Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here's a stick in the eye---EMU, citing MAC policy refuses to give press credentials to bloggers--UPDATED

Johnny just got off the phone with Eastern Michigan's Sports Information office. He simply requested the ability (even offering to pay for a ticket) to get down on the sideline to take some pictures to talk UP the EMU football program. He was DENIED by someone spouting MAC policy.

See above


Anonymous said...

Self destructive. Nonsense. Clueless.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

I hope you mean the MAC policy anonymous, I mean you'd be right either way but I'm hoping you mean them....


I'm pissed, I totally am. I JUST want to put up great pics for students and locals. I'd be providing better image coverage than the Echo, the Ann Arbor News, and better shots (bigger) than the actual EMU athletic site. Baseball and softball are different animals, you can simply walk up and get great shots. Football has a different set up obviously.

If it's not about ticket money (and how many bloggers would we really be talking about in each MAC town, two per team that would seriously cover said local team) what is it? Will they be blocking Twitter feeds out of Rynearson as well? Get with the new digital age, MAC and EMU

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

It gets more ridiculous, they actually have a 'Blogging the MAC' page on the Mid American Conference site. Apparently, to the MAC, bloggers all work at newspapers. See, it's our opinion that NO, THEY DON'T, see that's why they are called NEWSPAPERS. Here is their list of newspaper columni--t---er bloggers:

Please check out one of the featured MAC blogs below for in-depth coverage of Mid-American Conference athletics. These blogs are published by various beat writers from around the league. Keep checking back for additional blogs to be added!!

Elton Alexander, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Ryan Autullo, Toledo Blade

Jack Carle, Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune

Graham Couch, Kalamazoo Gazette

Maureen Fulton, Toledo Blade

Mike Rasor, Akron Beacon Journal

John Sahly, Daily Chronicle

Doug Zaleski, Muncie Star Press

Beat writers write columns, NOT blogs. Maybe I should call this a column, the MAC would never know since they can't distinguish between newspaper columnists and bloggers.