Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eastern Michigan football GAMEDAY!

Eastern is in College Park Maryland today to take on Maryland's Terrapins. Kickoff is at 1 pm. Maryland comes into the game at 2-1 while EMU is 1-2.

The turtles (A Terrapin is a kind of turtle, we hear they make good soup) have posted victories over Delaware's Blue Hens and last week over a ranked Cal team. They have, however, lost to Middle Tennessee State. All their games have been close affairs. We hope today is no different. Eastern is going to have to do something to slow the Maryland ground game led by Da'Rel Scott. Chris Turner at QB is your standard middle of the pack ACC QB whom Eastern will have to pressure and pressure often. He throws as many interceptions as touchdowns. We think to WIN the game Eastern will need a defensive and or special teams score today.

Eastern and Maryland have played a few games off and on over the years, even a game at Rynearson many moons ago. EMU should be coming closer to Maryland we feel and we sure hope today is the day. The Ypsilanti 11 can't make weather excuses or worry about a wet field today. They need to rebound from last week's atrocious home ass kicking to Toledo. Team leaders like Daniel Holtzclaw, Andy Schmitt and Terrance Blevins need to show the young EMU team they belong on the same field and have a purpose in going to College Park other than picking up a check. Eastern is #17 in Division 1-A in rushing while Maryland is #38 and they haven't been playing the toughest teams. EMU should be able to get something done on the ground today. Also, EMU is # 82 in passing per game in 1-A while Maryland is #94. Eastern DOES enjoy a couple advantages today.

For years and years we've hoped against hope Eastern Michigan could spring an upset outside the MAC. Is today that day? As much as we'd like to say so or think so, last week's bomb of a game vs Toledo shows just how far this team needs to go. Can they beat Maryland in an upset? Yes. Should we expect it? No.

Our best guess:
Maryland 31
Eastern Michigan 14

Prove us wrong Eastern Michigan football, stick that score in our ear by the end of today, we dare you.


Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Yes, we got an email reminding us Schmitt isn't playing today which we DID know but he's gonna have to help McMahon out all he can. Leadership doesn't always happen between the lines

TrixielovesYpsi said...

woo hoo! MSU looked damn good today.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Yeah trixie, Sparty looked pretty efficient today. I do think anybody who can stop Ringer has a good chance to top them. MSU's defense looked real good.

EMU on the other hand has no defense. Holtzclaw can't do everything and right now nobody is doing anything. This is the worst Eastern defense I've seen in quite a while and that's saying something. Since shutting out Indiana State (and EVERYBODY kicks their ass) they have given up 41, 41 and now 51 points. Lose to an awful Northern Illinois team at home next Saturday and the coaching job security of Jeff Genyk can then be discussed. Needless to say it's a huge game.