Friday, July 4, 2008

Late night open thread

Oh what an evening. 2 bricks of firecrackers, dozens and dozens of all kinds of bottle rockets, roman candles galore and yes, then the bigguns. Standing outside you can actually hear the sound of happiness on the air. People lighting off fireworks are happy, they are excited, they are enjoying the day. You can hear it with every crackle and thud. Johnny absolutely adores the 4th of July as we all come together as one, no one political party enjoys fireworks any more than any other. Everybody enjoys food on the grill. Enjoying the company of other Americans.

The Ypsilanti Independence Day parade is becoming the most talked about one of it's kind. The Cadillac of 4th of July parades. Case and point Johnny talked to a friend from Pinckney after the parade and she said she wanted to go to a parade today and had heard Ypsilanti's was the best one around. Not the first time that's been said around SE Michigan.

Has there ever been a better looking day on the 4th? Somebody write this one down and when we go to order days from the catalog we remember it. As perfect a day as there's ever been.

Cool City earned it's new nickname on this day friends.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

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