head with frickin laser beams for eyes menacing Ypsi!

YCD reader 'Rex' sends in THIS unedited video clip. What ARE the police going to do, I mean we have a full on cat-head crisis in Washtenaw County. The cat has not been seen in Ann Arbor YET but it's only a matter of time...

Borders to launch in store TeeVee

Ann Arbor and Ypsi's preeminent bookstore, Borders is about to team up with Ripple, no not the cheap alcohol from the 70's, but Ripple in store TeeVee.

Borders TV (I want my Borders TV) will debut in 60 stores soon and it will be up and running in 250 stores by February. The network will feature news and entertainment from local markets as well as "Borders Live at 01" and "Borders Presents."

Well thank goodness nobody was hurt

And thank goodness it was a U-M bus, not an AATA bus that Johnny himself could have been on. THAT would have been a tragedy. What is Johnny rambling on about?

A2 news will fill you in:

The Ruthven Museum on the University of Michigan campus was evacuated after a suspicious package was found inside a bus at a nearby bus stop, police said.

Dispatchers received a call about the package on a U-M commuter bus along North University Avenue at about 11:51 a.m., said U-M Police spokeswoman Diane Brown.
Members of the Michigan State Police bomb squad are en route from Lansing and HAZMAT crews are on standby, Brown said.

Police are urging people to avoid the area of North University between Fletcher and Church streets.

Most importantly we repeat, Johnny is SAFE

City of Ann Arbor to spend 1 million to raze old 'Y' building

YCD has a better idea. Spend maybe 200$ in paint and paint the place BLUE. Then, find some mouthbreathing Ohio State fans this week and tell them they can have kegs and party and have bonfires and whatnot in there before the game. Trust us, that place will be destroyed in 3 hours.

Problem solved. You may now cart away the debris and a few passed out OSU undergrads

Dear Lincoln Board of Education....

If you are going to fire 24 food service employees to save money and privatize your food services you have an OBLIGATION to make sure the company you hire will do the work and feed the kids. It appears a company named Aramark who has the food service contract even agrees they need to get their heads out of their....ovens.

Glitches in the computer system would not allow parents to view their child's food account online, Reports of many "sabotage-type issues" such as ovens, warmers, fryers and lights turned on after staff had left for the day, also freezers were popped open and food left out that had to be destroyed.

YCD certainly hopes the Lincoln Board of Education will hold Aramark to the LETTER of their agreement. Just because they have a contract doesn't mean they can screw off and run up costs and not feed kids.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Late night open thread

Lovely headlines tonight. Man shoots intruder who broke into his heavily armed and boobytrapped drug den, a thrill killing and beheading in Canton, and the MOST abhorrant one, Ohio State and their fans come to town. I'd rather have Carnies. Wait....

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

A2 police urge drivers to hide valuables in cars

And not leave them sitting out because of a rash of break ins around town. No less than SIX cars haad drivers side windows smashed out and valuables taken Fourth Avenue, Maynard Street, and East Washington Street Saturday night between 7:30 and 9pm.

They then went on to intonate it's the driver's fault but that's for another post another time...

The two escapees have been CAUGHT

They were arrested at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital when they strolled in around 8am this morning. Police had been seeking the duo since their escape from a State Psychiatric facility in York Township around 8:30 Sunday night.

Sovird Allen Wardlow, 36 is in for evaluation regarding an armed robbery case and Dale Andrew Studaker, 20 is facing domestic charges.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Late night open thread

If you're getting the impression Johnny doesn't come into the YCD offices on Sunday too often you'd be right.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Late night open thread

YCD is sure Ryan Mallette is a fine young man. We also worry very much should he, and now you'd have to think it's somewhat likely, play any significant amount next Saturday against Ohio State. One would think that the wrath of the OSU defense may make itself known. They blew it, they know it, and for whatever reason, Tressel's defenses squeeze U-M quarterbacks.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Craft season has begun, a couple shows of note

* The Saline Community Education Craft Show begins at 8 a.m. at the Saline school campus, 7190 N. Maple Road, where 250 juried crafters will have their handiwork for sale.

* The 20th annual Holiday Art and Craft Festival of the American Business Women's Association will take place at Pioneer High School from at 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. More than 150 local artists will have art and crafts on sale.

* The Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild will host a holiday sale at Matthaei Botanical Gardens from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., 1800 North Dixboro Road.

A2 Public Library to host 'Dance Dance Revolution' contest

You got that Ms. DT? The Ann Arbor Public Library is having a video game 'Dance Dance Revolution' contest today between 1-3. Contest levels for beginners, and standard players for kids and adults.

343 S. Fifth and it's FREE. Should be a great time.

Johnny cannot participate as he was on Dancing With the Stars which makes him a professional.

EMU hoops drops opener to Brown

Charles Ramsey's squad, who had all off season to prepare, lost 74-55 to Ivy League team Brown at the Convocation Center.

What a spectacle last night off of Hewitt must have been. Both EMU football and basketball lost within yards of one another. At least EMU used to be a big time school in basketball, what happened? I mean we KNOW here at YCD but sometimes you just have to ask questions like these so as not to give free passes for lackluster programs.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Late night open thread

Johnny can see the glow of the Rynearson Stadium lights, glowing for football one last time this year. Sadly, they lit a 39-32 EMU loss to BG. They played well but it wasn't quite enough. Also on a sad note, Chelsea lost tonight to East Lansing 24-16. A fine run by the Bulldogs.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Friday night Multimedia Extravaganza with Neko Case...

...And her Boyfriends (Yes, that was the name of the band). One of Johnny's favorite moments this past year was going down to the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland on April Fools Day to see Neko Case. A voice like no other, haunting and powerful. Got to meet her too. Great time.

Neko Case and Her Boyfriends-Mood to Burn Bridges

Chelsea, 3 wins from state title at home tonight vs. East Lansing

7pm out in the Hinterlands. Chelsea needs a win tonight, one next week in the semi-finals and a title game win to win the whole shooting match.

East Lansing defeated DeWitt last week 42-35 to get this weeks playdate with the Bulldogs who beat Adrian last week by 10 points, 24-14.

YCD welcomes Sharing the Art in Nature and in Life… to our esteemed linkage

So take a look at what they have to offer, it's cool AND it's FREE

Ford workers at Rawsonville Plant OK contract

They passed it with 82% onboard. Good news here as part of the negotiations, Ford promised the often rumored closing plant would get at least 4 more years of work.

EMU football gameday

Wow, on a FRIDAY no less.

Well, it's Senior night at EMU and everyone will want to go out a winner on their last time at Rynearson. BG offers a stretch offense with much passing which works against EMU's defensive scheme, stopping the run. BG is good but not overwhelming and Johnny would love to pick EMU here but after last weeks blowout loss to Toldeo who is on par with BG, YCD has to say (regretfully):

EMU 20

Next week we'll begin the Jeff Genyk needs a new job meme.....

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Late night open thread

Don't forget EMU's wacky Friday night home game tomorrow night at Rynearson. The temptation to make the EMU on a Friday and high school analogy is very great. It's Senior night and EMU's last home game of the 2007 campaign. They will be playing the Falcons of Bowling Green who are not green in color but orange. Go figure.

7:30 kickoff at the house excitement built.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Do YOU enjoy a dinner date with your family?

Luckily for you, Coronet Films and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 shows you how

Nutty trivia time

He worked as a staff announcer for WFAA radio in Dallas prior to his acting career and was part of WFAA's ongoing coverage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. He was among the first to interview assassination eyewitnesses W.E. Newman Jr. and Gayle Newman. Who knew?

He is.............

The Addams Family butler, Lurch, also known as Ted Cassidy

It's cold and wet and rotten out, let's have some FUN

One of, if not THE funniest scenes in TeeVee history. From the show TAXI where Reverend Jim goes to apply for his cabbie license. Did ANY show ever have such a strong ensemble cast?

YCD BREAKING NEWS--Washtenaw Community College CLOSED

That's right citizens, Washtenaw Community College is CLOSED due to water pressure issues. A water main has broken and WCC has no water. No word on if it is involving WCC's CONSTANT and YEARS LONG attempt to hack off Washtenaw County with continual construction and traffic delays in and around their community college megaplex.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Late night open thread

Michigan fans, I heard a debate the other day, should Lloyd Carr rest Henne and Hart this week against Bucky and risk a loss KNOWING if they beat Ohio State in two weeks they'd still win the Big Ten. What say you Ann Arbor town?

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Spate of campus burglaries at EMU

Student citizens, be ever vigilant. One student who had a wallet and credit cards stolen was only taking a shower but left the door unlocked. What, you were expecting a Geek Squad employee to show up with a camera? YCD is simply reminding students irreplaceables and things that are a major hassle to report and replace can vanish in a second. These turds cruising the dorms looking for open doors (Like Orange Taylor III was) need just a second to perform their evil.

Protect yourselves. Identity theft sucks as does having to cancel a credit/debit card which COULD leave you with no bar money that weekend.

Ypsilanti, you are to be congratulated

HIGH voter turnout over an issue that affects everyone is a GOOD sign. Yes, your side may have lost the vote but the important thing is so many made their voices heard.

30% is the number being bantied about for % of registered voters voting. The A2 News had this to say:

The turnout for Tuesday's election was the highest in years for a single-issue election in Ypsilanti.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Late night open thread

Election version

Time for Ypslanti, After Dark

Drum roll please..........the tax lost in a big way

Here's all the analysis you need:

No: 2,240
Yes: 1,096

YCD will have the city tax votes results FIRST, ok...

Probably not first. Probably not second either. Rest assured citizens we WILL print the results as soon as we get around to it. Most likely.

"You'll get one number and one number only cause I'm a lazy bastard" --Johnny Rotten at Winterland just before the Sex Pistols played their last live SONG together

Ypsilanti, the NEW food king of Michigan

Seriously, let's take a look at what we know. 2 years ago as you recall, GQ named the Sidetrack's burger as 7th best in all the land. Not too shabby, really good in fact. Then Epicurious names La Fiesta Mexicana as THE BEST Mexican restaurant in all the USA (h/t Dixit). Now we find out that Cafe Luwak in Depot Town has won the WDIV Channel 4 "4 the Best" award as the best sandwich shop in southeast Michigan.

So three restaurants, and three top notch reputations. ALL in Ypsilanti. YCD thinks if you're looking for a good dinner out, Ypsilanti has what you're looking for.

Wait, AATA was bidding on what?

In a story this morning in the Ann Arbor News, they are discussing A2 City Council killing a hotel plan on the old YMCA site. What intrigued YCD was this paragraph near the end of the story:

The city bought the Y property for $3.5 million in 2003 when it trumped the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority, fearing the bus company would not keep the 100 units of the city's lowest income housing at the old YMCA building.

Why would AATA be looking to buy the old YMCA site? Are they looking for a new HQ? A new bus drop off pick up hub?


Monday, November 5, 2007

Late night open thread

The weather this afternoon and evening was less than amusing. Seriously, Johnny is not above at least discussing tossing virgins into volcanoes if icy cold sideways rain doesn't have to pelt him in the face until December. Just THINK about it, don't rush to a decision.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Sometimes you find a website SO FUNNY, you have to share

And Johnny finds a lot of funny offbeat sites in his work. That being said, you MAY wanna check out this site from home first until you decide if it's safe for work.

The site is called Overheard Everywhere (yes some may know the site Overheard in New York, same idea only bigger).

He's a Michigan entry:

Five-year-old boy: I feel gay!
Dad: What?
Five-year-old boy: I feel gay!
Dad: No, you don't.

Grand Blanc, Michigan

Have fun, some are out of this world hilarity at it's finest

Make sure you VOTE tomorrow on City Income Tax

Make sure your voice is heard tomorrow Ypsilanti, get out and vote, yes or no it's up to you but let's get a lot of us to the polls tomorrow so the final vote will indeed be a plurality of this city's voice.

YCD is against a city income tax ONLY because of how this one is worded (we have other issues but those are not germaine to this particular post) giving tax rebates to homeowners but giving renters less than ZERO. It's either shared sacrifice or it's not. Simple really.

Either way you plan to vote make sure your point of view is heard.

Yes, I'll have the Quarter Poundzzzzzzzzzz

A man was arrested for drunk driving in a McDonalds drive thru located at 5550 West Michigan Avenue early Saturday morning after falling asleep in his car while it was running.

A drive thru employee called police when the man's car didn't move after 20 minutes in the drive thru lane.

He blew a .11 and still had the money in his hands when police approached the car.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Late night open thread

Just a short while until Guy Fawkes Day.

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder, treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

What's that? Never heard of it?

Go see for yourself.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Late night open thread

Don't forget to set your clocks BACK at 2am so it then becomes 1am. But the next time it hits 2am don't do anything. You just don't.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Don't forget the Ypsitucky Colonels tonight

Downtown under the big lights of the Tap Room Annex. The Annex is at 201 W. Michigan Ave.

Sorry, the set list does not include 'Muskrat Love'

Michigan football gameday

Michigan takes the shortest road trip of the season up to a VERY DANGEROUS East Lansing to take on MSU today. Lloyd's not saying much about Henne or Hart playing and that could be very bad. If Hart can't play, or is limited in his running, MSU's chances grow by the minute. MSU has a top flight running game and their new coach Mark Dantonio has been telling his team since he got there it was all about playing the Wolverines. MSU has the personnel to beat Michigan but as we all know historically that doesn't happen but for once every 4 or 5 years. MSU is due.

It's a tossup, it is.

EMU football gameday

So this evening finds the EMU football team in the Glass City, in the Glass Bowl against the Rockets of Toldeo. This breakdown is really very simple. Eastern has a winnable game, they need to stop Jalen Parmele to win it. At the end of the evening look at the stats for Parmele, if he runs for a lot of yards, EMU will lose, keep him somewhat under control and ya know, EMU might just be moving up in the standings.

Upset special

EMU 22
UT 21

2007 MAC Standings
Buffalo 4-1 4-5
Miami (OH) 3-1 4-5
Bowling Green 3-2 5-4
Ohio 3-3 5-5
Temple 3-3 3-6
Akron 2-3 3-6
Kent State 1-4 3-6

Central Michigan 4-0 5-4
Ball State 3-2 5-4
Eastern Michigan 2-2 3-6
Toledo 2-3 4-5
Western Michigan 2-3 3-6
Northern Illinois 0-5 1-8

Late night open thread and multimedia extravaganza

A mostly overlooked Police song yet one of Johnny's faves. Invisible Sun. The Cranberries sure ripped this off for Zombie, eh?

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Friday, November 2, 2007

Borders hosts Caroline Kennedy, yep THAT Caroline Kennedy

Hundreds of people crammed the downtown Borders to meet American Royalty on Thursday. Just a short distance from where her father, and US President John F Kennedy gave his Peace Corps speech on the steps of the Michigan Union, Caroline Kennedy was in Borders to promote her new book. A collection or prose, stories, and lyrics from such a cast of writers as Truman Capote, Groucho Marx and Charles Dickens called 'A Family Christmas'.

"I've been waiting to meet her for 34 years," said Michael Carabelli, 48, who drove nearly five hours from Buffalo to see Kennedy at Borders.

"We were thrilled to death when we heard she was coming to Ann Arbor," said Karen Kostamo of Ann Arbor.

Like father like daughter...

Chelsea Bulldogs continue their title hunt

7pm tonight at Chelsea (10-0) vs Yo Adrian (8-2)

Also of note, Milan (8-2) is at Dearborn Heights Robichaud (9-1), 2pm Saturday

Hide the kids and wake the neighbors, the Ypsitucky Colonels are on the loose!

The Ypsitucky Colonels, will be rocking out some garage-y country, power pop and melancholy popular songs this Saturday at the Tap Room Annex in lovely downtown Ypsitucky. And it just gets better, because Paul’s Big Radio is opening the show! If you haven’t been to the Tap Room Annex, it’s a great little room with good food, cold beer and spirits, and Ypsi’s only shuffleboard table.

The Annex is at 201 W. Michigan Ave, between Washington and Adams Streets. Music will start at 10 sharp. Cover is $5. You can check out the Colonel's online You can check out the Colonels online at their MySpace page.

And for the morbidly curious, Colonel Will will be performing a short-but-oh-so-sweet solo-acoustic set during the Paul’s Big Radio show tonight at TC’s Speakeasy. It’s been a long time since he's even done an open mic, so this will be an adventure. But he's excited … and, being a consummate professional, he even rehearsed.

TC’s is located, conveniently, right next door to the Annex at 207 W. Michigan Ave. Colonel Will shall play between PBR sets, probably right around 11 p.m.

Now this is just plain cool, LISTEN to the planet Saturn

That's right, Johnny said LISTEN to Saturn, as in radio waves as heard from the Cassini probe. Saturn is talking, can you dig what it's laying down?

LISTEN to Saturn

Early morning open thread

YCD is busy out doing some reporting this morning so we'll change things up, say what you have to say over your cup of Good Morning America

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Late night open thread

Sir, are you trying to offer me a bribe? How much? (Groucho Marx in Monkey Business, 1931)

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

Well done citizen, well done

Top notch judgement and quick thinking resulted in a citizen using his cell phone to bust a bad guy.

The Payless Shoe Source located at 2555 Ellsworth Road was being robbed by a very bad man with a handgun. A customer inside the store snuck out and used his cell to call police and give a description of the robber. Police were able to use the description and pull the guy over near Hewitt Road and Michigan Avenue and slapped the cuffs on him.

Good Citizen 1
Stupid Robber 0

Good guys win, bad guys lose

YCD would HOPE this never happens

Having a company PAY for naming rights to local public schools? Blech! No, so not cool. You can name schools after people, not companies.

The Ann Arbor school board MAY approve a draft naming rights policy wherein a company COULD pay a lot of money and get a building or classroom named after themselves. From the meeting:

"The draft suggests that in order to have a facility named after a corporation or person who gave the district a lot of money, the gift should be at least 25 percent of any planned alterations to the building or the total cost of new construction."

YCD says the hell with that. You may one day want to call it the Google Ann Arbor Intermediate school whereas YCD may just call it the "Bend over for China's human rights violations school".

And nobody wants that...