Friday, September 12, 2008

Eastern Michigan GAMEDAY

A crossroads at game 3. First conference game, coming off a thumping, and looking to go 2-0 at Rynearson this year. The Toledo Rockets kickoff with Eastern at noon tomorrow with a LOT on the line for EMU. These are the kinds of games you have to win to get better with proof. We can watch and say yes, things look better. We can think that way, but at some point along the way, a program on the rebound wins games like this. Eastern must pour their heart and soul into this game. Extra effort for every inch on the field. Every down every inch. Somehow they have to come up with the effort of a lifetime. 2-1 or 1-2 going into Maryland next week. Your choice.

Toledo got thumped by Arizona last week. They'll be looking for redemption and MAY look at Eastern as their best chance for an early win on their schedule. Next week they are playing #21 Fresno State. There may be a LOT of pressure on the Rockets for this reason. Lose to Eastern and they figure their season is over before it started. It would behoove EMU to get off to a quick two score lead and prey on these Ohio-based fears.

Not gonna do an offensive or defensive breakdown, this will be won or lost by the heart and soul of the Eastern football team. Team effort, team enthusiasm, team smarts, team play.

Eastern Michigan 32
Toledo 30

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Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Dear EMU football coaches, staff and players--

That was UNACCEPTABLE. Whatever the weather Toledo played in it too. You wanna run Mr Genyk outta town on a rail keep playing like that.


Maryland beat Cal but still they're not USC either. There had better be FAR better effort next week.