Friday, October 3, 2008

Apparently Saline wants to RANDOMLY test students for drugs and alcohol at school events

Yeah, as in, hey you, come over here and pee for us.

WTF?! So you're sitting in the stands watching Saline high school play football and somebody on the 'gestapo school spirit squad' points up and says "Hey you, yeah, we're gonna need a urine sample". No need for suspicion of drinking or drugs, just random. Like when they pulled Al Gore out of an airplane line and made him strip in case he was carrying a bomb.

Go to a dance--pee in a cup
Go to a basketball game--pee in a cup
Go to a band recital--pee in a cup

What an excellent way to cut down on attendance at such events and force students back into somebody's basement or god forbid somebody's vehicle to drink or smoke some weed. Seems to us the recent problems with drinking have been the attitude and reaction of PARENTS in Saline, none of whom when contacted by the Saline po-po would cooperate with a drinking on school grounds investigation.

This idea is frightening.


Anonymous said...

How Can the school even CONSIDER having the random drug testing at after school events??? and what about guests that attend maybe a football game?? wouldn't there be a SMALL embarrassment factor if a faculty member came up to the student to ask for the sample?
I would say BOYCOTT all school events..

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

AGREED anonymous. Is the school rep/faculty member going to stand there and ensure the validity of the urine sample?

It's big brother, it's disgraceful.

glimmertwinfan said...

Big brother is watching.

Before you know it big brother will be tapping their phones!

Oh wait a minute. That can already happen.

Liberties are being chipped away little by little. Let the parent's do the parenting.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

You are right about that glimmertwinfan.

Normally I'd be voting for Obama for President but I'm not voting for someone who votes for a surveillance society. He did and he voted WRONG on FISA.

I will not vote for either Republican or Democrat at any level. A pox on both their houses. I'll be voting, but not D or R

glimmertwinfan said...

Right on Johnny!

Now if we could only get 95% of the rest of the population to do the same thing. Then you would really see this country change. For the better!