Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Attention all pizza delivery stores, STOP delivering to Tuscan Creek Apartments

A Mr. Pizza driver was robbed at gunpoint last night at the Tuscan Creek Apartments, bringing the number of pizza delivery robberies to, well, a BUNCH lately. Mr Pizza and other pizza delivery stores should simply STOP delivering to places this kind of thing goes on. We WILL NOT wanna hear crocodile tears from ANY elected official, pizza store owner or apartment management group talk about what a tragedy it is when one of these guys and gals, simply doing their jobs, is shot to death.

From this moment on, it's on YOU the pizza places and apartment complexes to protect these people. They can't carry guns, they can't fight back, so what are we as a community gonna do for them? They're simply doing their JOBS.

STOP delivering to places that have had robberies, we've talked about this before, simply STOP delivering to these criminal element complexes and areas. Is a pizza place willing to lose a driver to gun violence to make some coin? These complexes will ONLY do something about the predators inside their property lines when people call a pizza place, and are told NO, we don't deliver to YOUR complex, take it up with your management company.

Rest assured, if this comes to pass and someone is killed, we're gonna be in the face of, and down the shorts of, the parties involved, this means pizza shops and apartment complexes.

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