Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You can't swing a dead cat without hitting celebrities in Washtenaw County anymore

Unless it's like, say a Manx cat with a very very stumpy tail, then you might miss. MORE Hollywood types were in town on street corners registering voters in Ann Arbor yesterday. Johnny is told that Adam Brody and Rachael Leigh Cook are stars of hipster teen dramas known as 'The O.C.' and the movie 'She's All That'. Johnny would have had no idear who they were if he hadn't read it online.

Oddly, the Ann Arbor News said few recognized them. No.

But back to the new Hollywood corridor around here. From Ypsilanti's Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon sightings, to Michael Cera and the movie crews in Ann Arbor, we're gonna need a cool name for this hot mess.

Ypsiwood? (we'd happily put up an YPSIWOOD sign up on Mt. Ypsilanti)

Broadway Arbor?


Give us your idears in comments.

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Sean D. said...

I know, right... I went into my cheapass cobbler in Ypsiwood and there's like three production ass'tants with clipboards and head sets, tents up and down Pearl St., I'm looking at my cobbler seriously and he says "shhhh" and points to De Niro.

For Chrissakes, where can I get these wingtips heeled for under $20? I don't need another Starbucks!