Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ypsilanti Township fireworks are ON for tonight

The washed out fireworks show in Ypsilanti Township are on for tonight, Thursday. Same bat time, same bat channel. It'll be clear as a bell tonight and perhaps even a little chilly. It should be around 60ยบ with a slight northeast wind when the shells start bursting over majestic Ford Lake.


cmadler said...

Double check your information. The Ypsilanti Community Band has recieved information that the fireworks will not occur tonight. There was some discussion of attempting to hold the event in a week or two (hey, if Detroit & Southfield can do it two weeks before the holiday, we can do it two weeks after!) but I've been informed that it was decided not to proceed. Planning will begin soon for the 2009 fireworks.

cmadler said...

Disappointed readers are welcome to get their band fix at 7:30pm on July 15 (Tuesday) in Riverside Park. See for details.