Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A ban on plastic bags in Ann Arbor?

Ann Arbor City Council Member Stephen Rapundalo wants to ban plastic shopping bags because they wind up as litter, or so he says. Discussing the bag situation, he said "... they're everywhere. Blowing down streets, hanging in trees.".

This would seem like a problem of PEOPLE who let said bags blow away. I see an awful lot of hubcaps and yet no worries about ensuring they are bolted tighter onto cars. What about cigarette butts Mr. Rapundalo? There are a hundred times more cigarette butts lining the A2 streets and sidewalks and you don't take on smoking.

We were also told that we couldn't use paper bags because we were killing trees the plastic would be a godsend. Guess somebody was fibbing huh?


glimmertwinfan said...

Buy the canvas bags and don't use either.

Next it will be non-carbonated beverage containers (I hope).

It might no longer be the economic powerhouse of the country, but it is a beautiful state. And having garbage all along the roads doesn't help.

TrixielovesYpsi said...

I bought three reusable bags from Ikea and now that I've gotten into the habit of taking them with me to the grocery store I really like them. These have handles at the top and I can put them down to open my main door then grab them really easy to carry them up the stairs and put them down again to open my door. They are strong enough they don't flop over and won't rip from the weight to too many jars. For me they are just more convenient than the plastic bags. I still get those, of course, but they always get used again as trash bags. To each his own; these just work better for me.

glimmertwinfan said...

Nice to hear about the Ikea bags. I think punk's point is he doesn't like being policed into using the bags. I agree, but it is obvious that trusting citizens to do the right thing with their rubbish doesn't necessarily work.

I'm the last guy that wants more laws and government. But based on the amount of trash in our state where it shouldn't be I have to agree with this one.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Nah, I just want something that will keep my frozen food frozen even if I have to say stop for gas or something on the way home. When I buy frozen food, I tend to get a lot (meat and things for the grill) and put it in the freezer. This means I have a large amount of money invested in frozen items. I need bags that will stand up to the warm air in summer and fall.

Again, too, like I've said before the environment isn't my overarching concern in life, and I do expect people to handle their own trash matters themselves as far as plastic bags go.