Sunday, August 31, 2008

Washtenaw County football rankings for week 1

Time now for the Ypsi City Desk Sports Amalgamated Poll, ranking the best football teams in Washtenaw County

1) Eastern Michigan
2) Chelsea Bulldogs
3) Ann Arbor Pioneer
4) Michigan

EMU with a huge 52-0 victory over Indiana State on Thursday, coupled with Michigan's uninspiring loss to Utah keep Eastern #1 this week while Michigan drops from #2 in our preseason rankings to #4.


metrichead said...

A year ago, Rich Eisen of the NFL Network was at Borders promoting his book "NFL Total Access" about a typical calendar year of what goes on in the NFL. He's a U of M Alum and wrote for the Michigan Daily in the mid 1980s.

I asked him a question about whether or not EMU would ever have a good football team. He looked surprised by the "Ypsi question," and added this story that I can't re-tell this as well, but I'll try.

He told me in 1986 or 1987 that U of M was not doing well and EMU had in fact been given more Top 25 votes in the AP/Coaches poll than the Wolverines. EMU I think even won their only MAC championship ever that year.

The Daily, where Eisen was an editor, got a news clipping of that from EMU (Echo?) that said "From Eastern Michigan, To the No. 2 football team in Washtenaw County."

Not as funny as Rich said it, but worth pointing out.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

I've often felt, in 1987, EMU who was 10-2 that year COULD have beaten U-M that one year only. A s I recall Michigan was 6-6 that year, Harbaugh broke his arm in the MSU game and they were adrift with no sense of purpose.

Eastern had a dominant offensive line that year for Gary Patton to run behind and Ron Adams to throw behind.

I agree with the Echo editor that ONE YEAR EMU was better but sending it off seems pretty silly. You've been better than Michigan one year out of 100, be classier. I think most people realize we're just having fun with it here.

Thanks metrichead, that was a GREAT story! Thanks for sharing it

Anonymous said...

Good job getting #49 from Ortonville Brandon in your picture..a true freshman that played in the first game!

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Well you know us anonymous--we're all about the Brandon kids!