Monday, September 22, 2008

The speed limit on Golfside between Ellsworth and Huron River Drive just went WAY up

The Pittsfield Ministy of Ticket money will be greatly saddened by the fact the speed limit on Golfside between Ellsworth and Washtenaw Avenue went up from 25 mph to 40 mph and from Washtenaw to Huron River Drive from 35 to 45.

Long have the Pittsfield Township po-po doled out ticket after ticket after ticket along this stretch of road. Chances are they'll be angry over this (have you EVER seen or met a police department who want to give back ANYTHING to the people?) so make sure you're not going so much as 1 mph over for now.

Halleujah, the speed traps on Golfside are no more. Thank you Washtenaw County Road Commission.


Barry said...
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Barry said...

Though I agree with you on the speed traps, I think 40 mph is a ridiculous speed on a two-lane road, with little or no berm,in a primarily residential area.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...


Well these were raised after careful consideration as to what the roads can handle. I'm guessing, and I'd sure HOPE they took the residential aspect into consideration....I know they did studies like these when Ann Arbor's Mayor was objecting to raising them in certain places.

If anybody knows they DIDN'T take the residential areas into consideration please let us know and we'll raise holy hell. That does need to be a top aspect.

John said...

This is a residential street between Ellsworth and Packard. 25 m.p.h. is what it should be in a residential zone. How are residents going to back out of their driveways without creating an accident? What about the several hundred kids and children that live on Golfside? How can these residents use their front yard with out being in danger of cars? The city never took the tax paying residents into consideration and now there is going to be an uproar.

Johnny Action Space Punk said...

john--if it NEEDS to change for those reasons I hope it does

Barry said...

So, I took my first trip down Golfside today, from Ellsworth heading north. It was freaky fast! I felt like I was running from the law. Oh, and the school zone speed of 25 mph is only for an hour in the morning and an hour in late afternoon. But other than that, afterburners baby. I didn't feel comfortable maintaining 40 mph when I was approaching the crest of the hill near Packard. I slowed down. On another note, I was on Congress St today, heading east from Hewitt. That speed limit there is 35 mph. What's the difference between Congress and Golfside?