Sunday, July 27, 2008

Late night open thread

The Police tonight at Pine Knob were fantastic. They rocked very hard, they had some bigger reggae beats to back songs and played for quite a while, two encores, 5 songs. Stewart Copeland had many percussion toys to play with and really put on a mesmerizing display with all of them. He was spot on. Sting was Sting and seemed to really be enjoying himself. He spent a good part of the evening challenging the crowd to get hyped even higher. Andy Summers was much more brash, much more noticeable and looking the part of lead guitar player in a rock and roll band.

Elvis Costello as the lead act was pretty amped himself. He tore through an hour set including a duet of 'Alison' with Sting (Sting all the way) that brought the house down.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

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