Thursday, September 25, 2008

Washtenaw County Sheriff deputy tasers Ypsi Township father

We're going to let more come out on this as we simply weren't there but apparently a father in Ford Heritage Park in Ypsilanti Township was tased over a lost child. Stories vary but the endgame was the father finding one of his children who became separated from the family and an officer demanding he put down his own child until she (the officer) could confirm the child was his. The father reportedly got angry, may have had physical contact with what Commander Dave Egeler says is an undersized female officer, and was tased while possibly holding the child. The father was arrested and charged with resisting and obstructing.

We'll keep an eye on this one to be sure.....More on this story from WXYZ in Detroit.

Hat tip to YCD reader KK on the tip....


glimmertwinfan said...

I've already exhausted my say on this one on the A2 News site.

The only thing left to comment on is this:

I can't wait until the EMU students get their Ypsi City Desk-issued Tasers. Then we will really have something to blog about!


Johnny Action Space Punk said...

LOL, that cracked me up