Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Chicago State 72, EMU 68, there's simply no excuse for this

Hey, look for a LONG TIME EMU basketball has gotten a pass for whatever reason. Nobody seemed willing to speak out online or in the newspapers about how BAD this thing has gotten and tonight is really bothering Johnny.

Johnny was friends (not BFF's, don't be ridonculous) with Ben Braun when he was here. Johnny has quite an affinity for EMU hoops. He will not be silent.

A loss like this one is utter CRAP. There is no reason for Eastern Michigan to lose to Chicago State at anything not related to being geographically located in Cook County Illinois. EMU had a 10 point lead in the first half, lost that lead and never led again after roughly 13:00 to go in the second half. YCD hasn't broken down the numbers. Wanna know why? YCD doesn't NEED to break down the numbers to say this team appears on a slippery slope to nowhere. It's not like Chicago State came in with great small school credentials. They WERE 4-12. That's right, FOUR up and TWELVE down.

Charles Ramsey, this can't keep happening. YCD has MUCH respect for you, but this loss has become FAR too indicative of the EMU program. A lackluster effort against a team EMU should be making hay against. Onto the MAC schedule, and sadly we're not hopping up and down over it.

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