Thursday, August 21, 2008

We wish our good friend Melanie from Fake Plastic Noodles all the best in London

If you are a regular reader of her blog, you know she's off to live her dream in London. We wish her nothing but the best and we'll just bet if you keep checking back on her page you'll enjoy the sights and sounds of London yourselves.

Melanie, watch out for werewolves, popular culture says they hang out in Chinese restaurants.


melanie said...

I'll miss you guys too! Keep Ypsi classy ;)

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

And we'll miss your wit and clever writing. Be well across the pond Sweets.

I hear Michigan is going to play an exhibition football game in London and we're flying in some 70,000 of their fans so you can have a taste of home. A lucky raffle winner will get the opportunity to pee in your yard, just like old times!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they'll steal your grill while they're at it! -- Will