Sunday, July 20, 2008

There are now more 'Re-Elect Sheriff Minzey' placards and yard signs than there are voters in Washtenaw County

We get it Sheriff man, you're running for re-election. We're also aware that there are rules and regulations about picking up your campaign signs after the electioneering. We'll hold you to those rules on each and every sign.

We also have the idea that all the Minzey signs in front of the student rental and frat properties isn't some swell in support from the kids. It's landlords who would never put a yard sign in their own yards advertising for the current Sheriff. Also, are ALL the businesses sporting candidate signs going political on us? Might make some citizens less likely to support your business.


Barnkitty said...

I found your blog by cuiling Minzey yard signs. I am confounded that such a dumb, incompetent Sheriff will probably be re-elected. I, for one, intend to boycott Minzeyesque businesses, but it hurts that I have to go elsewhere for gas instead of the Marathon at Washtenaw & Cornell. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

lord save us and our wallets from four more years of minzey. get the vote out!

Shelly Slader said...

I don't think I have seen a "Re-Elect Sheriff" placard even once in my city! I was never aware that they held elections for sheriffs. Sounds like there aren't a lot of people that are happy with the current sheriff right now.
Shelly Slader |