Wednesday, July 9, 2008

According to the Detroit Free Press, the University of Michigan WILL PAY 2.5 MILLION for Rich Rod's lawsuit

What kind of CRAP is that? Tuition is going up 5% while U-M pays 2.5 MILLION dollars for a football coach. How many improvements can't get made? How many projects sit due to lack of funds? How many classrooms need updating? Computer labs? The Michigan Daily offices need some help? How about the basketball program, devoid of life at U-M?

This is the worst money spent at the University of Michigan in a LONG LONG time.

This should incense every taxpayer in the state of Michigan, you just subsidized a football coach who ran afoul of a school in West Virginia.


Free Press story here


Anonymous said...

Its terrible when a EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION prioritizes a football program over the educational needs of their students.
Knowing that, is the MICHIGAN DEGREE worth the extra cash now we know where the administrations piorities are???

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

My blood is just boiling. I dunno how many times this afternoon this is excused as "well the athletic department is self sustaining"

So, then it's a goddamned slush fund, in other words no? Just payouts for what they deem necessary in lawsuits and lawyerin.

"The Athletic Department IS separate from the University"

GREAT logic. And who runs it? Dick Cheney?

Sometimes I swear to god there are Michigan fans who would rather their not even BE a 'University of' part. IN Michigan Stadium years ago this reporter heard with his own ears two guys going on in front of me about how stupid it is students get so many tickets.

Is everything up to snuff in said athletic department? I mean are the women's programs getting everything they need? I think the uh, basketball team could use SOME money to do SOMETHING before their twice yearly red ass beat downs by MSU.

Like I've been saying all day, image-wise, that tuition increase sure looks like a turd in the punchbowl.

Students with jobs are sure gonna ride that Rich train ain't they?

All the art supply stores in Columbus were just emptied (possibly looted, you know them) of poster making materials. M fans will not enjoy the crowd shots from the banks of the Olentangy River in November.

trusty getto said...

Amazing how easy it is to spend OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, ain't i?