Friday, January 18, 2008

Mary Sue Coleman to 'gradzillas': "Cake or Death?"

OK YCD, what the HELL do you mean 'cake or death'? It's part of an Eddie Izzard stand up routine where the SOFTIE Church of England tries to get tough with wayward churchgoers and offers them the choice of 'Cake or Death'. The answer is always "CAKE PLEASE".

Mary Sue Coleman today became the SOFTIE Church of England with her wayward "gradzillas" by telling them "Yes, you precious little ones, we need to make sure your every need is catered to no matter what the situation based in reality says". Mary Sue met with students today over the proposed graduation sites that STUDENTS would find acceptable (and we wonder where the recently displayed sense of entitlement comes from). Mary Sue SAYS she's been listening and then asks them where they want to have graduation PROVING she's not been listening.

Senior Eric Mandell Victorson told the public meeting that not having graduation in Michigan Stadium would be:

"a tragic ending to four years".

Um, Eric, 9/11 was a tragedy, the Titanic was a tragedy, Oklahoma City was a tragedy. You having to graduate in Crisler Arena or Rynearson Stadium is NOT a tragedy.

So, U-M grads, "Cake or Death"?

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