Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pfizer will donate 1 million to the Ann Arbor Community Foundation

The Pfizer Foundation announced it will contribute $1 million Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation to help support local nonprofits addressing health care, education, arts and culture.

"The Pfizer Foundation Board decided to make the grant because we recognized the need of local nonprofits in the area as they faced changes in their financial support structure due to the closure of the Pfizer Inc. facilities," said Rich Bagger, vice president of the Pfizer Foundation in a statement to the media.

YCD is going to resist the urge to be snarky and cynical and say this IS a very nice parting gesture, made we feel because Pfizer DID feel a part of the community and for whatever short sighted reasons they used to close the R&D facility here, they are giving something back.

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