Friday, July 11, 2008

Tomorrow only, The Scrap Box Sculpt-Off 2008, at the Corner Brewery at noon!

Elvisfest isn't the only thing going on in Cool City this weekend. Johnny got a press release of sorts from an old friend about the The Scrap Box Sculpt-Off. Read on citizens:

The Scrap Box Sculpt-Off is THIS SATURDAY! Join us at Corner Brewery at noon to make some art and support the Scrap Box.

Scrap Box Sculpt-Off
Scrap Box
The Corner Brewery

The Scrap Box Sculpt-Off 2008

Artist Team Information

Tool List: Please note that the Scrap Box does NOT provide any tools. Teams need to bring their own.

We do encourage teams to share during the competition.

You can bring any/all of the following:
FASTENERS: Wire, Screws, Nails, Tape, Glue, Thread, Yarn, Cord, Staples, Rubber Bands, Rivets, Zipties

TOOLS: 1 awl, 2 pair of pliers, 2 scissors/sheers, 2 saws, 1 knife, 1 hammer, 1 needle, 1 cordless drill, 2 screwdrivers, 1 multi-tool (Swiss Army, Leatherman, etc.), 1 staple gun, 1 rivet tool

PAINT: 2 colors with brushes (or spray paint)

WILD CARD: One item that is either a raw material that can be used in your sculpture or one additional tool. (Remember the tool must not require electricity.) The raw material cannot exceed 20% of the final sculpture content.

SCULPTURE MATERIALS: The Scrap Box and other local businesses provide materials for the teams. Materials will be a varied array of items. Each team will receive the exact same materials and an inventory of those materials at the start of the competition.
Again, there is no electricity available on site. Do not bring tools that require electricity, only blood, sweat and tears here!

Time Description
12:00 – 12:15
Artists arrive and check in. PLEASE BE ON TIME. Artists will be given work areas and can unpack tools. Artists may not look at materials until the competition begins.
Theme announced and competition begins.
12:20 – 2:30
Teams work on sculptures. Referees will monitor teams for any questionable activities throughout the event and be able to award and take away points. (bribery of referees may be allowed.)
All hands off sculptures!
2:30 – 2:45
Judges/referees will critique and score sculptures.
2:45 – 3:00
Raffle drawing and awards ceremony.

DRESS CODE: While not required, teams are encouraged to dress alike and/or in costume. Teams sponsored by specific organizations may want to wear identifiable shirts, etc.

· No more than 5 artists can work on a sculpture at any given time. Team members must sub-in tag-team wrestling style (high-five or similar hand slap). Referees will be watching for team member number infractions.

· Due to limited space, your finished sculpture cannot be larger than 3'x3'x3'.

· Teams will be responsible for removing their sculpture and cleaning up their competition area after the competition is over.

· Each team will have roughly 2.5 hours to create their sculpture. The event is timed and monitored by a gang of wacky referees. Referees will give demerits to teams who violate any of the rules. They also give bonus points for bribes. The Referees are their own body and event organizers take zero responsibility for their arbitrary awarding of bonus points and demerits. (Remember, it's all in fun!)

· The finished pieces will be judged and top winners will be displayed at the Scrap Box (though top winners also have the option of taking their sculptures home if they so choose).
Honors will be awarded for such things as:
· Best use of theme
· Best dressed
· Most enthusiastic
· Best team work
· Best team name
· Clean your plate (most materials used)
· Best behaved
· Most demerits
· People's choice

For those of you who are not familiar with the Scrap Box, here is a bit more information.

The Scrap Box is the place for creative recycling. You will find a large assortment of unique materials which manufacturers and businesses would otherwise send to landfills: remnants, samples, seconds, and scraps. This good "junk" can be recycled into useful materials for art classes, learning games, science experiments, crafts and other expressions of creativity. The Scrap Box is open to the public.

Thanks for being a part of the Scrap Box Sculpt-Off! This year's event will be bigger and better than ever, and we appreciate you being a part of it, and especially appreciate your support of the Scrap Box.

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