Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mid American Conference ABSOLVED!!! Johnny was MISLED to by the Eastern Michigan SI Office--UPDATED

Johnny just got off the phone with Gary Richter, Assistant Commissioner for Media Relations at the Mid American Conference. He told us that the MAC has NO Policy as stated by EMU. He said the credentials are the school's to use as they wish. We still wonder why the MAC lists it's bloggers as ONLY beat writers from around the league, we vehemently disagree that beat writers are bloggers but for right now, we're gonna find out why we were misled by EMU....

The MAC is good to go....

UPDATE--Eastern DOES wanna play ball. We just got off the phone with the SID office and they told us we COULD get a press credential to take photos. This came after they learned (or were sternly reminded) that the MAC offices said there was NO SUCH POLICY to not credential bloggers. The EMU SID office had no idea the MAC had no such policy (the person we spoke with anyway). They also said they'd never had a request like ours before (which we can easily believe---EMU isn't Michigan or Notre Dame after all). A lesson here, don't take NO for an answer and in the new digital age, make sure your school knows the conference policy or lack thereof when it comes to new media. And for now we'll also call Eastern Michigan ABSOLVED.

So, Johnny will be snapping hopefully some great football photos tomorrow night for you all to enjoy.

Go EMU, go go EMU EMU