Thursday, July 3, 2008

Let Johnny say what the Main Street Association is too polite to say--You smokers are utter PIGS

The The Main Street Area Association is having now to take GRANTS from 'Keep America Beautiful' to put in "Smoker's Outpost" cigarette butt receptacles and 1000 pocket ashtrays all because smokers are too self centered, too lazy and too piggy to stop throwing their butts on the ground, and in flower planters along Main Street

It's not JUST Main Street people, it's EVERYWHERE. Disgusting smokers (and we're NOT commenting on the ACT of smoking, no, it's your butt disposal system that needs work) have somehow come to think the ground is their ashtray. Watch the butts come flying out of car windows. Look if it's too disgusting to keep in your car's ashtray, don't pitch that shit out your window for the rest of us to deal with, you selfish jerks.

Johnny was waiting for a bus this winter and a man was sitting there smoking. When he got done he simply just threw his butt away on the ground. Johnny asked him to pick it up. He asked WHY, can you believe it WHY. Johnny told him it would be good for his health to comply. He did.

You smokers really need to get your collective heads out of your asses with where you put your butts. Again, smoke your brains out, that's YOUR decision, where you put your butts is OUR problem. We certainly hope citizens will now begin to actually call out dirty smokers throwing their garbage on the ground. SAY something to them. Let them know you saw their behavior and don't approve. Save the confrontations for the big guys like Johnny who can lift bales, but make sure they know they are on notice.

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