Saturday, September 6, 2008

Eastern Michigan football GAMEDAY

Eastern finds themselves is Spartan Stadium at noon today. Spartan Stadium is normally a house of horrors for the Ypsilanti 11. Today, there is hope of a GOOD showing like the kind they gave in Michigan Stadium last year losing only 33-22.

Let's not blow sunshine, lets face some facts. Sparty's offensive line is way way bigger than EMU's front seven. They should be able to pound away and pound away and ultimately pull away in the second half. Javon Ringer is a darn good running back, probably the best Eastern will face all year. The hope for EMU is to say hold Ringer to around 100 yards and a TD and make Brian Hoyer, he of the many many many interceptions, beat you. If Ringer goes off for 190 yards and more than one score Jeff Genyk's guys are in trouble. On offense, the Spartans do have some deficiencies that a smart game plan could take advantage of. Sure the MSU guys are bigger and faster and stronger but they have lost a lot of pass rushing ability and Andy Schmitt is a smart veteran QB who can keep control of any situation. Terrence Blevins gives EMU a bona fide ground threat that Michigan State will have to attend to.

If Eastern has an advantage it's on special teams where MSU has been lacking recently and certainly was in their opener to Cal. Eastern can also afford to open up the playbook a little more, gamble a little. While this is a measuring stick game to see where Jeff Genyk's program in it's fifth campaign, it's one EMU can afford to be loose going into. If they are ahead say 21-20 in the fourth quarter then they can worry about getting tight.

All this being said, and even hoping against hope we've got to be honest

Michigan State 33
Eastern Michigan 17

We'd give anything to be wrong. So would Ann Arbor.


Johnny Action Space Punk said...

So far so good 7-7. Eastern indeed hitting hard on defense and flying to the ball. Great run by Blevins. Sure MSU looks bigger and stronger BUT....

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

21-7 Sparty at halftime. OK still a good strong effort. Not a lot of penalties and a team in Eastern that looks like they have something to prove. Yeah, as I feared if MSU wants to pound it they can. Coach Genyk, I speak on behalf of Ypsilanti when I think a trick play with 4 seconds left in the half was better than punting. You weren't inside your 20, you were out at your 40. Try something. See, see what happens when we care