Saturday, October 11, 2008

Anybody think you can get a table at Tony Packo's tonight?

Us either. OK, talk about it. Maybe it's a pass the whole first year. Maybe this was a little more upsetting.


glimmertwinfan said...

Yes. I was there a few weeks ago.

East Toledo is a different world from Toledo. I doubt many football fans were there.

I was at the game. Sucked. Took my son for his first Big House experience. Boring with a capital B. We left end of 3rd quarter and still don't feel like we missed anything.

Funny thing, I was also down at the Glass Bowl in Toledo last night for my nephew's pee wee football game. Bus loads of fans returned - they were pretty fired up.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

I've seen EMU play down at the Glass Bowl a couple times. it's a fun atmosphere. And when you are done with your cans and bottles, simply throw them on the ground....