Friday, August 1, 2008

Pittsfield Township shaking down senior citizens?

Oh course they're NOT shaking down senior citizens, but with this bank account takeover there is PERCEPTION and there is REALITY and right now the powers that be in Pittsfield Township are facing PERCEPTION of taking over a senior citizen group's finances, even with the legal-ese over the private tax ID number snafu.

The senior citizen group, Pittsfield Seniors, have three bank accounts plus six certificates of deposit totaling roughly $219,000. Township Treasurer Christina Lirones claims she was 'legally obligated' to take over the money. According to the Ann Arbor News "The tax identification number is something issued to all employers by the Internal Revenue Service for purposes such as tracking Social Security withholding tax." Pittsfield Township thought the seniors had their own tax ID. They had a Pittsfield Township tax ID.

Pittsfield Township can talk until they are blue in the mouth, the perception is they took a lot of money from a senior citizen group. Senior citizens vote. Senior citizens also realize this is an election year.

Christina Lirones, you're in quite a pickle, and that's reality, not perception...


glimmertwinfan said...

I read this story this morning and the entire thing sounds very fishy to me. I believe in the article that the senior group was told of this years ago. But what strikes me funny is how if the Township knew of an issue many, many years ago, just what have their lazy butts been doing all these years? Now all of a sudden they sweep in like federal irs agents.

It is obvious that what the seniors need is some consulting and assistance to maintain independence with this matter. What I think is going to happen is that these officials are going to get their arses elected right out of office.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

EXACTLY and if everything is audited once a year and this was just found out now, that makes the money managers look pretty bad in an election year. If this were just an oversight moving money from say a road commission to a city works account on an oversight people wouldn't think twice. Mess with seniors and boy howdy, you've got the scene out front of Pittsfield Community Center.

I think we all pretty much realize testing older drivers far more frequently and actually yanking licenses as needed would be a good thing. Woe be to the elected official who brings that up.

At least they didn't call the cops who would be waving tasers around--and yes that is a blanket statement but show us police who don't wave tasers around like bubble wands. Careful, I have Youtube on my side...