Sunday, July 27, 2008

YCD would like to commend Scarlett Middle School Principal Ben Edmondson for showing leadership

Scarlett Middle School Principal Ben Edmondson as you may have read in the Ann Arbor News in what was described as a 'last ditch' effort to reach these students, is holding back, as in not promoting a grade, 24 students or roughly 5% of the classes.

Look, this is a HARD decision for an educator. Johnny grew up in a family of teachers. He knows that when a student is held back, in a way it's the teacher who feels they failed as well. They feel they didn't reach the child being held back. This is a tough thing to do, no doubt he'll catch hell from some parents. He's the pro and if he thinks ultimately this will help these kids, we stand behind him. It's nice to see a school administrator (and these teachers and school employees are under so much pressure to be yes people and make no waves) stick his neck out and show leadership.

Kudos Scarlett Middle School Principal Ben Edmondson. We don't know of an adult later in life who didn't then appreciate a tough teacher from their school days.

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