Thursday, August 7, 2008

Michigan football MAY or MAY NOT have a steroids problem on it's hands

Former Michigan defensive end, Rondell Biggs, was recently pulled over near I-94 and State Street. We'll now cut to the chase; Biggs told police he was in town HELPING the Michigan football program with the 'training and conditioning' of the team. What MAY be troubling here is what Biggs was found with after being stopped. Police say they found 10 yellow pills in the center console of the vehicle in a bag that had a label indicating it contained 50 pills. Now, a Michigan rep said Biggs was merely an hourly employee back under Lloyd Carr's tenure and has no connection to the new coach, Rich Rodriguez. The pills in question came back as 'positive for stanozolol, a Schedule III prescribed synthetic anabolic steroid'.

Troubling yes, now whether we can determine Biggs' exact role with the team remains to be seen but if he's still having anything to do with the team in any official capacity, the NCAA will be all over this. If he's only working with FORMER U-M athletes, the heat would be off except for those stupid enough to use steroids to begin with.

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