Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Ann Arbor News editorial board sure comes off as chickesh*t

NO endorsement for President? They endorsed George W. Bush twice so they're willing to endorse a seriously flawed candidate/president but they won't endorse McCain or Obama? WTF? Sounds like they we told by the Editor in Chief they were NOT to endorse Obama. Anybody think they showed INDEPENDENT thinking here? Anybody think the Editor in Chief has 'em by the ahem, short hairs? 

What a weasely way out. 


Anonymous said...

Are you looking for somebody to tell you how to vote.
If you are a hard worker, and believe hard work is the way to get ahead... Vote Mccane.

If you are a slacker and believe you should have everything the hard worker has, without the hard work.... Vote Obama

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

No, I'm not looking for someone to tell me how to vote. I'm merely pointing out calling George W. Bush endorsement-worthy and neither Obama nor McCain endorsement-worthy stinks to high hell.

Take a stand.

Well we now know about the Editor in Chief of the Ann Arbor News and his politics

Uncle Sam said...

Anonymous: Um ... your political advice would come across as a lot more credible if you actually knew how to spell your candidate's name. Just sayin' ...