Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ann Arbor City Council delays decision on two development plans

So, they didn't say yes and they didn't say no. Residents near the proposed sites don't want them and whiny developers who think they can do whatever pleases them have threatened to sue the city.

Let's break out the two proposals as the YCD is really really against one of them.

#1 A 120 four-bedroom units at 1430 S. Maple St., known as 42 North, would include 494 parking spots.

#2 A 64,314 square foot apartment complex that could rise some 25 stories and would cater to students at the corner of the corner of Forest and South University.

The #1 we don't have much of an opinion on, the #2 would be an abomination and the city of Ann Arbor should tell sniveler developer Dan Ketelaar to stop the crybaby act and bring his little lawsuit. In NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM would developing this into a giant student housing tower help the city. This is all about Dan Ketelaar's checkbook. Imagine if you will 342 apartments there, with say 2.5 students living in each. You do the math, can the city handle the parking around there? Another few hundred or so students in the neighborhood drinking, carousing perhaps making mischief.

Tell us Mr.Ketelaar, once you get paid, you're done with it aren't you? You don't care about the homeowners there, you never did. Can they call you at home at 4am when all hell is breaking loose after a victory over Ohio State one night? Can the Ann Arbor police call you at home when the crime rate goes up in the neighborhood where it ALWAYS does in student areas? Of course not, you got paid, you could care less what happens after the check clears.

Sometimes the best moves are the ones you don't make

Johnny has no voting abilities in Tree City, but he's telling the city council they'll regret giving a building license to build this mess. Deep down, if you throw out the threat of lawsuit, you know you'd vote against it. So follow that little voice and vote NO. Listen to the residents and NOT the developers. We can find nary a listing in any phone book for a Dan Ketelaar in Ann Arbor or even Washtenaw County for that matter. We can find one in Northport, Michigan, 4 hours away at the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula, out of earshot of drunken students in Ann Arbor.

Northport is closer to Green Bay Wisconsin than Ann Arbor Michigan.


Anonymous said...

I don't always see eye to eye with you, but in this case you are right.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Thank you anonymous, I appreciate that.

There is so much unused student housing NOW with the bad economy, why build a monstrosity and potential trouble spot. We can make do with what we have

Anonymous said...

or keep up what we have, at the very least. There are parts of town that are starting to crumble.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

In a situation like this, I always refer back to the morning after Michigan won the 1989 NCAA basketball title and the utter ruin South and East University were that day. I simply cannot imagine another 600-800 students 'helping' celebrate'.

Plus kids pee and puke and throw trash in local yards, it's a fact of college towns.