Monday, July 7, 2008

Crime-O-Rama these last couple days

A woman walking right near her apartment in Ann Arbor is assaulted and her purse stolen. A coward with a gun sticks up an Ypsi Township store, a man in Ann Arbor hurls race invectives at two guys driving by (and gets his ass kicked for his big mouth), a man steals from a Cross Street business early Sunday (luckily he was arrested), and a prowler is arrested in Ann Arbor.

What the hell? What is going on anymore? We ALL need to be more vigilant and start looking out for our friends and neighbors. Cowardly criminals count on the fact you won't get involved, that you won't say something or do something to impede them.

Let's prove them wrong. If you think something looks wrong, it probably is. We all carry cell phones, make the call, don't worry about being wrong, worry about doing nothing.


Anonymous said...

its a sad sign of the times. Unfortunately with times being as tough as they are, the crime is probably going get worse before it gets better.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

I fear your analysis of it getting worse is spot on. It's not as if criminals read YCD anyway and get my rants or could care but if in some small way I can rally the troops to not take this sitting down in the age of cell phone cameras and hell, just plain cell phones, I'd like to try.

Catalytic converters are PRIME targets right now for the precious metal. I did some research to see if there is some kind of pattern say early 2003 PT Cruisers or something but nothing thus far. They're awfully expensive to replace too. If you see ANYONE strange under a car, make a call. Guys wearing coats and jackets on 88 degree days is another tip.

Ypsi crooks are now on double secret probation.