Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hey, AATA, thanks for the call back, we REALLY appreciate it....NOT

In trying to do some actual reporting, intrepid YCD reporters left a couple messages with the AATA (no not the general route info number, the general office number) and asked why during Art Fair AATA was using their new hybrid busses almost exclusively to shuttle Art Fair riders and leaving their old rickety busses for the regular riders. We have evidence we wanted to discuss with AATA and gave our number to get a reply but apparently, the AATA may be a little touchy about giving the regulars the back of their hands for a few days while spoiling the out of towners. Yep, those who support AATA the other 361 days a year got the 'filling adjusters on wheels.'

Why AATA, why wouldn't you take a few minutes to call us back? Something making you feel guilty?


glimmertwinfan said...


You're getting crotchety at your old age.

You dont have 365 bars of soap and brush the tassles on your area rugs daily, do you?

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

No but I did ride on a very un-air conditioned OLDER bus on Friday when it was 90 outside.

glimmertwinfan said...

Now see, I didn't think you mentioned un-air conditioned. If you did, I missed it. I just thought you were anxious to ride on a bus using the latest technology!

You can bet that AATA and A2 were using that little ride to and from Art Wars as a PR exercise.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Well I started noticing the normal 2-3 hybrids rolling out of Ypsi each morning had become ZERO hybrids rolling out on the 3, 4 and 5 routes as early as Wednesday. Then I noticed in downtown A2 that there were NO hybrids awaiting the regulars on 4th Avenue. I did see hybrid after hybrid driving the Art Fair folks.

My other peeve was them twice taking down my information and never getting back with me. That's bad form.