Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Damn, where did Johnny get to??

Well loyal readers as you well know, Johnny went to see his musical idol Neko Case last night in Cleveland at the venerable Beachland Ballroom with special guest Colonel Will. The show was phenomenal. Utterly fantastic. Johnny and Colonel Will were RIGHT UP NEXT TO THE STAGE. We could get no closer. Johnny could reach out and touch Neko's guitars he was so close. As he was snapping god awful camera phone pics at one point, Neko began hiking up her britches and asked Johnny if he REALLY wanted THAT particular shot. Johnny's a bad photographer to begin with so luckily for Neko that one never turned out. So after the show Johnny and the Colonel are driving west on the 90 when Johnny's car's left front axle decided to take a puke and they were forced to stay overnight in the land of Cleve until the car could be fixed, hence no late night thread or anything this morning. 700$ car repairs take the starch out of wanting to blog.

On a side note animal lovers, especially greyhound lovers, please consider making a donation to whomever you can in the animal world. Neko told the crowd last night her greyhound who tours with her had to have surgery yesterday in Cleveland and poor guy had to have his leg amputated due to it being cancerous. She said she was a wreck all day. He'll be OK but for the love of pets and cool people like Neko Case everywhere, maybe adopt a greyhound or make a donation to the Huron Valley Humane Society.

The one shot worth a damn from front and center

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