Saturday, August 30, 2008

Michigan football GAMEDAY

So, anybody telling you they KNOW how U-M is gonna do today or this season are fibbing. What a wildcard this season shapes up to be. WIll the offense click with guys not recruited to run it? Will the defense be able to cover for the kinds of mistakes that can plague a spread offense? Does the defense have some gamebreakers who can change a game's course?

Not in a generation has Michigan football been at such a crossroads. With all the improvements, and nobody in Ann Arbor wants to talk about this, with all the improvements in East Lansing with their gorgeous new football building and the top flight (yes in some cases better than Michigan) recruits of this year and especially next, this is a dangerous time. Maybe things come together and Michigan doesn't miss a beat, goes 9-3 in his first year and wins a bowl game. Maybe things are tougher and they go 6-6. That sends alumni into a panic in the offseason, hoping against hope it doesn't happen in 2009.

What a wild ride it will be this year and a great example of a spread offense shows up today in the form of Utah. Is today another disappointing Appalachian State game? Oregon? That's what we mean, nobody knows nuthin.

We'll take a guess that Michigan has had enough time to get things together and eeks out a 28-27 win today in Michigan Stadium.

Get there early, construction is like a tough defender out there today.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. The offense is awful on a level not seen since the 60s. They look beaten on offense. Snap more to the running back.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Oh my, where to begin The offensive line was atrocious, blowing many blitzes. They offense seemed to move in slow motion almost as if it was a scrimmage. The defense played well enough, holding Utah to field goals and not TDs early or this game wouldn't have been close.