Thursday, January 10, 2008

Uh oh, U-M 'gradzillas' are MAD they would have to come to Ypsilanti to graduate

Now, of course that's just a catchy pot stirring headline, but according to the Michigan Daily, thousands of 'gradzillas' at U-M are awfully mad that they cannot have THEIR graduation at Michigan Stadium. Over 80 emails and 130 comments have been left on the Commencement 08 website at U-M EMPLORING Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman not to make them go to Ypsi. Why there 'gradzillas' have even started forming a group on Facebook, called 'Michigan's Graduation is meant to be in the Big House' and apparently, 2,279 Michigan students and Facebook dwellers have joined the clarion call to DEMAND U-M either stop construction on Michigan Stadium long enough to have it there OR.....well, there is no OR.

U-M says the facility will be unavailable as the bathrooms will be inoperable which means no Big House.

YCD wonders, and we're merely wondering on this and would love your input, if U-M had said graduation would be in the Crisler Arena, would the hue and cry have been this much? Is it REALLY because it's not at the BIG HOUSE, or is it because it's at EMU?


glimmertwinfan said...

I look at it this way. At least after this commencement the area will be rid of most of this batch. :)

TrixielovesYpsi said...

This is a generation that played kinder, gentler t-ball where they didn't keep score so that everyone could be a winner. They are pretty sure if they stomp and pout and pull out the big ammo (SIGNING A FACEBOOK PETITION - bwa ha ha ha!) they will get their way. Too bad they've lost sight of the fact that their degree will still say 'The University of Michigan' - matters not where it's handed to them.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

I'm hearing from people 'around the water cooler' and what not this sounds like the biggest batch of "spawled" kids around. I'd even make the case, that Rynearson, with it's open end with the trees along Huron River Drive is more SCENIC that the Big House big hole in the ground.

EMU should simply pull the offer and let them have their graduation in the Pioneer High School parking lot so they can be close to their precious Big House.

It's funny GlimmerTwin Fan, their FIRST real life lesson here is that the University needs the money from expanding the football stadium MORE than they need them to graduate from there.

MONEY kids, MONEY will ALWAYS win the day

JANEL said...

No. Students are pissed because graduation is not on the campus they have attended for 4+ years of their lives.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Janel--We UNDERSTAND that part of it. What we don't understand are the invictives being tossed at EMU and Ypsilanti by upset U-M grads to be.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the number of uneducated know-it-alls who come out with opinions that should be kept to themselves. Are YOU graduating in April? If not, then mind your own damn business...for nearly 40K a year I should be able to graduate from wherever the hell I want

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Anonymous, YES, you SHOULD be able to graduate from whever you want to, unfortunately, the U-M CANNOT accomodate graduation at Michigan Stadium and are not using Crisler Arena, SO, the question then becomes where would YOU suggest they hold it? To think the university should be forced to pay for The Palace or Ford Field as I have seen suggested by UM Grads to be is a touch ridiculous don't you think?

I for one wish they COULD hold it at Michigan Stadium, I mean it sure would cut down on the insults flying over to this side of US-23.

Also, keeping opinions to ones self? That's NOT what we're about here and I'd suggest this would be a pretty dull place if we did.

Uneducated? Hmmmm, funny you'd make THAT comment.

TrixielovesYpsi said...

Anonymous: You ARE graduating from wherever the hell you want. Your angst is about WHERE you wear a stupid hat and stand for pictures. Shouldn't a fine graduate such as yourself be able to distinguish the two and state that clearly?

Forget it - you should stay home and wait for your formal diploma in the mail. That is, if you passed English 101.

Anonymous said...

So how's the wheelchair access at Rynearson....


Johnny Action Space Punk said...

anonymous, the wheelchair access is just as the law requires. Actually it would be quite easy for someone with a walking handicap to get inside comfortably.

What gets lost in this is a LOT of those seats in Rynearson are VIRGIN SEATS. They have never had ass one on them. More spacious seats too because EMU sure isn't in some attendance pissing match with ANYONE let alone Tennessee and Penn St. Sit your fat ass down and spread out.

And it should be a festive day and don't forget the fabled motto at Rynearson, U-M Grads and families, don't be cultural chauvinists here, we know yours is called THE BIG HOUSE but over here we've been saying this about Rynearson for decades:

Rynearson Stadium, you'll pay for the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge.