Thursday, October 9, 2008

Father who was tasered must stand trial

For what sounds like an INEPT, and we'll say that again so our position is clear, INEPT Washtenaw County Sheriff Deputy Katrina Bourdeau. First reports were she felt threatened because of her diminutive size by the larger Lloyd Brumbaugh, who refused to give his own child back to the officer investigating (key word here, investigating, not deciding) after several calls from a park about lost children who belonged to Lloyd Brumbaugh and his wife. So, in previous comments Bourdeau admitted saying she wasn't up to the challenge size wise and decided to use her taser after first holstering it because the child was present. At one point she said she grabbed Brumbaugh's arm to try to restrain him but said she was dragged along after he decided to leave. She told him to get to the ground and he did, by Bourdeau's own admission get on his knees.

After handing the child over he stood, she then tasered him.

This is where her ineptitude becomes complete. When getting ready to put the cuffs on the tasered man, she HANDED HER TASER TO A BYSTANDER AND TOLD THEM TO USE IT IF HE MOVED. Are we serious? Handed her taser, her frontline weapon to a bystander? What if this person handed the taser didn't want to play cop? You better believe they would be brought up on charges right now for whatever the Washtenaw County Sheriff Department could think of. What if they didn't wanna taser a fellow citizen? Who is she to give her weapon away? Is this policy?

Look if you cannot handle the situation because of your size, maybe police work isn't for you. These are life and death situations we're talking about and NOW we talk about her not being able to handle the situation to the point she's handing weapons out to protect her? Sorry. Bzzzzzt, wrong. What kind of background check did she use before handing over her weapon? NONE. It sounds like panic with a weapon. We already have serious issues with the WCS department as they quite unnecessarily shot up Johnny's neighborhood a while back. Stay bullets into houses unnecessary. Drug busts in public areas issues. This is just another shining example.

This is NOT about Deputy Boudreau JUST being a woman. However police work is a physical job at times. Should Lloyd Brumbaugh face charges because he touched a Deputy ? You bet he should. Should Katrina Bourdeau still be a deputy? No, we don't think so. Not if this is indicative of her decision making in a crisis.

Have at it....


Anonymous said...

The father is an idiot and so are the people that defend him. He leaves his kids with someone that obviously was not able to to watch them and then he uses his kid as a shield and fights with a female deputy. What an idiot. I bet he feels like a REAL big man for beating up on a woman!

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Fair enough though I disagree. For is part he should face charges for if anything non compliance, maybe assault. SHE however was wrong. Absolutely wrong. She panicked and it sounds like the dashboard camera proves that out.

If she's not physically able to handle her job without having to hand off her weapon (and I notice you didn't want to discuss that) she shouldn't be a sheriff deputy.

Thanks for calling me an idiot by the way, it had been a while since somebody here had done that. I was missing it.

glimmertwinfan said...

Would a taser zap everyone nearby if was raining?

If I'm wearing a rubber suit or a latex condom when I get tazed, will it still hurt?

I'm still working out the details to get these in the hands of college students. They sound like such fun!

This entire episode at the park is a calimity of errors. A lousy cop, a guy who lost is temper, angry buttinsky's that took charge when the kid's caregiver couldn't be found.

But the law is the law. Don't push cops. Even short, fat, female cops that should be working in a bakery rather than a police force.

As Keith Richards once said: "without the police it would be complete anarchy".

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Oh, and a brief history of the Washtenaw County Sheriff's office around here recently:

*Washtenaw County Sheriff's Deputies Indicted

Legal trouble for two Washtenaw County Sheriff deputies and a sergeant. The U.S. Attorney's office announced Monday afternoon that the officers have been indicted for violating the civil rights of two Ypsilanti Township men, including one who died as a result of an alleged beating.

*Jury finds deputy guilty of insurance fraud

A jury convicted a suspended Washtenaw County Sheriff's deputy Tuesday of conspiring with another deputy to commit insurance fraud by falsifying a traffic crash report. The jury deliberated for less than two hours before finding 33-year-old Jennifer Reynolds guilty of felony insurance fraud and conspiracy. Her trial began Monday. The other deputy charged in the case, Christopher Campbell, pleaded no contest to an insurance fraud charge in August and resigned the next month.

*On probation, ex-sheriff's deputy faces new stalking charges

Less than two months after he was placed on probation, a former Washtenaw County Sheriff's deputy was charged with aggravated stalking and violating his probation. David Glover, 39, was sentenced to 18 months of probation on Aug. 28, after pleading no contest to assault and battery, domestic violence and phone tampering. He was accused of FORCING HIS WAY INTO HIS GIRLFRIEND'S HOUSE LAST FEBRUARY AND ASSAULTING HER.

*Add to this the reckless LAWNET County operated shooting of David Ware that left homes in MY neighborhood riddled with bullets. It was SO egregious, Ypsilanti Police Chief Matt Harshberger threatened to pull out of the program. "I personally have major concerns with putting an officer back out there with these issues uncorrected."" he said at the time.

YES, we DO see a pattern of either willful or negligent behavior on the part of the Washtenaw County Sheriff Department.


Johnny Action Space Punk said...

glimmertwinfan--My issue is with her BEING a deputy when she clearly cannot handle situations like these. He'll get what he'll get, she however is reckless in my opinion, and also physically unable to do her job.

Anonymous said...

Size has nothing to do with a officers ability, I don't care how big or bad you are, theirs always somebody badder then you. Very sexist of you Johny to use a females size against her. Tazers are a non lethal tool the police use to equal out the situation, and I feel she did her job well. It's just too bad the parents left their kid with person who wasn't up for the job, it's too bad the Father didn't follow police orders.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

You can't push sexist off on me here. SHE was the one who said she felt intimidated by his size. HER words, not mine. You are free to call me an idiot or a retard or whatever you want but NOT sexist on this. SHE said she worried about his size.

I merely pointed out even after tasering him she still worried that she'd need help and handed her taser to a bystander. Big badasses need arresting too from time to time as I'm sure you well know. She showed up on the scene at a physical and thereby mental disadvantage. Her very words make me think that she'd be FAR quicker to use a taser than an officer who felt confident standing up to this guy and talking. She herself said she was worried. It's a bad combination. Not all women can be in the military. Some lack the physical skills. That's not sexist, it's reality. Not all women are cut out to be police officers. I couldn't physically perform on a football field at the NFL level nor college for that matter. I tried to make the EMU baseball team back when, I didn't have the necessary physical skills. Sometimes in life that's the case. This officer may one day be an exceptional detective should she so choose but by her own words I don't think she's up to the field work.

Now the parents will get whatever is coming their way for leaving kids unattended and the dad will face the charges (which by the way I'm not disputing) they will have their day in court.

Anonymous said...

Johnny is right, if the FEMALE sheriff cannot do her job, she should resign and maybe ride the desk. She put anyone in the public at risk when she gave that private citizen the taser. What if they had run away with it and would be loose on an unsuspecting public?? Wouldn't she be repreminded? Lose her job maybe?
Just by admitting that she had doubts because of the dad's size, she admitted she couldn't do her job. End of Story.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Yes anonymous (the latest one lol) I'm not saying all women can't be sheriff deputies. If they can hack the physical part, they're good to go. I have serious doubts about THIS one in particular especially after she let on her frame of mind at the time of the call.

If I were to be sexist I'd be saying no way can any woman do this kind of job or no way can a woman serve in the army.

On a personal note, Mrs Johnny or Trixielovesypsi would tell you I was BEGGING for a female hockey player like Manon Rheaume or Hayley Wickenheiser to have the skill set to break through and MAKE an NHL team. I thought that would have been aces. I want the best and most capable doing those jobs.

Sexist is one thing I'm not.

glimmertwinfan said...

>> He'll get what he'll get, she however is reckless in my opinion,

A family friend of mine, a Lieutenant, was shot accidentally at role call by a female cop who had failed her weapons training numerous times.

Because she was a minority female, she was given numerous opportunities to continue testing over and over until she passed.

Have to make those quotas, don't you know.

My family friend, had to retire on disability. Still cannot function to this day the way he could before the "accident". Actually developed a little issue with the painkillers he had to take to make it through the day.

I am very familiar with how many inept officers there are out there.

But when a cop is telling you to do something, it's too late to question all the wrongs that have happened to allow her to be on the force.

That is what the courts are for. Not parking lot justice.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Sorry about your friend glimmertwinfan, I hate quotas by the way, hate them. It should be on personal merit. It shows us how to pull ourselves up by own own bootstraps. You'll get no argument from me on that.

Either you can do it or you can't. That's my opinion.

TrixielovesYpsi said...

Sounds like she's kind of a Palin-esque twit. One bad decision after another and then a stupid excuse meant to account for her wrongheaded actions. Doesn't sound like she's mentally fit for the job.

And YES, I have known Johnny for well over a decade and he's not sexist at all. He's all about the girl power.

Anonymous said...

It seems nobody is addressing the the dad's logic. If some putzes in the park tried to keep my child from me, I'd go ballistic as well. And when the Dep shows up and takes the mob's side, I can't blame the dad for being brisk with her. She better keep the trigger pulled on that taser to stifle a concerned parent.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Anonymous, excellent point. A parent will do anything to keep THEIR children in their custody.

SarahJane said...

"If some putzes in the park tried to keep my child from me, I'd go ballistic as well."

You'll also notice from the officer's own testimony, that Lloyd only touched the officer when the officer made a move to remove the child. She escalated the situation; I think it easily could have been handled without a taser.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

sarahjane---that's exactly the point I'm trying to make, thank you. This officer feels intimidated in her interaction, she'll be FAR quicker to use a weapon rather than talk the situation down to an intelligent and reasoned outcome

cmadler said...

Tasers were orginally intended to only be used in place of a firearm, in situations where, in the past, the police officer might have used lethal force. Hundreds of people have been killed by tasers, the UN considers them a form of torture, and police officers in at least five states have filed lawsuits against Taser International claiming they suffered serious injuries after being shocked with the device during training classes. According to Taser International, tasers are intended “to incapacitate dangerous, combative, or high-risk subjects who pose a risk to law enforcement officers, innocent citizens, or themselves”.

This situation is outrageous. Yes, the man in question should be charged appropriately, but the deputy needs to be charged for this egregious police brutality.