Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Minor league baseball coming to Ypsilanti in 2009!

That's right, not Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti. The 'Midwest Sliders of Ypsilanti' (the baseball team formerly known as Prince) will begin play next year at their home field, EMU's Oestrike Stadium. The Sliders will play in the Frontier League. Now, before you go too nuts, this is only a one year deal. The team is having a stadium built for them in Waterford and will be renamed in 2010 'The Oakland County Cruisers'.

More information about ticket plans, schedules and prices is available HERE.

So, for one year anyhoo, Go Sliders....On a side note, don't forget the REAL home team at Oestrike, Eastern Michigan, is pretty damned good, winning two consecutive MAC West regular season and MAC tournament titles.


Anonymous said...

I love watching baseball in the warm summer months, too bad Eastern ends their season just as the temps get comfortable. At least we'll have summer baseball for 1 year. Go sliders!

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

That's the spirit! I too am sad EMU's games end in mid May, barring NCAA play. How nice that'll be to wile away a summer evening at scenic Oestrike Stadium. I mean that, the sightlines and view of the outfield is very nice. You're right on top of the action and hopefully, and I don't know this, but hopefully NO aluminum bats