Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sounds like Pfizer wants to kick Ann Arbor in the family jewels before they slunk outta town

So, not only is Pfizer pulling up ties to Ann Arbor and slunking outta town, but NOW they're sniveling that the property they own isn't worth what it's assessed at they're crying they need a reduction. Pooooor babies. "Oh, we only wanna pay half of what we owe so we'll go to court".

Guess what, you don't work or live here anymore. You did what you said you had to do, now sack up and pay the bills you owe. If the crybabies at Pfizer are successful, not only will they have cost the city all those jobs, and the major hit to the city's tax base, but it would immediately cost Ann Arbor 2 million dollars in lost tax revenue.

What class Pfizer is showing on their way out of town.

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