Thursday, August 14, 2008

30th annual Ypsilanti Heritage Festival primer

It's that time again, time for the festival of festivals, the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival and it kicks off tomorrow. It's more than just Playboy bunnies, booze and feats of strength.

There will be fireworks, the Nightmare car cruise (bring your worstest junker to Depot Town), a soccer tournament, an OLD TIME baseball exhibition, a 10K run, the rubber duck race, the parade, a millionaaire's tent, and all the elephant ears you can eat.

If by chance you'd like to be in a pie eating contest, you need to contact Haabs restaurant at 483-8200, there are only 16 spots available and Haabs is providing those scrumptious blueberry pies, MICHIGAN blueberry pies.

Seriously, there is so much more than we could include in this space, just go to the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival website for ALL the info.

See ya there!

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