Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Post Primary YCD Hangover Edition

First off, we're glad we'll have a new sheriff. We were never THAT impressed with Dan Minzey. We got the definite idea he never wanted to hear from any voters unless he was putting up a sign in their yard (and the commenter on the Ann Arbor News who said the signs would win the day and that they were all put up by request legally, we simply give a big Nelson Muntz 'ha ha'). We hope Jerry Clayton brings a renewed vigor to the Washtenaw County Sheriff position. Judging from the numbers you have a mandate Mr. Clayton, don't waste it.

In Ypsilanti, we were happy to see old warhorse Pete Murdock win the Democratic nomination in Ward 3. You can say what you want to about Mr. Murdock but he understands this city, he knows what needs to be done and brings a consensus building ability with him. In the Second Ward, the Water Street Project claimed John Gawlas who lost to Michael Bodary. Mr. Gawlas, we wish you well but that Water Street Project will claim a lot of people before it's done. The biggest loser on the night was our Mayor, Paul Schreiber who wasn't on the ballot per se, but backed not one, not two but three losing city council candidates. His work as mayor looks to be all the more difficult now. We also think his time as mayor might well be up next time he runs. Between the Water Street Project and the OBVIOUS throw the bums out mood of Washtenaw County yesterday, folks aren't shy about a house cleaning.

In Ann Arbor, John Hieftje not only won reelection to the Mayor's office but the candidates he supported won the night. He looks to have council on his side going into the next year. Sandi Smith in the 1st Ward, Tony Derezinski in the 2nd Ward, Christopher Taylor in the 3rd Ward, Carsten Hohnke in the 5th Ward all won.

In Ypsi Township, besides the big win by Brenda Stumbo, the three incumbent trustees, Jean Hall Currie, Dee Sizemore and Stan Eldridge and Mike Martin, got the most votes.

Pittsfield Township was in the mood for change in a big way, tossing out the incumbents and voting for Mandy Grewal, clerk candidate Alan Israel, treasurer candidate Patricia Scribner and trustee candidates Stephanie Hunt, Gerald Krone, Tom Sherony and Chol Yi.

In the 15th District Judge race, the two who plastered their faces on transportation, came in 3rd and 4th respectively. The two top vote getters, Chris Easthope and Eric Gutenberg will face off in November while Joan Lowenstein and Margaret Connors. the faces on the busses, lost.


Anonymous said...

Truth be told, I don't think this was about Mayor Schreiber at all, nor do I think his work will be more difficult. Despite what everyone said before, Council has worked together. It's also important to understand that working together doesn't mean every vote should be 7-0. City Council will continue to work at moving the City forward.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

It was more about River Street. I didn't say it was ABOUT The mayor, only that he had backed three losing candidates which I think WILL have SOME kind of impact. Hard feelings can go a long way. I hope they all do rise above, but a city in debt will no doubt have some fingerpointing before things get done.